Working from home definitely has its perks; a small lie-in, no travelling and being able to answer the door to collect your post for once – no more Missed Parcel slips, hurrah! However, there are downsides to working from home too – staying motivated. It’s inevitable for you to feel like you’re procrastinating at times, as it’s easy to get side-tracked, but there are definitely ways to help you be… View Post

The ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide – have I hyped it up? I don’t think so! This is by far the biggest gift guide I’ve ever done, but also the one with the most variety and also a few new brands you may have never heard of before! I’m not going to ramble, but here’s my Mother’s Day gift guide to give you a little inspirational for your Mum’s big day. Now… View Post

With thanks to those who brought us up as children, as kids we believed some pretty weird sh*t or just bad lies that we soon sussed out. Yet, they’re probably the kind of things I’d tell my kids one day, just because I feel like it’s the thing to do. Today’s post isn’t anything special, but instead is a throwback to the things we believed as kids – that I… View Post

I’ll keep the intro to this post short and sweet, but I’ve set myself a blogging goal to stick to a series of post this year. No more beginning one and a month or so later calling it quits or forgetting to write the post. Last month I began the series of posts that’ll showcase my favourite blog posts from that month, so here are my favourite reads by other blogger… View Post