10 Restaurants I’d Love to Visit Abroad

I’m a big foodie and have been for quite some time. I never really enjoyed going out for meals, trying new foods or appreciating small boutique restaurants that aren’t part of a chain, until last year when me and my boyfriend started making a habit of it. After searching high and low for the next place I wanted to eat come the weekend, I’ve decided to take it a step further and note down the top 10 restaurants I’d love to visit – worldwide.

Makisu, Brussels
If you’ve taken the time to get to know me very briefly via my About Me page, then you’ll know I’m a sushi addict. So, when I spotted this place in the heart of Brussels, it instantly went on my list. It’s a pretty standard eatery if you will, but everything is sushi, sushi and more sushi. Better yet, you can build your own sushi rolls from scratch – Subway style. Choose your fillings and sushi roll style, then tuck in!
*U P D A T E* – If you haven’t seen my Visit Brussels blog post, then you should…I got to actually visit this place and it was bloody delicious!

Les Refuge de Fondus, Paris
I remember seeing this on the INSIDER Food Facebook page and instantly saved it for future reference. One day when I travel back to Paris, this is the restaurant I’m making a reservation for! It appears to be a normal place to get a bite to eat, but what I love is the fact that wine is served in baby bottles – not a wine glass. Little gimmicks like that will get me in an instance!

Mimi Cheng’s, New York City
I never thought I’d have a thing for dumplings until I met my boyfriend and now he’s obsessed with the Duck Gyoza at Yo!Sushi. So this one is more on the list for his sake, ready for when we both get to re-visit New York City once again! Mimi Cheng’s is a small café which puts its heart and soul into providing us with different Chinese dumplings which are all made from family recipes. I do love restaurants and cafes which focus on one dish in particular – especially ones you love.

Howlin’ Ray’s, Los Angeles
I love me some fried chicken, AMIRIGHT? Now, this place doesn’t stand out to you décor wise like other eateries might, but when it’s announced by the locals as one of the best places to eat fried chicken in the US, then I’m going trust ‘em! Will it beat a bucket at KFC? Probably.

Dinner in the Sky, Worldwide
Now, for all those who fear heights, you may not want to give this one a search. But for those who don’t mind or love a little adrenaline, maybe this is one to look at. Dinner in the Sky was originally set up in Brussels I believe, but can now be seen in other cities across the world. You are basically fastened into your seat around a big table which is then hoisted into the air where you can enjoy panoramic views as you eat. Spaces are very limited, plus each ticket will set you back by around £200+ – that’s one hell of an expensive meal! But, I genuinely believe it’d be worth it!

Modern Toilet, Taiwan
Probably the most random, weirdest and slightly sickening conceptions – a restaurant where your seat is a toilet and that serves your meals in a mini replicate of a toilet – unused of course. People love it though and now I’m someone who wants to visit – the toilets clearly haven’t put me off that much!

Alton Towers Rollercoaster Restaurant, UK
I’ve been to Alton Towers many times before, but fear not, as you don’t need to a ticket to the theme park to be able to access it. Once the theme park is closed in the evening, the restaurant is open to the public for free. To get your food, you order what you want from a tablet and then your food gets sent down in sealed containers on little rails which swirl around the whole restaurant like a rollercoaster before landing in front of you! How cool is that?

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives
Now, I’m not one for water and going in a little pool, let alone the sea, but the thought of being able to dine underwater without the need to have to swim, is quite cool. I love anything with a good view; rooftop bars for example, so being able to view under the sea whilst I eat, is enough to get me on-board!

The Butler, Sydney
Again, another place with a great view, so instantly I’m like, ‘I need to go!’ The Butler is a café/restaurant in Sydney with a botanical theme, large open spaces, high ceilings and just looks gorgeous inside, but then they have the big daddy that is, an open-top terrace with the most amazing skyline view.

Ninja, New York
For something just a little different, Ninja in New York is a restaurant that replicates the look of a Ninja Village. The seating, the décor and even the signature dish all revolve around the theme of a Ninja.