13 Annoying Blogger Habits

I’ve been blogging for over two years and I’ve learned alot during that time; gathering inspiration from bloggers, but also managing to avoid certain annoying blogger habits which others have proven are just outright a big NO! I’m aware not everyone who stumbles across this post is going to agree with some points, but it’s a personal post based on habits that I find annoying – I don’t expect anyone to follow suit. If you do however, comment below with habits you find rather irritating too! Without further ado, here are 13 annoying blogger habits that really get on my nerves:annoying blogger habits

#bloggerswanted & #prrequest
Dear Bloggers, please use these correctly. These hashtags were created for the sake of promoting blogger opportunities, not to spam the hell out of it with absolute nonsense or cheekily ask for everything on your wishlist.

Automatic DM’s on Twitter
Eurgh, where do I even begin? I can’t stand it when I follow someone on Twitter, then seconds later I’m hit with a DM reading something along the lines of, “Hey, thanks for following! Check out my blog at ‘xxx’ and follow me everywhere else. Thank you!”. They’re annoying, spammy, make me want to unfollow you in an instance, but they’re also just plain rude!

Believing a large following is all or nothing
Since when did your following become the be all or end all of blogging? Quality content is key. Engaging with your audience is key. Forget about numbers! Sure, we may look at bloggers with a larger following than us and think, ‘That’d be nice” or “How’d they do it?”. I’ve often questioned it myself, but I’m fully aware that patience is a virtue in these situations, but it also takes a lot of work.

Following, unfollowing, then repeat
When I receive notifications stating a number of people have followed me, I get all excited and do a little happy dance. When I then take a look at how much my followingΒ  has gone up by, it hasn’t budged once. Eh? How’s that possible? Oh yeah, it’s because it’s those annoying ones that follow, unfollow, then continuously do so over weeks to come until you give in and follow back. Not me, missy! These bloggers are instantly hit with the ‘Block’ button if I’m going to be honest with you.

Don’t enable comments on their blog
If I’ve stumbled across a blog post of yours that I enjoyed, I want to leave a comment.Β  But there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to figure out how on earth you even leave a simple comment on said post, because apparently they’re disabled on the blog. Why? You’re missing out on so much potential engagement!

Sharing their blog in a Twitter Chat, but didn’t bother to commit
“Sorry I wasn’t able to make the chat tonight but here’s my blog, I’d love it if you’d check it out & leave me a comment!” – wow. Just wow. I haven’t joined a Twitter Chat in a good couple months due to not having the time to dedicate the full hour to the chat and really engage with other bloggers. But one thing I’ll never do is then promote my blog towards the end when participating bloggers usually share their own – it’s just plain rude and cheeky!

Bad Grammar/Spelling
I get it, we all make spelling and grammar mistakes – I’m guilty of it from time to time and I can guarantee when I read this post back, I’d have made a few already! That’s why you should proof-read. I can forgive the occasional spelling mistake, but when it’s constant, paragraph after paragraph, post after post, it just becomes difficult to read. As a reader, we don’t want to have to try and figure out what you’re trying to say – we simply want to enjoy your post!

Bloggers who ask for your PR contacts
Now, this is one of the main points that really annoy me. I’ve spent over two years building up my blog, improving my content, my photography and learning new skills to bag me a job in the industry. Through these achievements I’ve been fortunate to be offered opportunities by brands on the weekly and I’m grateful. My bubble is burst however when a blogger comes along and asks, “Hey, I noticed you worked with ‘xxx’ lately, could I have their contact details please?”. Erm, how about no! The cheek!

Unnecessary negativity
I get it, there’s going to be times when bloggers share content or post something on their social media that could be seen as controversial or someone doesn’t agree with. People are entitled to their own opinions, I completely agree, but when others comment/tweet with unnecessary comments that they know are going to create a whirlwind of abuse or backlash, I just can’t stand it. It’s asking for attention and I don’t agree with it at all.

Sharing/Liking a tweet about a blog post, but never reading it
How on earth do you know what you’re liking/sharing if you haven’t clicked through and read it? This could be anything, yet you’re openly sharing it thinking you’re doing some good. I get all excited when I see various people have liked and shared a link I’ve posted on social media, but when I check the stats, only half of said number have actually clicked the link…why?

Bloggers believing they are worthy of an opportunity above anyone else
When I see bloggers reviewing products they’ve been sent by great brands or working on sponsorship posts or projects, I’m genuinely pleased for them. You go Glen Coco! But just because I haven’t been offered the same opportunity, I don’t feel any sort of hatred towards them whatsoever. Why would I be entitled to that opportunity? Blogging to work with brands isn’t my intention, it’s just my hobby but with lots of perks! I’ve noticed some bloggers however openly stating that bloggers with less followers than them have been offered ‘xxx’ so why haven’t they? Wow.

Bloggers who don’t acknowledge smaller bloggers
This is a point that has been recently discussed on social media lately, where people have noticed bloggers who have become ‘big’ have suddenly unfollowed ‘small’ bloggers or stopped engaging with them altogether. I’ve noticed this on two occasions, which may seem like nothing, but it’s enough to irritate me. This goes back to the following point, where some bloggers believe the larger following is everything and can only associate themselves with those with ‘xxx’ amount of followers or more.

When they ask, “Why’d you unfollow me?!”

When I follow people, I follow them for a reason; I enjoy the content they post on social media, it’s an instant way for me to keep up to date with their blog, or perhaps I met them at an event and I simply want us to be friends! The only reason I would then go on to unfollow someone at a later date is if their content suddenly changed to something I don’t like; their language became offensive, tone of voice or the generic topics they’re covering. Or perhaps they’ve not posted anything for months, so there’s no longer anything to follow. There’s no harm in that, right? It’s not mellicious of me to unfollow, it’s just the content I once loved is no longer there for me to enjoy. But when they then suddenly call you out on it and message you to say, ‘Why’d you unfollow?”, I just find it rude and a way of guilt-tripping someone to following you back and making them feel guilty.


Again, this post features annoying blogger habits which I find annoying. I don’t expect anyone to agree with any of the points I’ve featured. But, if you’ve come across habits you find annoying that aren’t posted here, comment them down below! Also, check out my annoying PR habits too!

  • Completely agree with all of these! The unfollow follow thing is definitely one of my top pet peeves!

    Jaynie Shannon*


    • Glad to see others see similar points! Absolutely, it’s so irritating!
      Kayleigh x

  • hollife

    100% right with all of these!

    • I was nervous people would think I was being wayyy too picky haha! But they are annoying little habits, right?!
      Kayleigh x

  • Jasmin N

    99% agree with all of these πŸ˜€ ! I know I’ve got a few grammar flaws but that’s just because english is not my first language. I’ve been working so hard trying to fix those.. Although, I absolutely hate it when grammar issues & spellings are so bad you can’t understand a word of you’re reading πŸ˜€

    ~ Jasmin N

    • Exactly! Kudos to you for writing in a second language though, it can’t be easy! The odd spelling/grammar error is fine, but it’s the constant mistakes that make reading a post so difficult!
      Kayleigh x

      • Jasmin N

        I guess that my text is still readable πŸ˜€ at least I hope so lol

  • Amen. Agree with you on all points!

  • Brianna Fleming

    I agree with all of these & I can’t wait to check out more of your blog!

  • Totally agree with all of these! Bad grammar/spelling really does irk me sometimes. I’ve come across some blogs that don’t even use periods to separate their sentences!! It makes it so hard for me to read and understand what they’re really trying to say.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • Exactly! There’s nothing frustrating than trying to read a post you know you’ll enjoy, but you can’t actually piece a sentence together without spending time figuring out what on earth is being said!
      Kayleigh x

  • I totally agree! I don’t understand the follow/unfollow thing, seems useless to me. Great post.

    • It really is a pointless strategy. I mean, it clearly works for them as they end up with thousands of followers, but it’s just not genuine! Thank you lovely πŸ™‚
      Kayleigh x

  • Zoe Everett

    The most follow/unfollowing i get is on instagram, must be about 20 a day, so annoying!

    • Eurgh, Instagram is actually the worse for it in all honesty. I agree!
      Kayleigh x

  • Ugh! I’m glad we are not the only ones that hate the DM’s after a follow! Like, if I follow you of course I will check your blog! Don’t need to push it in my face… x


    • Exactly! I’m starting to get them on the daily now, as some I find are delayed responses – it’s like they’re coming back to haunt me!
      Kayleigh x

  • Unsigned, Emmie

    Definitely agree on a number of these! Actually, most of them. I think another annoying one is people on twitter who don’t engage but literally just share links: to their blog, competitions, news etc. It looks like a robot account. I refuse to follow back

    • I agree! The whole point to blogging is to interact with one another. Obviously self-promotion is inevitable, how else will you promote your blog? BUT, you’ve got to share the love with bloggers alike too!
      Kayleigh x

  • chinella

    I completely agree with bloggers who grow a big following and then suddenly ignore small bloggers. It happened to me recently. She was quite interactive and I enjoyed chatting and sharing her tweets. & out of nowhere now she won’t reply to my tweets or blog comments I have left on her blog. And she is seems so sweet on twitter. It’s sad.

    • Oh no, that’s horrible to hear! Fortunately I’ve not had it happen to me, but I’m aware of others who have openly shared their own experience. I don’t really follow ‘big’ bloggers, but then again, I’m not quite sure what I define as a ‘big blogger’ – followers, engagement, content? It all becomes so confusing!
      Kayleigh x

  • Adele Miner

    Yesss I love this post, the whole follow and unfollow thing is honestly so annoying and disheartening, most of the time I end up blocking those people too! I love this post! So happy I came across your lovely blog, keep up your amazing work! x


    • Awh, thanks Adele. You’re too sweet! It is disheartening, I agree. Even worse when you reach a milestone, announce your happiness, then boom. Several people unfollow – typical!
      Kayleigh x

  • Yes to all of these! I really hate automatically DMs on twitter, they are so cheap! I would much more appreciate a personalized message, then I would definitely visit their blog/channel.

    Cristina | *janded

    • So glad you agree! I’m just really not sure why people see it as a good thing? It’s not a personal message, it’s just the same as PR agencies sending our bulk emails to a list of bloggers (I’ve literally just received one of these) – may even look in to doing a ’13 annoying PR Agency habits’ as seen as this post has been quite engaging!
      Kayleigh x

  • I agree with most but I think letting someone one why you unfollowed is probably quite a good way to give some feedback and constructive criticism πŸ™‚ but it’s always difficult in the actual moment. I’m not at the PR stage so can’t comment but agree on any situation – you’ve spent the time & not just to give it away! I read this whole post you had me absorbed πŸ™‚

    Becca x theapresgal.com

    • Yeah I completely agree with it being a good approach to asking if there’s any advice said unfollower could give to help them improve, but it’s the way some go about it is all. I responded once to someone just saying how it is: “you’ve changed your blog to a topic which now is not of interest” – i.e they went from beauty to now running a finance blog. Then I got the response to tell me I’m rude, up my own a**, and that no one is ever going to take me seriously. I was just sat there like…okay?

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post πŸ™‚

      Kayleigh x

  • I agree every single points you mention and especially about follow and unfollow. I’ve never come across of anyone who’s asking for PR contacts. It’s rude and disrespectful. I truly enjoyed this post.

    Take care

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Ana!
      Well I hope you never experience someone askign you for your contacts in the future, as it’s just rude and cheeky of them to expect you to hand over a contact – especially without permission too!
      Kayleigh x

  • Beautiful post. I’m very, VERY small fry (had just 10 pr posts in 2016) but it is SO annoying when I’m asked for the contacts by random strangers – I reply to say the brands approached me, and am still told, “So what, I want the contact; I have more followers and better engagement so am sure they’ll work with me if I approach them.” WOW. You just insulted my blog and expect me to share private details about people who approached me in good faith?
    Also, YES about the DMs, the follow-unfollow method they use to gain traction on Instagram, and the constant “why did you unfollow me” queries.

    • It’s so annoying, right? It is insulting like you said, as they’re essentially teling you that what ever you can do, they can do better. If that was the case, why weren’t they contacted? It’s just a mere sign of jealousy in some aspects!
      Kayleigh x

  • Ashley

    You hit it on the nose with this post! I agree with the unnecessary negativity, it’s toxic. When someone follows me and I checkout their blog. I follow them but then they unfollow me, I’m confused by this. I feel as if I did something wrong. The popular bloggers and small bloggers thing, bothered me in the beginning. But now I’m just like it’s not going to change, so don’t worry about it. As for the automated DMs, it’s annoying. Sorry for the long comment, but your post made me think.


    • Don’t apologise, I love long comments! I’m glad we agree on some of the points. I completely get it with the ‘feeling like you did something wrong’ situation – my Instagram has been having this issue this last week – I reached 800 followers which was growing daily for around 3 days, and now it’s dropped to 790. Why? Where’d they go?! It’s most likely because I didn’t follow back, but their profiles aren’t of interest. it’s not a crime!
      Kayleigh x

  • Denise M

    I was nodding my head in agreement to quite a few of your points, main one being the automated DMs! It makes me want to unfollow them straightaway, I will follow their IG, blog, YT if I want to but that just puts me right off. As for the follow/unfollow/repeat as necessary that really grinds my gears, grrrrrrr!!

    The Life of Dee

    • Exactly, if I’ve followed someone on Twitter then I will already have had a little look around their other social profiles to see if I want to follow – may just turn out their Twitter is more relevant to me and no where else. DMs should be banned haha!
      Kayleigh x

  • I LOVE this post, so true. You also have a great style of writing, well done!

  • Retlyn

    I totally agree with this. Like seriously, why are there bloggers who will follow your account and after following back, they will unfollow you? That’s really annoying lol. Anyways, thanks for this. At least now I know what should I avoid so that I wont be an annoying blogger


    • Yeah it’s really strange! It’s no way to gain traction on your account – I know bulk following tends to get you a few in return, but the moment people start to realise what your little game is, they’ll all soon start unfollowing! It’s just not an organic way to grow a following.
      Kayleigh x

  • Luisa O’Donnell

    I definitely found myself agreeing to a few of these posts! The DM thing gets on my nerves, sure if you want to be friendly DM me but do it because you want to get to know me or you’ve seen something on my social media you want to ask about! Also, liking and sharing posts. You do that because you’ve read and genuinely like what you’ve read and want to share with others. Excellent post?

    • Exactly, DM’s are useful but not in the automated sense! I still get likes on tweets etc but the click-throughs still don’t add up. Just read it, please?! ahah.
      Kayleigh x

  • JPeaSmith ????♿️

    yes yes and yes …. totally agree with all of it and reading blogs like this leave me feeling that I am not the only one who gets annoyed by these things.. so thank you! I have been quietly blogging for a while but only started the whole Twitter thing about 6 weeks ago and wow, it has been amazing, but the down side you have basically listed for me (thanks). auto DM= grrrr even worse when they DM me to tell me that I will be inspired by them, I will love them blah blah blah … I would like to check out what I want when I can and I have stumbled across all kinds of inspiring things, but let me decide on my own response please! … and I actually do block those people who follow & unfollow and I also block fake accounts and people who will only follow me for a follow back. It smashed my numbers especially when I am so new, but I am going for the tortoise race here, not the hare πŸ™‚

    • Yeah it’s quite comforting knowing you’re not the only one experiencing these things, hence why I’m so happy with all of your comments on this post! I’m shocked by how much bloggers agree on the same thing haha! Sometimes you feel like it’s only you experiencing all this and then you just think you’re unlucky haha!

      I too have started to make a habit of blocking people that are only in it for the numbers and are clearly fake accounts. Of course over time it’ll effect numbers, but like I mentioned in the post, that’s not my priority. I’d rather it take months to build a decent following of organic and genuine followers, rather than a matter of days for useless accounts.
      Kayleigh x

  • I can completely relate to some of these things number one on my list are the follow / un-follow method that people are doing lately. I get that a lot on twitter and not to mention the auto DM’s it so annoying I don’t even read those messages. I don’t mind DM, if you want to talk about something that i’ve posted.

    Another thing that i completely don’t like is when i post the link to my FB Page about my latest blog post and i get a like on the spot – hello? You haven’t even read the post yet?

    • Yeah DM’s are great for conversations that are worthwhile, but I’ve never known someone to start a conversation off one of those automated ones! And I can relate to the likes and no read situation too!
      Kayleigh x

  • I know this is an old post, I’ve just found your blog, but I love this! I agree with every single point, especially bloggers that think they’re more worthy of a brand deal than other, smaller bloggers, we all work hard on our blogs, and we all deserve the opportunities we get. I’ve not been fortunate enough to work with any brands as of yet, but I’m so proud of people when they do get to. There’s no point in being angry or bitter about things or trying to tear others down! Also bloggers that dont engage, if someone’s taken the time to comment on your work, the least you could do is reply! wow, sory for the essay lol!
    Have a lovely day!
    -Cait xx