13 Annoying Blogger Habits

I’ve been blogging for over two years and I’ve learned alot during that time; gathering inspiration from bloggers, but also managing to avoid certain annoying blogger habits which others have proven are just outright a big NO! I’m aware not everyone who stumbles across this post is going to agree with some points, but it’s a personal post based on habits that I find annoying – I don’t expect anyone to follow suit. If you do however, comment below with habits you find rather irritating too! Without further ado, here are 13 annoying blogger habits that really get on my nerves:annoying blogger habits

#bloggerswanted & #prrequest
Dear Bloggers, please use these correctly. These hashtags were created for the sake of promoting blogger opportunities, not to spam the hell out of it with absolute nonsense or cheekily ask for everything on your wishlist.

Automatic DM’s on Twitter
Eurgh, where do I even begin? I can’t stand it when I follow someone on Twitter, then seconds later I’m hit with a DM reading something along the lines of, “Hey, thanks for following! Check out my blog at ‘xxx’ and follow me everywhere else. Thank you!”. They’re annoying, spammy, make me want to unfollow you in an instance, but they’re also just plain rude!

Believing a large following is all or nothing
Since when did your following become the be all or end all of blogging? Quality content is key. Engaging with your audience is key. Forget about numbers! Sure, we may look at bloggers with a larger following than us and think, ‘That’d be nice” or “How’d they do it?”. I’ve often questioned it myself, but I’m fully aware that patience is a virtue in these situations, but it also takes a lot of work.

Following, unfollowing, then repeat
When I receive notifications stating a number of people have followed me, I get all excited and do a little happy dance. When I then take a look at how much my following¬† has gone up by, it hasn’t budged once. Eh? How’s that possible? Oh yeah, it’s because it’s those annoying ones that follow, unfollow, then continuously do so over weeks to come until you give in and follow back. Not me, missy! These bloggers are instantly hit with the ‘Block’ button if I’m going to be honest with you.

Don’t enable comments on their blog
If I’ve stumbled across a blog post of yours that I enjoyed, I want to leave a comment.¬† But there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to figure out how on earth you even leave a simple comment on said post, because apparently they’re disabled on the blog. Why? You’re missing out on so much potential engagement!

Sharing their blog in a Twitter Chat, but didn’t bother to commit
“Sorry I wasn’t able to make the chat tonight but here’s my blog, I’d love it if you’d check it out & leave me a comment!” – wow. Just wow. I haven’t joined a Twitter Chat in a good couple months due to not having the time to dedicate the full hour to the chat and really engage with other bloggers. But one thing I’ll never do is then promote my blog towards the end when participating bloggers usually share their own – it’s just plain rude and cheeky!

Bad Grammar/Spelling
I get it, we all make spelling and grammar mistakes – I’m guilty of it from time to time and I can guarantee when I read this post back, I’d have made a few already! That’s why you should proof-read. I can forgive the occasional spelling mistake, but when it’s constant, paragraph after paragraph, post after post, it just becomes difficult to read. As a reader, we don’t want to have to try and figure out what you’re trying to say – we simply want to enjoy your post!

Bloggers who ask for your PR contacts
Now, this is one of the main points that really annoy me. I’ve spent over two years building up my blog, improving my content, my photography and learning new skills to bag me a job in the industry. Through these achievements I’ve been fortunate to be offered opportunities by brands on the weekly and I’m grateful. My bubble is burst however when a blogger comes along and asks, “Hey, I noticed you worked with ‘xxx’ lately, could I have their contact details please?”. Erm, how about no! The cheek!

Unnecessary negativity
I get it, there’s going to be times when bloggers share content or post something on their social media that could be seen as controversial or someone doesn’t agree with. People are entitled to their own opinions, I completely agree, but when others comment/tweet with unnecessary comments that they know are going to create a whirlwind of abuse or backlash, I just can’t stand it. It’s asking for attention and I don’t agree with it at all.

Sharing/Liking a tweet about a blog post, but never reading it
How on earth do you know what you’re liking/sharing if you haven’t clicked through and read it? This could be anything, yet you’re openly sharing it thinking you’re doing some good. I get all excited when I see various people have liked and shared a link I’ve posted on social media, but when I check the stats, only half of said number have actually clicked the link…why?

Bloggers believing they are worthy of an opportunity above anyone else
When I see bloggers reviewing products they’ve been sent by great brands or working on sponsorship posts or projects, I’m genuinely pleased for them. You go Glen Coco! But just because I haven’t been offered the same opportunity, I don’t feel any sort of hatred towards them whatsoever. Why would I be entitled to that opportunity? Blogging to work with brands isn’t my intention, it’s just my hobby but with lots of perks! I’ve noticed some bloggers however openly stating that bloggers with less followers than them have been offered ‘xxx’ so why haven’t they? Wow.

Bloggers who don’t acknowledge smaller bloggers
This is a point that has been recently discussed on social media lately, where people have noticed bloggers who have become ‘big’ have suddenly unfollowed ‘small’ bloggers or stopped engaging with them altogether. I’ve noticed this on two occasions, which may seem like nothing, but it’s enough to irritate me. This goes back to the following point, where some bloggers believe the larger following is everything and can only associate themselves with those with ‘xxx’ amount of followers or more.

When they ask, “Why’d you unfollow me?!”

When I follow people, I follow them for a reason; I enjoy the content they post on social media, it’s an instant way for me to keep up to date with their blog, or perhaps I met them at an event and I simply want us to be friends! The only reason I would then go on to unfollow someone at a later date is if their content suddenly changed to something I don’t like; their language became offensive, tone of voice or the generic topics they’re covering. Or perhaps they’ve not posted anything for months, so there’s no longer anything to follow. There’s no harm in that, right? It’s not mellicious of me to unfollow, it’s just the content I once loved is no longer there for me to enjoy. But when they then suddenly call you out on it and message you to say, ‘Why’d you unfollow?”, I just find it rude and a way of guilt-tripping someone to following you back and making them feel guilty.


Again, this post features annoying blogger habits which I find annoying. I don’t expect anyone to agree with any of the points I’ve featured. But, if you’ve come across habits you find annoying that aren’t posted here, comment them down below! Also, check out my annoying PR habits too!