2-in-1 Ice Cream Maker & Yogurt Maker Elisa : Ice cream maker

Bought this to replace my old machine which had died of old age. ( had bought the cuisinart machine but had to send it back as it was dreadful). This machine is big and a bit noisy like most others, but is easier to move as it has an indent/ handle on each side at the bottom. It has a digital lcd , easy to read display , three buttons ( start/ pause, menu, power) and a rotary dial for adjusting time if needed. The bowl is removable, the lid has a flap for adding choc. , and it comes with a measuring cup and spatula. Although the machine has 4 programs ( ice cream, yogurt, cool and stir ) , i’ve only used the ice cream one. I’ve successfully made 6 lots of ice cream so far ( 4 of which i made yesterday). The longest time taken was 45 mins.

I had always wanted an icecream maker so when i saw the elisa made yogurt as well i told my family i had found the holy grail of ice cream makers. I couldn’t believe the price as it was easily £100 pounds cheaper than similar machines. I have just made my 3rd batch of yogurt. I am refining the timings and recipes and this is definitely the best. I used full fat milk and added skimmed milk powder resulting in thick and creamy yogurt at the equivalent of 27p for a 500ml tub. I have now made frozen maple syrup yogurt. It is good but look forward to making proper ice cream. I will update as i continue my elisa ice crem maker adventure.

Brilliant ice-cream maker – item is solid and heavy but good quality. You have stick to the instructions when you make ice-cream, and be aware that you not using any metal when scraping the ice out of the bucket – otherwise yo will scratch it. I prefer to make soft ice-cream, because it is a lot easier to get it out of the container when you freeze it. I tried strawberry ice-cream with real strawberries and it washed it before and put it straight into the ice-cream mixer. No problem, but when you put it in a container for freezing, then the ice-cream would be solid and it’s hard to scrape out to the container.

Have used this once since it came a few days ago. It seems to be a good machine. Made a slimming world friendly ice cream which went down really well. I didn’t rate it higher as there is not a recipe book to give guidance to. Just found this disappointing, will have to find a recipe book that would work.

All what you need from an ice cream maker.

Ice cream so easy and quick to make. Yoghurt was warm after 8 hours so a bit dubious about consumption. A bit noisy but what to be expected.

Absolutely fantastic purchase. Greek yoghurt is amazing and the icecream is fantastic. Only problem – weight gainreally constructed well, easily cleaned and smaller than far more expensive makes. If i could give 10 stars i would.

Made surprisingly good yoghurt. Great for making vegan yoghurts and ice creams etc easy to use and clean. Comes with a nice scraper/spatula although i use my own silicone spatulas too.

  • Good little machine!! Good value for money!
  • Yaaassssss!!! Get this one!

2-in-1 Ice Cream Maker & Yogurt Maker Elisa with Compressor | 180W, 2L | Made of Stainless Steel with Cooling Function, Ice Cream & Yogurt Machine

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I was surprised when it arrived as larger than expected but in fact looks quite smart on the worktop. I have made several ice creams very successfully. It is quick and easy to use and easy to clean afterwards. The instructions are all simple to follow.

Makes excellent ice cream and yoghurt. Very easy to use and menu easy to navigate. Robust and good quality machine.

A well priced ice cream maker that does a fantastic job in the minimum amount of time. Ive started experimenting with different ingredients and have had great success. My previous ice cream maker required freezing overnight and was only capable of making one batch then required refreshing. With this one i can give it a short rest and then make another batch. This wasn’t the cheapest machine but its proving to be worth every penny.

Great product & service – thanks.

So far made 2 batches of ice cream, no yogurt as yet. Seems to work well, need to add lumpy stuff right at the end otherwise it jams up.

Mainly used for yoghurt for children’s lunches. They love it new batch every 2 days. Make ice cream once a month it is just so good.

Put about 20 litres through it so far and all good.

Being a professional chef i know ice cream machines, this is a great little product for any home, yes it’s big but worth it. Made my ice cream from warm mix in around 50mins so no complaints there easy to remove container for cleaning as well. Only slight gripe is you do need to scrap down sides every now and then as churner doesn’t touch the side. Other than that it’s grand.

  • Good little machine!! Good value for money!
  • Yaaassssss!!! Get this one!

2-in-1 Ice Cream Maker & Yogurt Maker Elisa with Compressor | 180W, 2L | Made of Stainless Steel with Cooling Function, Ice Cream & Yogurt Machine

Makes quite a lot of ice-cream in one go and is so simple to use. Has a bit of a footprint but it is a mini freezer after all.

What can i say except it makes lovely ice cream.

. Not been able to use as yet as there doesn’t even seem to be a basic recipe with it that i can start with, very disappointing for £200.

I’ve made two batches of ice cream and i’m impressed. Yet to try the yogurt making side of it but will sooni’m glad i had the fore sight to order an ice cream making book as sadly there are no recipes that comewith it which seems to be the only thing i have to complain about hence four stars.

Have made successful yoghurt and sorbet with this.

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