S.M.S.L SMSL Q5 Pro HiFi Integrated Mini Digital Stereo Audio 45WPC Pure Digital Amplifier AMP USB Coaxial Optical AUX Input : SMSL Q5 Pro Mini Amp

It was even tinier then expected but does everything says it does. Gets a bit hot if played at high volume. I managed to connect it to my pc with a usb cable easily. Bass, treble & volume adjustments are all from the same knob which is very practical. Highly Continue Reading

Mezone Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earbuds Mini Bluetooth Earpiece Noise Cancelling Headphones : Not bad

Fast delivery,great and fantastic product very recommended to you. I love this earbuds it’s very easy to connect and the size very comfortable for methis earbuds has a good battery lifei used it to listen music for more than 2hours and still have power which can be automatically charged when Continue Reading

Andrew James Argentum Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Jug Kettle | Quiet Rapid Boil 3KW 1 : kettle for a week now but I really do like it – it is great filling from the tap

Fast which was just what i wanted. Very pleased with my new kettle. Not long had the kettle but so far so good, it’s quite loud when boiling but most are, looks great, much nicer than the photo, good price. I really love the design which not only boils quickly Continue Reading