Yinyoo KZ Headset KZ ZS6 In Ear Earphones Comfortable Stereo Ear Earbuds High Resolution Heave Bass Monitors : Excellent, detailed and musical IEMs

Warm, thick with very powerful subbass. They deliver what the all zs lineup should’ve done. An extremely fun, non fatiguing sound. The kz zs7 is a massive upgrade over the zs6, it has better extensions, better midrange, non fatiguing treble and is generally a warm, fun iem for the price. Continue Reading

ARZUM Okka OK001 Automatic Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine : Delightful Turkish Coffee Experience

The arzum okka is a beautifully designed turkish coffee machine that automates the process of making turkish coffee. I love coffee and use my nespresso machine daily, but never actually tasted turkish coffee before, so i was intrigued to be testing this great looking machine. I was slightly confused at Continue Reading