Audioengine A5+ Classic 150W Powered Bookshelf Speakers | Built-in Analog Amplifier | Remote Control | RCA and 3.5mm inputs | Cables included (Wired, White) – Amazing sound!

I was not at all surprised to see this speaker system favourably reviewed in the avguide. I needed a pair of bedroom speakers and have read many reviews for the audioengine a2+ vs the a5+. At the end i got the a5+ because i wanted the power to fill the Continue Reading

Final Audio Design Heaven IV Earphones – Violet : Apart from being visually well designed they sound excellent. I have them paired up with a FIIO

Aesthetically appealing product, with wonderful acoustics (the tone for both singing and instrumental music are truly superb), so why only three stars?. The answer is that i want to use these with an ipod while on the move, and the noise i get from the cable banging against my chest Continue Reading