FERARRI Ferrari AAV-1LFH009T Cavallino T350 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Tan : Great looking headphones with great sound quality.

Beautifully made with impressive performance. Noise cancelling may not be as good as bose, but well recommended at this price. Good – fancy looking, heavily reduced price. Become heavy on your head after one hour in to you flight or lets say 3/4 in to the movie. Looks nice but Continue Reading

WESC Cymbal Unisex Premium On-Ear Audio Headphones : Both my daughter and myself considered the sound quality to be excellent, and initially I thought I’d made a brilliant

Great sound for all types of music. They also have a jack entrance on each side so a friend can plug into you headphones if you want to listen to the same thing. These are an extremely decent pair of headphones. They look good, they sound brilliant and, they’re comfortable. Continue Reading