Philips TV Philips Ambilight 43PUS6754/12 TV 43 inch LED Smart TV : Great picture quality, sound pretty good, slight HDMI issue, lower power consumption

After purchasing this tv with no reviews available due to it being only just released, i took a gamble on purchasing this tv. The tv is such a transformation on my old basic he tv, the colours ‘pop out’ on even mormalntv viewing, but once you play a 4k film. Continue Reading

Emperor Trade Wireless Headphones [2019 Upgrade] : arrived very quickly and the set up instructions were easy to follow

I use to use bluetooth headphones in the gym cause i really hate doing exercise with earphones connected to my phone. But my headphones would get really sweaty and slip off when doing high intense workouts such as burpees. Saw a lot of fitness bloggers use this similar type of Continue Reading