Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Maker Set w/Coffee Scoop and Cork Lid – Elegant Coffee Dripper Pot w/Glass Carafe & Permanent Stainless Steel Filter : The way forward!

The glass is really thin and fragile. This wasn’t cheap in price and it would be nice if it was a bit more robust, as it’s used and cleaned everyday. I would like the peace of mind that don’t have to worry that it’s so delicate. On the plus side, Continue Reading

Vogel’s WALL 3325 – It allows you to stick a piece of paper on the wall where you intend to install the TV and shows you what it looks like, pretty neat I thought

Although this bracket is somewhat more expensive than a lot of others, it is worth the extra cost. I wanted a white bracket to blend in with the room and that already limits your options. This bracket is very stylish and neat. It also has great manoeuvrability allowing you to Continue Reading