LaPavoni-TODAY SPECIALS La Pavoni EN Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine Base : Classic coffee machine – but is it for you?

This espresso machine is fantastic, making great coffee while being fun to operate: literally pulling your espresso shot can be very rewarding. Having said that, i wouldn’t recommend it to someone who just wants a fully automatic solution, as a little bit of experimentation is required with different grind size, Continue Reading

Global Gourmet Est. 2013 Global Gourmet Triple Slow Cooker | Multi-Functional Triple Crock Pot Food Warmer – Does what it says but has a few limitations

This is ok but the three pots do not cook at the same temperature, having said that, like any slow cookeryou aren’t looking for speed, it does allow smaller portion cooking and several different foods to be cooked at one time. A really useful addition to the kitchen, as you Continue Reading