3 Best Products for Dry Skin

I’ve tried a heap of skincare products in the past and reviewed them on this blog too, but nothing has ever remained as a product that I’d want to go out and purchase myself – I suppose that’s one of the perks of being in a ‘try before you buy’ scenario with the beauty segment on this blog. Albeit, some skincare products I’ve reviewed on this blog, such as the Erborian skincare and Aurelia skincare products, I’ve genuinely enjoyed using and they have worked well for my skin, but their price point is beyond what I’m willing to purchase them for. I don’t mind a high-end skincare product, but when it comes to £30+ for a small 50ml tub of something, to me, that’s a joke. That’s why I want to share with you the best products for dry skin that actually offer value for their money, and come in a decent sized bottle that makes you believe you’re getting more for your money. Better yet, the 3 best products for dry skin that are featured below, actually work too and you can enjoy 10% off each with my discount code!3 Best Products for Dry Skin

What are my skin concerns?

Before I dive straight into the best products for dry skin that I’ve recently come across, I want to share a little insight into my main skin concerns; this also includes the way makeup sits on my skin which is down to the skin issues I have.

Firstly, my skin is very dry – obviously, else why would I be writing about the best products for dry skin? – and this has always been an issue for me since I could remember. Not only does my skin feel dehydrated, it also looks it; it’s dull, patchy, very textured and also flaky when I put any type of pigmented base product on top of it; tinted moisturiser, BB creams or foundations. I like to be able to wear makeup, but I often get so self-conscious of doing so because of the way that these types of products just cling to dry patches – even after exfoliating! In addition, I also have sensitive skin that’s slightly uneven in skin tone – probably down to the dryness and sensitivity combined.

The 3 Best Products for Dry Skin

Now that you know a little more about my actual skin concerns that I’m trying to tackle with these products, I can share with you how I use them and also how they work best for me. Spoiler Alert: all 3 work brilliantly in their own way.3 Best Products for Dry Skin

Avène Xeracalm A.D Cleansing Oil
My issue with dry skin is that I have it on my legs and face, which often means I’m left having to buy two different products for the same purpose, but so it’s safe to use on the areas of my body I need it for. That’s why I’m a big fan of this Avène Xeracalm A.D Cleansing Oil*; it’s designed for use on face and body. hallelujah!

Every morning I use one pump of this on each leg to simply cleanse the skin and help soothe it too, before going in with my favourite body scrub; Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life. Whilst in the shower, I also use one small pump for my face, massaging it all over before wetting my hands and doing this again to help create a slightly milky lather. Then I simply wash off with a warm cloth and ta-dah! A clear base. I do still go in with a toner afterwards, then an eye cream before finishing off with a day moisturiser – at the moment I’m using Ultrasun Face. Despite it being an oil-based product, it doesn’t leave a greasy finish to your skin. Instead, it just makes your skin feel really supple.

The smell isn’t all that pleasant – it’s not awful, but it’s not exactly fruity or floral either. However, that’s one reason this cleansing oil works for me as it doesn’t make my skin react to any fragrance that’s in it – this is a normal skin reaction I tend to get. As for the price, you get a huge 400ml bottle which comes with a handy pump, for just £15.49. This sounds excessive, but I use three pumps of this stuff a day and it’s lasting me a long time – I’d expect this to last me at least 2-3 months, which is pretty decent.

Price. £15.49 for a 400ml bottle from Hello Skin.
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3 Best Products for Dry Skin

Aveeno Daily Moisturising After-Shower Mist
Once I’m out the shower, I spray the Aveeno Daily Moisturising After-Shower Mist* onto my legs and massage it into the skin. I’ve seen various types of body mists like this before, but have never really known which one would be ideal for me. I like this one for the fact that it’s extremely moisturising and feels really soothing on the legs – I’ve got super sensitive skin on my legs which can often get really irritated after a day of wearing jeans/trousers/leggings, but since using this every morning, it’s helped soothe it a lot. This is also perfect for use straight after shaving; there’s no burning or stinging sensation afterwards and my skin feels even smoother than before with no dry texture to it. However, my skin does still get slightly itchy a day or two after shaving, which understandably is normal, but it’s far less irritating since using this daily.

Price. £7.50 for a 200ml bottle from Hello Skin. Currently on offer for £4.99.
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3 Best Products for Dry Skin

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+
Lastly is the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ Balm*. Similar to the cleansing oil, this is suitable for use on the face and body, which is great for me! I moisturise twice a day, however during the day I use my trusty No7 Essential Day Moisture, whereas in the evening after cleansing, I’ll use this balm. It’s very thick in consistency, which is why I prefer to use it at night so my skin can really soak the product in, which leaves it feeling really supple and looking plump and hydrated in the morning. I also do the same for my legs with this balm; use the Aveeno Moisturising Mist in the morning after my shower, then use this balm in the evening before bed.

Price. £9.99 for a 200ml bottle from Hello Skin.
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What are the best products for dry skin you’ve tried & recommend?

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