3 Ultra-Gentle & Effective Shampoos You Need to Try


Shampoo seems like such a mundane item you have to buy, wouldn’t you agree? In the past I have simply bought shampoo for the price; which is the cheapest or best value for money in terms of size? Using this method when purchasing goods for your hair’s needs may seem effective for the bank account, but how effective is it for your hair and most importantly, your scalp?

I have quite a sensitive scalp and this can flare up from using shampoos with added fragrance in them to make your hair smell lovely as well as feeling refreshed. If you are looking for a gentle shampoo/conditioner duo that is filled with strong fragrances, rather than the subtle ones I’m going to talk you through in this post, then head on over to my recent hair care routine to see what I recommend.Gentle shampoo

Now, onto the good stuff. Like I said, I have a sensitive scalp, but that’s old news now. If you too are fairly sensitive, then either of these three shampoos are going to be great for you. First up is the NOAH Yal Shampoo with Hyaluronic Acid from bio-technology. swanky. We all forget that the environment can have a negative impact on our skin and hair, plus more, but sometimes this isn’t necessarily noticeable to a great extent to do something about it.

This shampoo is hydrating and effective, but it’s soft foam gets rid of polluting environmental residues to help cleanse your hair, but also acts as an anti-ageing step to your hair care routine. Who knew we needed that?! There isn’t a strong smell to this shampoo and in fact I had to open up the bottle to even know if there was any smell at all. I notice a very subtle smell of tea tree though, but this could be because my current skincare routine which I also do in the shower is tea-tree overload right now.Ocean mist volume shampoo

Next shampoo goodness is the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo. I’m a sucker for packaging and it was the minimalist design but also the blue product that made me go, ‘I want it’! Secondly, any hair product that states ‘volume’ on it will attract me in an instant. Again, there isn’t a strong fragrance from this product but the subtle smell that you do get a whiff of is really relaxing. This shampoo has to be my favourite out the 3 gentle shampoos in this post, because not only did it cause NO irritation to my scalp, but the finish your hair achieves once dry is glorious. Oh hey volume, fancy seeing you here. That’s right, it really does give you volume. I’m not talking back-comb overload kinda volume, because that’d be crazy, but you can certainly see a lift at the roots.

Lastly is the shampoo I was most dubious about, but simply because the packaging has so much information over it that I was just sat there in a frenzy like, ‘What even is this?’ Firstly, I do believe this bottle needs to come with WARNING written all over it. This is a metal bottle, rather than the squidgy plastic ones you typically get and like the two above. Although dropping any shampoo bottle on your foot would hurt to some extent, this will hurt 10x more…guaranteed. Tried and tested.

Albeit, I’m sure many of you out there are perfectly capable of washing your hair in the shower without breaking a toe in the process. Give yourself a pat on the back. This is the PHYTO Ultra-Gentle Intelligent Shampoo – ooh, intelligent. Not only is this perfect for those with a sensitive scalp, but also for any hair type. Whether you have dry, greasy, fine, thick or damaged hair, this shampoo will be as effective on you as it will be the next person. Plus it’s safe for daily use. I’ve gone through phases in the past of washing my hair every. single. day. Don’t! Or at least don’t with harsher shampoos that are filled with chemicals, as these strip your hair from its essential nutrients to remain looking and feeling healthy.

The way this shampoo is designed is to protect your scalp further the more frequently you use it. One of the active ingredients is Progenium which intelligently works on the ‘scalp’s ecosystem by preserving beneficial bacteria while reducing the presence of harmful bacteria.’ Sound good? Well, the more and more you use this shampoo the more protected your scalp becomes, which is what makes your hair look so healthy.


Which one would you like to try? Head over to The Harley Street Hair Clinic website to check out for yourself!