3 Kat Von D Products You Should Try

Kat Von D is a name I’ve heard about for quite some time now and after watching a few of her videos and admiring her new launch of makeup products, I thought it was about time I tried some for myself. Love Me Beauty currently have these three products (mini’s) available in this month’s boutique. I’m not quite sure how long they’ll remain available, but judging by the deal you can get, I’m guessing not long.Kat Von D Studded Kiss in Magick

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Sign up to Love Me Beauty and subscribe to a one month subscription at just £10.
  2. Visit the Boutique and select all three Kat Von D products; these are 20 credits each and you get just 60 credits with your standard subscription – but they’ll arrive in a pretty makeup bag!
  3. Head to checkout and go through all the usual. Post is £3.95 which brings these three goddess products to just £13.95!
  4. Better yet, if you enter KAYLE481 in the promo code box, you’ve receive £21 worth of credits on your next order – this can be whenever you want! Even if you cancel your subscription for a wee while, they’ll remain sitting there until you want them!

So what do you get for this bargain price tag? Well, firstly my favourite is the Kat Von D Ink Liner. these are all ‘mini’ products, but they are actually pretty decent sizes that I know will still last me a while. This eyeliner does not budge!It’s the blackest black, no streakiness, glides on like a dream and doesn’t smudge! I remember doing a mini wing for an evening meal, accidentally went to bed without removing my makeup first (too many glasses of the good stuff) and ta-dah! In the morning my eyeliner was still intact, good to go! Obviously I had to wash it off else I’d have felt bad for my poor skin, but just goes to show your eye makeup will be able to survive a night out.

Next up is the Kat Von D lip wand in Outlaw. This is a bold red which I thought I wouldn’t dare to wear, but I surprisingly love it! The problem will bold lip colours like this one, is that they have a tendency to bleed into the skin even after applying a liner. With this one however I decided to apply without the use of a lip liner (mainly because I didn’t have a colour to match) and it lasted me at least 3 hours before any sign of fading started to show.

Last but most certainly not least is the Studded Lipstick. This is in the shade Magick and this is my new favourite colour. It’s essentially a nude, but with a mauve undertone which on my lips actually turns out more pink than you’d think it would. It’s creamy with a velvet finish, smells like a dream, applies like a dream, and lasts a whole day; even after eating sushi till your hearts content, drinking lots of wine, blabbering on about absolute nonsense and drinking a little more.


What are your favourite Kat Von D products? Any recommendations?