3 Years of Blogging: Here’s What I’ve Learnt So Far

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear little bloggy, Happy Birthday to me!

On a serious note and without the thought of my horrendous vocals singing that aloud, my little blog has been live for three years as of today, and I’m shocked to say the least. Where on earth has that time gone?

First things first, this blog never started off as Coffee & Blogging – but before I bore you with all the details on repeat, you can just head over to my blog re-brand story and find out all about how this blog has progressed over the years. That’s because I want this blog post to be all about what I’ve learnt over the last three years of blogging instead! Maybe you’ll pick up a few blogging tips or tricks throughout your reading journey, or perhaps you’ll just get half way through and exit the blog – either way, here’s what I’ve learnt so far with my three years of blogging ‘experience’Third Blog Birthday

1 | You’ll become addicted to numbers at some point. Followers will come and go, but the genuine ones who bring  engagement with them are the ones you really want to focus on. Forget the little miss brunette over there with her 23K+ followers on Instagram, yet only 100 likes per photo – she’s fooling no one! Nevertheless, it’s normal to become fixated on what your following amount is at some point during your time blogging.

2 | It takes a long time to build traffic – it won’t happen overnight. Sure, if you use the right hashtags, improve your SEO and share posts within numerous groups, you may get a fair amount of engagement. However, it’s not always guaranteed and it’ll take a while to build organic traffic on the daily.

3 | There will always be someone who is ‘better than you’ – so you say anyway. I’ve come to believe that you are your worse enemy when it comes to blogging; you’ll constantly compare your brunette hair to the pastel tones of another blogger’s. Or you’ll forever be like, ‘God, why can’t I be like him/her?’. Stop it! Don’t do it to yourself, as it’ll be the one thing to hold you back from being you. You are A W E S O M E as you are – so rock it!

4 | Bloggers love a flatlay. I think that speaks for itself.

5 | Domain Authority is a pain in the ass. It’s great when your score improves, but it’s disheartening when it goes down too. Despite all the effort you put into increasing your domain authority, there’s no denying that it’s a monster!

6 | Blogging can help you build a new career for yourself. I had just graduated with a 1st Class Honours in Photography when I started this blog, yet it was no longer what I wanted to do – I know people close to me judge me to some extent because I don’t do what I went to uni to study, but it’s not their happiness at the end of the day. Anyway, as the months went on, a career in digital marketing became an option and my blog helped me achieve that. I did a post on how a blog can land you a job, so give it a read!

7 | It’s all your own choice. When I first started out blogging, I constantly followed the crowd and basically wrote about everything everyone else was chatting about, but it got to a stage where I couldn’t keep up and in all fairness, I got bored. I was writing posts because I thought that’s what people wanted, but the moment I started writing about and doing what I wanted to do with the blog, everything looked and felt sooo much better!

8 | Relatability is sooo important. I’m currently drafted up a post which talks all about the relatable blogger versus the aspirational blogger; i.e. the blogger you can relate to realistically versus the blogger you think you want to be because of their following and ‘out there’ lifestyle. At the end of the day, I’ve never stuck to following those with the higher following, as I see everything as just one big sponsored ad. Being a relatable blogger is oh-so important, because that’s where your readers are going to be able to trust you and relate to what you’re all about.