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Apple has dawned a new era of proper wireless earphones with no connecting cable. This is my first pair which is truly wireless and i must say i’m completely sold. The charging box is a nice clicky plastic box with some weight to it that makes it feel more premium. It does a great job of charging the buds and you pretty much feel like the battery lasts forever as you would always have them stored in this small charging package when not in use. Prettyi was, at first, a bit concerned about the sound quality, but fitting the correct size of ear tips completely changed my opinion. There actually sound very decent with the larger buds and tend to favor the trebble and mids more than bass. This is easily remedied with a equaliser to create a nice balanced sound. Comfort is very important for this kind of product. I am pleased to say these earphones feel very comfortable too with no real chance of them falling out of your ears. Overallan an impressive package for a decent price.

This headphones look quite nice and feel sturdy. The case they come with is good but looks delicate so try not to drop it. The headphones connect so easily with both my iphone and ipad and the sound quality is good for me.

My granddaughter will love these wireless budsi bought some similar wireless earbuds for myself several months ago, which my teenaged granddaughter admired. I love not having wires from my ears, which meet under my chin, and dangle down my body from my ears to the phone in my pocket, or shoulder bag. I love the freedom of not becoming constantly hooked up in the wire, and pulling the buds out of my ears as a result. I also like that i can use just one of the buds when i’m walking my dogs, because it’s safer having my other ear free. Of course the sound is only mono, and not stereo, on such occasions. My granddaughter borrows my wireless buds whenever she gets the chance, so i thought she would like a pair of her own for christmas. She and her younger sister sometimes come bell ringing with me and, while i ring the bells, they sit in a corner of the belfry with their phones – listening to music or playing games. Many is the time that one or other of their phones has ‘died’ and they sit there almost on top of each other, struggling to share a single set of wired headphones, with each girl having one bud in an ear. That is just one benefit of these wireless ear buds i. E that they can share on opposite sides of a room.

Bought this for my husband and he loves it,the sound quality is good,and fit perfectly well , i really recommend this.

These earphones are good but the sound quality isn’t all that. They come nicely packed, battery capacity is good, but the charging case is on the heavier side. I ended up having to return these so i can’t comment on battery performance. I also ordered soundpeats and holyhigh true wireless earbuds, and loved the sound quality on those; in the end, i kept holyhigh and gifted them to my partner. Soundpeats didn’t have good enough battery capacity for me, but this review is not for them, so i’ll leave it at that.

I bought these on a whim for use at the gym as i found my existing bud type earphones uncomfortable and kept falling out. I’m really impressed with these, they’re really comfortable, stay in my ears easily and the blue tooth connection works really well and quickly. The sound quality is excellent for me and it’s easy to turn the volume up and down or turn off. I’m thrilled to bits with them.

Very pleased with the wireless headphones, easy to use, comfortable and great sound quality, so good i will buy a second pair as a gift.

The sound is really good, easy put in ears and are confortable. What i like about them is that there design more elegant, they aren’t too big. Also, i had other earphones that my iphone wouldn’t connect, but this ones have no problem, they work perfectly.

  • Really comfortable earphones
  • Great product
  • Nice product

4UMOR Wireless Earphones, True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Volume Control Headsets with Mic, Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds Earpods and 2200mAh Charging Box

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This is my third set of wireless headphones, and i think these are the ones i am going to keep. I needed new headphones for skipping ones without any cords so i wouldn’t get tangled up, and surprisingly i can keep listening to my workout tunes and just jump in the shower with them in and they’ll still continue to work. Thus far, no sound delay, sound quality is excellent, very fast charging, and the case comes in quite handy, as i don’t loose track of them and they are tucked in nice and safe. One of the things i’ve loved about it is, i can just toss one of the earbuds to a friend and have them listen to the same song i am listening to.

Very comfortable and discreet. The sound quality from these is just as good as headphones 2/3 times the price. Very stylish too, you won’t look stupid wearing them. Wouldhighly recommend these to anyone.

Amazing sound quality, and very comfortable, stick on your ears, never worry they come off, also the battery lasts long hours. Excellent bluetooth earphones.

They look good sound good, just kept falling out of my ears whichever bud i put on them.

I have been searching for a decent pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds for ages, i’m a retired singer/musician and obviously the quality of music is very important to me. I’ve been putting up with inferior quality headphones for far too long now, i’ve tried wired, wireless, all ok but just not great because i wouldn’t pay much for them. . I decided enough is enough and paid out a little more than i have in the past and i’m so glad i didthere’s an old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and that is so true in this case, the quality of these earbuds is superb, the set up is ridiculously easy, it’s a simple case of taking the earbuds out of the box, they will then pair with each other, when your in the bluetooth setting on your device, click on ‘p10’, it then connects automatically and you’re up and running. – they also charge up in the nice box that they came in which is a bonus. (charging cable is supplied along with several different sizes of ‘buds’ to find the most comfortable ones for you)i’m always listening to my music rather than watching tv so why not have great quality?. We are going on holiday in a few days and i’ll be watching movies on my ipad during the flight so these will be perfect for watching/listening to them. If you’re looking for excellent quality earbuds i suggest you look no further, you won’t be disappointed if you buy these and they get a well deserved 5 stars from me *****.

However i can hear a very distinct static noise in the background, hence the 4 star rating.

Great product with great battery life. Use these for approx 2hrs at a time, have used the earphones for 40+ hours, but still do not need to charge the charging unit. Great fit with a selection of buds to ensure a perfect fit.

Several family members have checked them out and want them too. Easy shopping for the holidays.

  • Really comfortable earphones
  • Great product
  • Nice product

4UMOR Wireless Earphones, True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Volume Control Headsets with Mic, Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds Earpods and 2200mAh Charging Box

This is my 3rd earpod (i lost two already) and this is the best one. Once you pair bluetooth, you just need take them out of the box and starting using. Don’t need to turn on or off once is the box that does it.

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