5000 Lumens High Resolution Wireless Bluetooth Projector HDMI – Excellent Product

Easy to set up wifi and connect my iphone, very good for streaming movies and tv shows.

Comfortable excelent for movies.

This projector, whilst it met the described specification, did not meet our expectations regarding display quality. It may be that our expectations have been coloured somewhat by having a large 4k television to which this projector fell short. It did everything it said on the box. It just wasn’t the one for us. It looks like we’ll have to pay 3 or 4 times more to get the quality we require.

The main reason for purchasing this projector was because i was after an android projector from which i could project apps like youttube, netflix etc without having to project it through the hdmi and my laptop. I purchased the previous models of this projector to see how good the picture quality and sound was and have settled with this one as it is the best in terms of being the latest android version, image quality and output. Its a shame that the android version cannot be updated which is why i went for the latest version so it can last me a long time. Image: the images come out great which i have uploaded. The first 3 pics are taken at night and the last 3 are taken in the day time where the curtains were drawn (it was cloudy outside). You can see that both are really good but if the curtains weren’t drawn in the day then it would make it slightly less viewable but still really good. Sound: my only gripe with this projector is the fan which is quite loud. I got around this by installing surround sound speakers in my living room and fixed it to the ceiling (see pic) so its further away. I haven’t used the projector’s own sound output so cannot comment on this. The only time the fan noise is noticeable is during the silent scenes in movies.

This is a projector designed primarily for home use, but we bought it for office use – after examining specifications and comparing with commercially-oriented products. We use it in small conference rooms and meeting rooms with up to 20 viewers capacity and dimmable lights or window blinds. 4000 lumens in led light is less than the equivalent form special projector sources, but knowing this in advance and choosing for the right purposes and conditions – the projector delivers very good image quality and serves our purposes. Audio is also very good for the rooms and conditions described. Product design and build is excellent, comparable to the top brands in the market, as is the functionality and controls on offer. The user manual could be more detailed and clear, but with an extended pdf version kindly offered after-sales, there is nothing left that a user would need support for. A good set of cables and other accessories is included, so the projector can be used straight out of the box (and we did successfully use it in a client presentation just hours after unpacking). Still in its early months, we cannot yet judge the durability and long-term performance, but so far we are very happy and – for the excellent competitive price – this is a great choice.

At this point we have not found anything that we don’t like about this wifi bluetooth projector. It hook right up with ipad, computer and chromecast. The built-in sound is actually very good as well as the picture quality.

I have spent an excellent summer having nonstop movie nights with my children outside using our 4000 lumens led projector. It has played all movie formats from my usb so excellent codecs, compared to my last projector. Great screen image quality, playback sound and easy use interface. Would have been nice to have travel case for it but absolutely no performance worries. Great value for money & my best buy this summer.

This projector promised a lot, but due to lack of suitable controls it took 1 hour to connect to the internet. The android keyboard was hell to use. Would not work with hdmi cable, but worked with vga. Picture was bright and clear, but lens felt like it was flimsy during focusing.

It’s an excellent product, very bright with crisp pictures. Does exactly what it says on the box.

Worked straight out of the box, no fiddling or setting up. Connected my laptop to hdmi input, plugged the mains cable in and hey presto a perfect picture appeared on the screen. This projector is perfectly suited to home use in a dimly lit room and hope it will be okay to make a powerpoint presentation to a friendly audience of 20. Will have to see how it lasts in 6 months.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good value for money
  • Money well spent
  • Worked straight out of the box no fiddling or setting up