5000 Lumens Wifi Bluetooth LED Projector High Definition Wireless Home Theater System HDMI Video 1080P Smart LCD Android Digital HD Movie Theatre Projector WXGA 1280×800 Outdoor Party Games DVD TV PS4 – I was new to projectors and really didn’t know what

We absolutely love the projector. It has an awesome picture quality and the wifi bluetooth connectivity work great. We mounted it on the ceiling without using cables for our iphones and ipads, the wireless connection is very convenient and very fast. Have been and will keep recommending to everyone.

I wasn’t happy with the picture quality so turned it in favour of a dlp projector. Excellent communications from the seller however.

The projector works well and has been used several times. Although we haven’t used it much in daylight, it looks like it will do well. It’s easy to set up and operate and takes a good variety of inputs and media. The audio level is very useable and the fan noise is minimal and hasn’t caused us an issue. For the money, this is a really good buy.

Hi all,just had a small issue with a eug projector i bought, there was issue changing or returning. Eug were great in response to my questions, and had no problem excepting the return. I have a eug projector hanging from my ceiling, great clear picture.

This projector is the best on the market. I would recommend this to anyone. And after service is 10 out of 10 if you have any problems.

Its much better than our previous projector, we use it instead of a tv. Great picture quality, very clear image. We also love that you can adjust the screen size, the extra lumens make an excellent picture and its also very bright, just like a real tv.

Very strong and bright image, works well indoors even with some natural light, screen size can be as large as 120”+ from 3ft. Fan is a little noisy indoors and remote control a bit clumsy with big rubber buttons, however value for money is great. Comes with lots of features added and installed and is great for sports and documentaries, netflix etc.

I was new to projectors and really didn’t know what to buy but wasn’t into spending much. A friend advised that i should go for a hd-device (1,920 × 1,080). But they’re much more expensive so i opted for this one (1024×600). I’m enjoying movies on it and one of my friends came over last night and he was impressed too. If you look at the new 4k tv screens and think about them too much, you’ll be discontent with this projector. I added a dvd/blu-ray player from argos and a 178 x 178cm pulldown screen on amazon and, for €425, i’m watching home movies. Look, just because you don’t have ultra-hd doesn’t prevent you from enjoying a movie, does it?.I grew up watching films & sports on a black & white telly in the 1970s.

This is perfect for watching movies inside or outside. It came with battery, 3d,wifi and android os, i can stream movies from an iphone and project it on a big wall; or watch youtube videos through android. The picture is clear and the sound is good, connecting to my bluetooth sound bar and the sound is amazing. Compact and easy to connect, good value for the money.

It is a very good projector for the price. A bit noisy but not too much, easy to setup.

Amazing bit of kit for the price. Positives – great picture (not really hd quality, but perfect for us for small cinema room at home). Excellent various options for inputs, although the usb i still haven’t managed to sort. Price – for what you’re paying you won’t find too many other options for this quality. Negatives – usb data view (images/video what i wanted) – really difficult to figure out. Its a bit weird and doesn’t recognise anything properly. Brightness – if you have windows in the room – put a blind or curtain up. Unless its nighttime you will struggle to see it.

This projector is great for the price. Consistently quality pictures, no distortion, very adjustable. I project on to a vinyl silk white wall and it looks mint.

Good product, well packed, good picture.

The projector was delivered promptly, was easy to install and works well. A small brochure was supplied with the product and whilst this was adequate to set up the unit, for future reference i would suggest that the supplier provides a more comprehensive manual.

I wrote a separate review for seller, as the customer service after sales support is absolutely fantastic and incredibly helpful, the customer support person named carol, helped me even after working hours to help resolve a issue, and didn’t stop till they had managed to have a successful resolution, so a huge big thanks for this company’s after sales support, excellent and a grade,now to the product itself, i had been researching into a projector to be a fulltime tv, and checked various projectors from high prices to low end pricing, i ended up settling for this product, as the details of it seemed pretty good, and for the price, was pretty mid ranged compared to all others, so thought would try this and see how it goesfirstly, item arrived quick, within 2 says of ordering, brilliantly packed,the projector itself is a medium sized average projector, pretty light to handle, and made of sturdy plastic all round, has fixings underneath for mounts, i used a ceiling mount, and fitted without a issue,the projector itself, has android built in, but that is not much of a concern for me, as not looking for any smart features i have other things that do that better, needed this primarily for tv sky box viewing, the distance i had setup which my room could accommodate i got a nice big 105inches or so, and when turned on, wow, the screen looks pretty good with daylight blinds open, and lighting on too, i don’t use overhead lighting, mainly lamp lighting scattered around room, but in full daylight ,sunny day, blinds open as normally i would, sunshine shining in, the screen is still so easily watchable and quite incredible too, watching in slighter darker surrounds, and its fabulous, i usually only watch hd channels on sky, and they all look fab, love the huge screen, and the android system for menu system is very good with the remote, the remote don’t even need to point at projector, works flawlessly, fan noise, i have to stay is within comfortable zone, but when you have volume and your watching tv, i hardly notice the fan noise at all, specially since i have it celling mounted, i absolutely love the picture quality, the brightness the settings you can adjust to your own liking for picture quality is fantastic for a product at this price range, and also the built in speakers work great, not to bad at all, though i am getting external speakers setup pretty soon, but internal speakers on this unit sound as good as the 60inch tv i had previous to this, so far i have been amazed with the quality of picture during day and at night with lamp lighting still on, its perfect, loving the huge screen factor, also the bluetooth works perfectly on all devices i tested, so that’s a huge bonus too. The lamp is rated 5000 lumens, and to be honest depending exactly what lumens it is referring to, as some will say its not true lumens or some other variation, i have to say the picture quality from the bulb is amazing, hands down very good, unless you plan to watch this projected on to wall with full direct sunlight hitting the same wall, with over head tube lighting and other lighting, i think this projector works incredibly, cant go wrong for this price and the spec it comes with, it has 2 hdmi ports, 2 usb ports, av and audio and even a vga port, all ports were tested and work without a issue, i even plugged in a extra hdmi box which gives additional 5 hdmi ports, and works flawlessly, built in wife is very good, signal good and has not dropped any connection whatsoever, considering i have a lot of wireless devices connected to the wifi hub, the lamp life is listed as 50,000 hours, which they state is 8 hours a day for 17 years etc, but even if this lasts 5 years or more with me watching this as my main screen, probably 12 to 14 hours of it daily, should be awesome,its early days to review the durability and life of this projector as only using not to long since purchased, but will keep updated, so far its a excellent unit for the price, and customer service for support is absolutely amazing. A great purchase and even though i hadn’t heard of eug before, i certainly will be recommending them to friends n familyand buying from them again without any worries. If you want a decent projector for everyday useday or nightthen this unit excels brilliantlybig thanks to eug after sales support, for there excellent customer service support. Its been a pleasure doing business with this company.

Great product and great picture quality.

Power cable is painfully short, doesn’t connect well to the projector either, had it flickering and making all kinds of worrying noises when i first used it. Seems to be fine now though and im relatively happy with it. Picture quality is very good in the limited space i have to use it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • absolutely amazing, dont be wary of a name you aint heard of, this projector unit is amazing
  • I was new to projectors and really didn’t know what
  • Amazing bit of kit for the price, bar a few tiny things.