7 Places to Eat in Nottingham

Nottingham is my home-city, therefore you could say I’ve been to a fair amount of eateries in the area! So many restaurants have come and gone, but now you can find quite the collection of restaurants in the city centre, as well as surrounding areas, which suit everyone’s taste buds! Whether you like your spice, a good ol’ burger or even fancy a little bit of sushi, here’s a list of 7 places to eat in Nottingham.Mac & Cheese Balls

Red’s True BBQ, Queen Street
Queen Street is filled with places to eat and drink, but a firm favourite has to be Red’s True BBQ. A fan of brisket, pulled pork, or any other American goodness? This is the place to be. Firstly, you need to try the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls; Macaroni Cheese which is deep-fried and served with a tangy BBQ relish. Next up you’ve got a vast choice of dishes to choose from, which trust us when we say it will be difficult to choose from! The Donut Burger is a must; bacon, pulled pork, brisket, onion rings and perhaps a few pieces of the healthy vegetables, are all sandwiched between 2 glazed doughnuts. Tempted?

Bill’s Restaurant, Queen Street
Sticking to Queen Street, just a couple doors down from Red’s True BBQ you will find Bill’s. The rustic and slightly retro decor is what caught my eye initially, but the food is the reason I’ve returned time and again! Their Duck Pie is amazing, served with pickled red cabbage and a cute mini jug of gravy. If you’re someone who can stick around for dessert like me, then I also highly recommend the warm pecan pie served with a scoop of banana ice cream. Seriously, you’ll be in heaven.

Fat Cat, Mansfield Road in Sherwood
I was recommended this place by numerous people and since it had been refurbished I figured, why not?! When I had friends come to stay from Wales, I decided we’d go for breakfast here and it’s great for choice. The interior is nice and homely, with a lovely wooden porch for those sunny days (very rare lately, I know). Unlike other places to eat in Nottingham that serve breakfast, Fat Cat doesn’t restrict you to the breakfast menu, and instead my friend opted for the chilli burger and curly fries which was given a big thumbs up! I on the other hand cannot stomach something so filling in the morning, so instead I opted for scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms. Sounds pretty basic right? But this had to be the best ‘egg on toast’ I’ve ever had. Just sayin’.

Taco Bell, Angel Row
Not quite your romantic sit down meal that you’d want to take your partner to, but if you’re out and about in the city centre and just want a quick lunch from somewhere other than Greggs or McDonalds, then this is your place. Their quesadillas are the best, especially the pulled pork which I believe returns every now and again as ‘limited edition’. There’s nothing more to say really, other than why on earth did I not visit this place when I was actually in America?!

Yo!Sushi, Weekday Cross
It was a long time coming, but I finally went to Yo!Sushi the other week. I love sushi, especially after a friend took to me to a Japanese restaurant in Liverpool, so I was excited to come here and just try the whole ‘conveyor belt’ experience. First things first, it’s so cool! I have the typical maki and californian rolls, but when it came to their little desserts, I was done. The Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi and the Chocolate Mochi are delicious! The texture is by far the weirdest thing and was completely unexpected, not going to lie, but they were so tasty that I was contemplating going back for more.

Pitcher & Piano, High Pavement
Just around the corner from Yo!Sushi, you’ll find another place to eat in Nottingham called Pitcher & Piano – a beautifully converted church. Even if you’re just looking for a nice place to enjoy a drink or two, this place has lovely indoor and outdoor seating areas. I came here for a friend’s birthday back in May, and we opted for a light lunch whilst sipping on several glasses of Prosecco. We definitely should’ve eaten before took our first sip. We were seated in a quiet booth which was perfect for catching up, but there’s seating available on all floors with some looking straight down to the beautifully centred (and well stocked) bar.

Chutney, Friar Lane.
If you’re into the Indian cuisine and your spices, Chutney is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city. You can opt for a platter of starters with samosas, popadoms, an array of flavoured naan bread and a selection of dips and chutneys to try out before you main. I’m not one for spice and will firmly stick to a Korma, but I thoroughly enjoy my Korma and therefore can only assume the rest of their main dishes are just as good!

Photo by ‘Angela Sam’ / License