A Beautiful Gift from Blossoming Gifts

Whether it’s a birthday, get well soon, celebrating a new job, passing an exam, another kind of celebration, or simply a kind gesture, lots of us enjoy receiving a beautiful bouquet, don’t we? I never used to be into receiving flowers, but since owning my own home, I love decorating the place with fresh flowers and updating my large vase on my side dresser in the lounge every 1-2 weeks. Fresh flowers really do make a difference to a home. I wish I could get it approved to have flowers on every desk in the office too – but somehow, I don’t think that’ll be granted…

Anyhow, I received this beautiful and colourful bouquet from Blossoming Gifts this week and look at those flowers! With vivid greens, pinks and oranges, I must say, this is the most colourful and fun bouquet I’ve ever received. I usually stick to typical roses in creams or lighter colours to go in my lounge, just so it blends in with our colour theme. But having this pop of colour in the lounge now brightens up the entire room, and I love it!Blossoming Gifts

If you haven’t come across them yet, Blossoming Gifts are an online florist. They make gifting bouquets of all kind of sizes and styles a doddle. Better yet, they offer FREE delivery on every, single bouquet. That’s right – no delivery charges. Hallelujah! If there’s one thing I hate when online shopping, it has to be pesky delivery charges. So Blossoming Gifts have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Not only do they deliver flowers, they also offer a selection of hampers and sweets, which you can add on to your order to make it extra special (and tasty). If you something more, when you sign up to their newsletter, you’ll even receive 10% off your first order with them. Even more reason to shop with them!

Now, when it comes to deliveries of flowers, I’m always a little skeptical. I’ve often ordered online and noticed they get delivered in boxes far too small for the bouquet, or haven’t been delivered with any kind of water for the stems during delivery. Blossoming Gifts however, delivered the bouquet in a beautifully design box which wasn’t reidiculously big, but was the right size for the bouquet itself. Once you open it up, you then find the bouquet wrapped in a beautiful, frosted film, and tied via a black ribbon to the box to keep it from moving about and damaging the flower heads. They also wrapped a bag of very damp tissue around the stems which kept the flowers fresh. These were delivered on a Friday, but as I wasn’t in, I had to wait 3 days to retrieve them – yet, they were in brilliant condition considering this!


If you’re in need of a blossoming gift, be sure to sign up to their newsletter for 10% off!