I’m Kayleigh; a nutella-obsessed coffee-drinker with a healthy addiction to sushi. Albeit, all three aren’t the nicest combination altogether, but separately they are life. A little about me: I’m a UK lifestyle blogger living in Cheshire and the girl behind the creation of this blog – Coffee & Blogging. I blog about anything that comes to mind, so you won’t ever be stuck for content. You’ve got beauty, lifestyle, blogging tips and even a little travel thrown into the mix too.

The Story

Back in May 2014, this blog started off as a UK lifestyle blog called Scampi & Chips. I was in the last month of my degree, studying a Ba(hons) in Photography, where I seriously felt the need for a hobby. I had always read blogs of all varieties and watched many beauty videos on YouTube, so I was no stranger to the blogging world back then.

Once I graduated with my 1st Class Honours, I was in a little pickle about life. Stereotypical graduate. I no longer wanted to pursue photography as a career and had known that for quite some time, despite trying everything to make it work for me. So, as the months went on trying to figure it all out, I continued to develop my blog – I was learning the likes of various SEO, manoeuvring my way around Google Analytics, improving my content writing and more, until Digital Marketing clicked as an option for me.

Seven months on back in January 2015, I moved to North Wales – a location I’d never been to before – to move into a house full of strangers who little did I know, would become my second family. All of that was the beginning of my career in the marketing industry and all thanks to my little blog.

Over three years on since publishing my first post on here, I’ve now achieved more with my blog than I ever thought I would – both professionally and personally. But, that’s where I felt it was time for change. My Blog Rebrand Story explains everything behind the reason to change the name of this blog from Scampi & Chips to Coffee & Blogging. The content remains the same, but simply put, I outgrew the name and needed to explore this change.

The Blogger

Foodie, flavoured-coffee lover, wearer of 90% black and sometimes awkward. I’m a fairly quiet person, but once I get going and you get to know me, I think you’ll find I’m quite chatty. I grew up in Nottingham, but now live in Cheshire as a Marketing & Media Manager.

Let’s get to know you!

Want to chat or have any suggestions for the blog? Get in touch and pop an email over to: coffeeandbloggingblog@gmail.com or head over to my social channels and give us a cheeky follow!