ABOX Vacuum Sealer : Seals the bag in seconds

 trying to make an effort to cut down on plastic trays that things like chicken breasts and meat come in we thought we’d start buying in bulk and separating down. This is the perfect tool to help keep portions fresh.

Very compact and light weight, which was the main reason i bought this compared to many others which are bulky and heavy. Easy and straightforward to use – load the bag, close the sealer and press the button. Takes approx 10 seconds to vac and seal a bag. I also cook food in water baths (sous vide) occasionally, and this comes in handy for that.

There is nothing to dislike about this product. I am simply keeping my food fresher for longer.

Compact and does what it says.

I bought this appliance to better protect food in the freezer. My initial impression on unpacking it was that it was smaller than i had imagined it would be and therefore will be less useful for large items e. However, having used it already a number of times it is perfectly good for small to medium sized items. It has a ‘partial vacuum seal’ function which is very good for soft items. It is also relatively quick and simple to operate. The lock function is a bit basic and requires quite a bit of pressure to engage it. I suspect that this is a vulnerable part of the machine and i would not be surprised if this is a point of failure in it in the longer term. All in all, a good basic food vacuum sealer.

Really impressed with this vacuum sealer. It is really easy to use and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Its lightweight and a nice slim design for easy storage. Use it mainly for storing meat and it has worked perfectly so far.

Looks good on the kitchen & bags are large enough to fit do batches of food in.

 it does what it says on the label. Put whatever you want vacuum sealed in the bags, put it in the machine not blocking the vacuum hold and turn it on. Great device for every kitchen especially with a 1 year old. The video i did to demonstrate was vacuum sealing some dried apples.

  • Great and simple to use for every kitchen.

  • Neat design and only one touch to seal

  • Easy to use!

Vacuum Sealer, ABOX V69 4 in 1 Portable Food Vacuum Sealer Machine Vac Packing Machine for Food Preservation, Automatic Sealing System with Bags,Compact Design,BPA Free

Lock Moisture, Lock Fresh

ABOX V69 food vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags. Multi-layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn, reduces food waste. And cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical and faster.


  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 90w
  • Maximum Sealing Width: 30cm/11.8 inch
  • Heating Wire Width: 3mm
  • Sealing Time: 6-12s
  • Vacuum Power: ≥ -55 kpa
  • Product Dimensions: 38.5 x 10.8 x 6.5 cm

Keep Fresh Longer

ABOX vacuum sealer machine adopts the powerful motor, making your food stay fresh more longer. Digital one-touch buttons and LED indicator lights, one-button operation easily guide you through the vacuum sealing process.

Multifunctional Food Sealer

This V69 food sealer support multiple vacuuming modes for different foods, SOFT MODE for bread, red dates, cookies and other soft and fragile foods. When vacuum, you can press “STOP” repeatedly to control pumping speed. Keep soft and fragile foods from deformation and breakage.

Unique Adsorbable Design

Equipped with magnetic absorption on the back can easy to hang the vacuum machine on the surface of the refrigerator to saving space, you don’t have to find any counter (or cupboard) space for storage.

Detachable Power Cable

The detachable power cable specially designed for space saving, with compact design not only saves kitchen space,but also will be more portable. It is your best choice in the kitchen and outdoor activities.

4 Uses for V69 Vacuum Sealer

When Bulk-Buying Food

How often have you bought in bulk because of a great sale, only to throw away unused portions? With ABOX V69 Vacuum Sealer, you can be practical and economical with your grocery shopping.That could save you money and time.

When Marinating Something Quickly

As the vacuum sealer removes the air from the bag, it also opens the pores of the food, allowing marinades to penetrate deeply and much faster than if you place it in the fridge overnight.

When Batch-Cooking Meals

Using V69, Saving time by seal marinade ingredients or portion out cooked foods. Also can prepare foods in advance for picnics,camping trips and barbecues No need for a jam-packed week of grocery store trips and staggered cooking.

When Resealing Food Packaging

ABOX vacuum sealer is necessary help in every case, when there is anything to be packed or bags to be sealed. Works for snack bags, pet foods bags, coated aluminum foil bags, and handmade candy dessert plastic bag and so on.

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Great vacuum times just refer instructions manual which is sight to follow, it even comes with some bags, was decent to install and start vacuum sealing things straight away, use it for sandwiches, cheeses, dry fruits, vegetables,nuts, most of the time used it for packing lunches, also to store some leftovers, this is a great to minimize wastage and save some bucks, it looks really smart and doesn’t take up much space, overall solid build quality with the until sealing the bag in seconds.

Like that it can be stuck to the fridge via the magnets. Very happy with this highly recommend.

It is pretty hard to use, air doesn’t go out completely out of the bags. Still trying to figure out how to do so.

And the magnet feature to store it on the fridge makes it all the more convenient.

Very easy to use and it works a treat. You just need a little extra pressure to close the unit but as long as you put the bag where it’s supposed to go then it will suck the air out and seal the bag. I like the fact it can seal other types of bags too. Great that it comes with 10 fair sized bags. Will probably get a roll of bags now seeing as it works ok.

Majority of time this has been successful but a few times this hasn’t fully compressed the air out.

One touch to seal, very light weight, it allowed more space in the freezer after vacuum sealed the meat and seafood. It helps eliminate the strong seafood smells in the freezer for sure. Make sure you close the cover tightly till you hear the clicks on both side after you placed the vacuum sealer bag on the machine. Otherwise it won’t works when it has extra air in the bag. Only one down side, the manual looks good however the instructions given was not comprehensive. I managed to search the tutorial video online and use it more precisely.

Does what it says on the packet, great to seal everything for fridge & freezer.

  • Great and simple to use for every kitchen.

  • Neat design and only one touch to seal

  • Easy to use!

Vacuum Sealer, ABOX V69 4 in 1 Portable Food Vacuum Sealer Machine Vac Packing Machine for Food Preservation, Automatic Sealing System with Bags,Compact Design,BPA Free

This is amazingly small compared to my old one where it was big and chunky. It saves me a lot of space now and does exactly the same jobmy old one i used for 3 years finally gave up on me, so i brought this much smaller onethese are really easy to use and quick to use when sealing food. We use this a lot as our family is just me, my wife and baby so most the time we cannot finish a pack of meat and have to split it and freeze the remaining half. All done in 7 secondsgreat it comes with some sample bags.

Absolutely stunning product, well made and easy to use. A must have in your kitchen.

I bought this vacuum sealer especially for storing my meat. However, comes with two functions. One wich seals not only meat but other dry food like nuts. The second function is for sealing fruits which i find it useful if i wanna preserve fresh fruits/vegetable for a long period of time. Good device for a good price.

I am using without instructions,helped me to sort out my food,it also keeps the food for longer period of time.

Love this product great machine at a fabulous price.

This is an excellent product and well worth the money. Sometimes you may have to reposition the bag when it fails to vacuum the first time, and i find pressing the top of the sealer down helps make a good seal. I vacuum pack leftover roast potatoes and put them in the freezer, the same with leftover meats and other cooked foods. You soon have an ideal meal ready meal for one or two persons to take out of the freezer and pop into the oven or microwave retaining all the flavours and moisture just as if they had been cooked fresh. It’s a real time saver and prevents food waste, freezer burns. Everyone should have one especially if batch-cook and freeze. Update i’ve used this for about two months now. Sadly it has been less than perfect recently. The sealer function at the end of the vacuum process often fails to seal. I’m not sure if it’s the sealer gaskets that need replacing – if so, i’ve failed to track down replacements gaskets.

Wanted one of these for a long time but wasnt sure if it would do the job i wanted it to. I took a chance with this one and its turnd out to be great so far, fingers crossed it it doesn’t lose its suction power like some of them do. Overall it’s a decent size and good value for money.

The vacuum sealer came packaged in a nice box and arrived safely. The vacuum sealer is extremely useful to preserve fruit, vegetables and meat. The vacuum sealer is extremely easy to use and it comes with vacuum bags so that it’s ready to use straight out of the box. It’s small and compact so you can fit it nearly anywhere. Overall this is a great item and i would recommend it.

We use it to seal meat in to use in a suvee machine , worked a charm.

Its saving so much room in my freezer and is really easy to use and lightweight too. It has a 1 touch seal and has made taking snacks out easy too.

Very pleased with the vacuum sealer, hope it lasts longer than my last one.

It is a very simple and easy to use. I started using it without any instructions. It seals the food very well and fast enough. Great idea to help products with sealing them.

Great that its magnetic, sticks on side of the fridge.

Got this to make extra room in my fridge/freezer, good value gadget, small so doesn’t take up alot of room,.

Vacuum sealer – i love that product, it came in a good package safely the vacuum sealer is extremely useful to preserve fruit, vegetables and meat especially when you go big shopping. The vacuum sealer it’s really easy to use and it vacuum bags already included so that it’s ready to use straight out of the box. It’s small in size which is great if you don’t have a lot space in your kitchen and compact you can fit it nearly anywhere. This is great buy for my family and i would highly recommend it.

I like this product a lot and it’s compact doesn’t take much space. It takes out all the air and keep the food fresh. It should be there in every kitchen.

Features and Spesification

  • Save Space And Seal Freshness in : ABOX V69 vacuum sealer machine help keep your busy kitchen running smoothly, compact design and superior performance to meet all your needs in the kitchen and outdoors
  • Multiple Vacuuming Modes: ABOX 4 in 1 vacuum sealer machine designed owing Vac Seal, Soft Mode and Seal Function, suitable for different foods preservation. Outside vac can be used for canisters, jars, wine bottle etc
  • Simple to Use : Automatic vacuum air sealing system offers the best sealing jobs, while the digital one-touch buttons with LED indicator lights that make the operation more convenient
  • Attentive Design : This food sealer equipped with 2 magnets at the bottom, magnetic absorption on the back can easy to hang the vacuum machine on the surface of the refrigerator to saving space
  • Worry-Free Shopping and Full Guaranteed : Adopting upgrade technology to quicken heat dissipation and automatic overheat protection design great prolong service life of ABOX V69 Vacuum Sealer