Acer M550 Home Cinema Projector : Really happy with it.

Tried as an upgrade from a epson eh-tw6600. But afraid to say the epson still destroyed this on brightness and punchy deep colours. It does produce a very sharp smooth picture but lacks depth in colours compared to a lcd projector, was also very quiet in running. But main problem colour depth was like watching a cheap tv hence the epson stays.

I’m using this projector with an xbox one x and virgin media tivo and am running full 4k with both via an amplifier, i did notice that the setup was quite fussy with which cables are used and the manual for the projector does specify that the hdmi cable needs to be certified at 18gbps throughput. I ensured that all cables to and from the amp are certified, this may be a factor that other people have missed. It looks great and is easy to use, it’s not large, pretty light and i’ve not found it noisy.

Bought this in the sale after seeing an article saying it would be at the price for one day. It’s still the same price 3 days later but it still seems like a bargain. Research suggests this is similar to the acer h7850. I bought this to replace a 9 year old sanyo projector that cost me about £800. That still had a pretty good picture i thought but i wasn’t using it much after having bought a 4k tv which i preferred to watch movies on despite the smaller screen. I took the plunge with this acer to bring the projector in line with the tv. But it’s a lot of money and i was worried i wouldn’t see that much of an improvement. Well, its a fantastic upgrade. So much brighter and more vivid than the sanyo. The picture really pops compared to that and i’m glad i bought it.

I was rather hoping i would be able to attach this to my ps4 pro in 4k mode. The screen toggles between ‘source found’ and ‘searching’ but no picture appears. I was using a 4k, 18gbs hdmi 2. Tried a few other cables, but no joy. I also tried my surface book laptop, but again no 4k picture. Perhaps this will get fixed with a firmware update in the future, but for now i am stuck at 1080p. If you accept you can only use 1080p, then the picture is very, very good. The speakers are adequate, but a little tinny. Much better to use a separate speaker system, but the speakers in the projector are perfectly adequate if you can’t be bothered setting up anything else. They are especially useful if you are carrying this projector to another location (in comes with a very nice carry case) as it means you don’t have to carry separate speakers. There is quite a lot of heat produced and the fan is quite audible if you sit near the projector. Also, i noticed a little coloring of whites if you use the screen lens shift adjuster to shift the image to its maximum deflection one way or the other. The best picture is obtained with it left centered.

First – i didn’t buy my projector on amazon, so my review won’t show up as a verified purchase. After reading reviews on a french site, i bought the projector in february. This projector *must* be configured to really enjoy it. If you do a search for m550 configuration you’ll find the configurations on the french site which are easy to understand, and there’s always google translate if you get stuck. I’ve read the other reviews and many people buy a projector like this without understanding what they are getting. It is a dlp projector, such as the ones you get from optoma, using ti’s 0. 47 equipped machines – they are rubbish. Dlps do not produce great blacks, but if you’re in a darkened room you will rarely notice.

This replaced a 1080p optoma unit (hdx131xe) which was around 5 years old, and right out of the box the difference in sharpness is very noticeable as you would expect from a 4k device. There is a lot of debate about whether the technology which generates the 4k resolution makes it ‘true’ 4k, but the quality of the image speaks for itself, and for the price there is nothing remotely close in price which offers ‘true’ 4k. If you’re concerned about this, google ‘xpr’ and ‘faux-k’. There are a couple of drawbacks to this technology which cause two noticeable issues on this projector. Firstly, the black levels are not great. Don’t be fooled by the insane contrast ratios in the specification, what you’ll be getting in some dark scenes will appear more grey than black when compared to other projectors (which don’t use xpr), however the brightness is high enough to counteract this most of the time. The other issue is that there is a light border around the edge of the image on all 4 sides, about 1 inch on the left and right, and 2 inches at the top and bottom. Again, it’s not noticeable most of the time because this border is essentially extra ‘off’ pixels, but it will cause issues for some setups if there are reflective objects around the edge of the screen, and in some respects it serves to lower perceived contrast, so buyer beware. This technology also introduces a small amount of extra noise, but the fans are very quiet to compensate for this, so overall the level of noise is very good. Interestingly, there is a ‘silent’ mode which will project at the actual native resolution (which is about 2x 1080p rather than 4x like 4k) therefore removing the noise of the xpr unit and also removing most of the fan noise too.

Set up in a long dining room, projected onto a salvaged screen. Bigger and better than any tv screen i’ve ever had. This is the new entry point for home cinema, at this price point it’s now possible for many middle income homes to have access to huge screen entertainment. Sound was ok but was better when i linked it to a soundbar.

Got this in the sale after reading a french review that said it even beats the optoma 65. Replaces a sanyo z700 which was good in the day but needed a new bulb; this blows it out of the water with the minimal setting tweaks indicated in the french review. Hooked up as ceiling mount to a 90 inch grey wolf screen and to a 1080 media server and a 4k fire stick. 1080 upscaling is excellent and 4k content is out of this world. Only negative is that the manual is woeful with only the barest of information as to what each setting does.

  • Really happy with it.
  • Great colour and sharpness, contrast and settings let it down a little
  • Colours lack depth.

Acer M550 Home Cinema Projector (4kUHD Resolution, 2900 Lumens, 900000:1 Contrast Ratio)

Product Description, M550 DLP 4K UHD, 2900lm, 900000/1, HDMI, HDR, Rec 2020, V-LS, Bag, 5.3kg, EU/UK Power EMEA.
Position the picture just how you want it without moving the projector itself on models with lens shift control.
Others let you choose among resolutions and aspect ratios or even among sources thanks to simultaneous connectivity. When you attach an image source, it’s instantly found by Smart Detection.

Box Contains, Acer M550 DLP PROJECTOR UHD film projector

From the manufacturer

Established in 1976, Acer is a hardware + software + services company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of innovative products that enhance people’s lives. Acer’s product offerings include PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets, smartphones and wearables. It is also developing cloud solutions to bring together the Internet of Things. Acer is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016 and is one of the world’s top 5 PC companies.

Acer M550 4k UHD Home Cinema Projector

Make daily entertainment extraordinary with 4K brilliance and powerful 120” images.

  • 4K UHD (3,840×2,160) Resolution
  • HDR Compatible for More Realistic Images
  • AcuMotion Frame Rate Enhancement
  • 2,900 Lumens Brightness

All for 4K

See more, do more, and enjoy beyond measure with an 8.3 million pixel 4K screen.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible

Enjoy more realistic images through an expanded contrast ratio and colour palette with HDR and Rec. 2020 compatibility.

2,900 Lumens Brightness

See images clearly from a distance in daylight or indoors with 2,900 lumens of brightness.

AcuMotion Frame Rate Enhancement

Get a detailed view of fast moving objects as they zip across the screen with the help of Acer’s AcuMotion technology.

Super Resolution

A super-resolution video engine allows the M550 to upscale and enhance lower resolution content.

1.6X Zoom Ratio

Maximise your space with a zoom ratio that’s ideal for mid-sized rooms.

Vertically Adjustable Lens Shift

Project with precision by utilising the adjustable wheels for control over vertical lens shift.

Built-in Speakers

The two 5 watt, built-in speaker system lets you enjoy powerful sound without the need for external speaker.

Extremely Low Noise

Operate at an extremely low noise level of 19 dBA* so movie aficionados are able to hear even the quietest whispers.

* XPR is a proprietary, pixel-shifting technology by Texas Instruments. XPR is disabled when operating in 19 dBA silent mode.

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  • Really happy with it.
  • Great colour and sharpness, contrast and settings let it down a little
  • Colours lack depth.

Acer M550 Home Cinema Projector (4kUHD Resolution, 2900 Lumens, 900000:1 Contrast Ratio)

Features and Spesification

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  • Ultra-HD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution brings 8.3 megapixel on screen
  • 2,900 lumens brightness for crystal clear projection
  • 900,000:1 Dynamic Black
  • HDR compatible for realistic images
  • Connectivity: HDMI (video, audio, HDCP) x 1, HDMI 2.0/MHL (video, audio, HDCP 2.2) x 1