Acer P1173 P Projector – Bright and crisp and even

The first thing i noticed about the acer p1173 svga 3d dlp projector is what a bright and well defined picture it has. I had it projecting a blu-ray film onto a white wall approximately 10ft from the projector and i could really notice the benefit of the 3000 lumens brightness. It took a little bit of fiddling to get the colours at an optimum setting that i was happy with but once this was done i was very happy with the results. Connectivity options are also good, with 2 vgas and hdmi, and even an mhl port, though i won’t make use of this as the iphone doesn’t support it. Generally the acer p1173 svga 3d dlp projector is very easy to setup and gives a very bright and sharp image, representing very good value for money at this price point.

What i want in a projector is a strong, clear, well balanced image that looks like a quality tv, but on a wall or screen. It has vga and hdmi outputs, so it’ll run in hd or from the blue multi-pinned plug on your laptop. Just plug it in, select what output you’re using and off you go. It even has a line out for sound, so you could plug in a portable speaker as well. We use it to link to the laptop and project onto a large, cheap, artist’s canvas that we hang from the picture rail in our living room and use as a screen on film nights and it performs admirably. It’s quiet to run, crystal clear and well saturated colour and image wise and is everything i could want from a projector. It even stores away nicely in its own little bag that holds the lead, projector and remote control. Super easy to use with a laptop, but also easy to connect to a playstation for wall sized game play.

I got this for the world cup and was very impressed. The projector was very easy to set up, and connected to the sky+hd box with no problems what so ever. The picture quality on a flat wall was superb – and there was no drop off in regards to the quality of thre hd picture. The projector itself was very quiet when in use (especially compared to the ones i use in work) and while it did give off some heat after 3 hrs constant use, it was not extreme or a cause for any concern. The 3d fuctionality of the projector is also very good – although i only used this once via a ps3 – and the quality of the 3d images was again impressive on a large, flat surface. All in all a terrific product for the price.

Bright and crisp and absolutely crystal clear – stunning picture definition. I have never previously bought a projector so have no frame of reference, but i have been assured by friends that the quality is amazing for the asking price. Good range of available input so you can choose what to connect it to, and even comes with a remote control. Did not take very long to set up even though i am a bit technology phobic sometimes, and the menu is easy to flip through. Had no problem watching a dvd, even in the middle of the day the colours came through visible and bright.

Like other reviewers i purchased this for the world cup so i could have my mates round for the england matches. My friends all loved it and it added another dimension to the football coverage.

The quality of the image is so much better than our old (ca. It was so easy to install and set-up, although we did notice it made a difference to upgrade some of our other links in the chain from device to projector to ensure the quality of the picture was not lost.

It was delivered as described by the sellor. It works well and easy to use.

This had a great test this week with it being used for several hours each morning at our summer holiday club and it was a great addition to our technological assets. It was easy to set up with the laptop for playing videos and a dvd with great clear picture and good colour balance. It was used in a big hall on a white screen in daylight but it was easy to adjust the brightness; the clarity is definitely a step up from our last projector. It has the handy remote control and flexibility with different connection possibilities: vga which is useful for linking to many tvs and dvd players; hdmi which i used for my laptop connection; and the mhl which might be useful for the odd thing from my phone but hasn’t been tried yet. Overall am very impressed by this projector and it is also light and portable in the small black material bag, not heavy duty material but useful to keep it when not in use and carry the extras.

For the price this is a truly excellent purchase, i used this recently for the football world cup and found it to have an excellent picture quality and easy to set up.

Used for home cinema, so easily ceiling mounted with one screw.

This has revolutioned film viewing in our house. It’s a nice white unit and now we have a full movie experience by projecting our movies – or anything else on our computer screen- onto the wall without any need for an ugly screen.

This projector has a nice sharp hd focus and comes with its own very useful carry case. The cables it comes with are limited and it would have been nice to see a usb to hdmi lead included as i had to but separately – also the instruction manual is very poor. Nice model that does the job but would have liked a few more refinements.

Superb picture quality, and very easy to set up. Very pleased with this purchase. Here are the specifications for the Acer P1173 P Projector:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3D DLP Projector SVGA resolutiuon
  • 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • DynamicBlack technology dramatically improves image contrast by using dynamic lamp power adjustment according to the analysis of content frame by frame. This results in the most vivid image quality and a very high contrast ratio of up to 13,000:1.
  • HDMI/MHL and VGA connections
  • Wireless Optional *Requires Acer MHL Wif-Fi Adapter

The acer ‘p1173 svga 3d dlp projector with hdmi’ is a surprisingly good quality projection unit for its price. The image remains bright, sharp and evenly illuminated over throws that should be more than adequate for anything other that the largest of auditoriums and in all but the brightest of daylight. It is also compact and light weight, with a reasonable quality carrying case, making it ideal both for domestic use and for applications that require it to be taken on the road for travelling presentations to small to medium sized groups. Set-up is easy and trouble free, and i found that it performed well at every different screen resolution setting i threw at it up to 1400 x 900 (the limit of my laptop) so it should be able to cope automatically with almost any kind of device capable of providing a video signal. The range of inputs is good too, offering sockets for 2 x svga, 1 x hdmi, 1 x usb, plus the standard s-video and composite inputs you would expect. Sadly it has no dvi input, but this is unlikely to be problematic for most users. It only ships with a single svga cable, too, so if you’re wanting to use any of the other input types you will also need to source appropriate connecting cables. The projector comes complete with a remote control for operation away from the device, but can also be configured and operated directly using buttons on the projector itself. A simple menu system allows standard configuration set-up for keystone and colour correction, as well as various display flip modes for situations where the projector isn’t being used in a standard forward-throw set-up — be that slung upside down from the ceiling (so that the controls remain accessible from below) or mounted behind the screen in a back-projection configuration. Acer claim a 10000 hour operating lifetime for the bulb, which should mean that it lasts the lifetime of the projector for all but the heaviest of users.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Revolutionised movie viewing in our home.
  • Magic!
  • It works well and easy to use