Acer X113 DLP SVGA 3D 2800 Lumens Projector – Great service

Extremely quick delivery, easy to use projector.

This projector is really great in terms of price/value. Ok it’s missing some ‘modern’ type of ports but for pc/laptop presentations it exceeded my expectations, very good image and colours and it’s so bright that you can use it in open spaces.

A bit bulkier than some more modern projectors but good value.

This is a no frills projector which does exactly what i need for training and presentations.

Superb picture quality and hardly any noise coming from the machine itself.

Used this projector during the football world cup and found it really easy to set up and use, a great product that i would deflintely recommend.

I can go two ways on this actually pretty decent piece of kit. The first reflects one set of reviews i see here that seem to expect modern home cinema inputs, output standards and usage, or the second approach which, perhaps rather more sensibly, sees the item as a day to day presentations workhouse. I’m going to fall on the second side because frankly £180 or so will just not get you a modern hdmi/dvi high definition home cinema standard machine. I use projectors regularly for training sessions and have done for years. In the past you had to spend £1000+ on this class of machine. Ok, we’re talking 10 years ago, but let’s applaud that decent tech is now affordable to the cash strapped freelancer, rather than slag the tech that it’s not a £400+ hd home cinema set up. We have three projectors at work, each a higher class, £100 more or so, than this basement level option. But to be quite honest i could stick any in a bag and this one and go and do what i need to. This machine works great right out the box.

I’m amazed that a someone has given this projector a one-star review on the basis that it doesn’t have an hdmi input – that’s basically dismissing it because it is in the wrong product category for his use. For another 50 quid acer and competing manufacturers make decent projectors with hdmi inputs, and clearly there is still a market for svga projectors or no one would make them any more. Sure, it would be a much more attractive purchase if it had an hdmi input, but let’s consider it for what it is, not what you would like it to be. Connecting it to my macbook air via a displayport to vga adapter was very straightforward. The picture is very bright and has good colour rendition. Like similar projectors, the zoom range is small – from 1. 15 throw ratio – but within the right range for most medium size rooms (a 8′ throw would give you approximately a 48′ wide picture). The projector is slightly bigger than some others in this price range but reasonably light (2. The 3d function i could not test and i suspect it is something that very few people would want to use. If you want to use this for powerpoint presentations and video clips downloaded from youtube there is really not much wrong with this projector. If you want to use if for hd presentations, look elsewhere. But even though hd is now considered as ‘the standard’, i suspect the majority of stuff shown on video projectors in the educational/business world is svga definition or below.

Funny story: after being invited to do extra training at work, i agreed. First thing was to watch a bunch of powerpoint presentations on health and safety, first aid, vehicle operation, etc. Only problem was, the company’s shabby old projector decided to die. Thankfully, i had this projector lying around at home, so offered to bring it in for use during my training. Needless to say, it saved the day, was mercifully easy to set up and projects an excellent image, above and the beyond the kind of projection i’d always experienced from older, less desirable models. This also works well at home, for example when you want to watch a movie from your laptop in style. Luckily i have just about enough wall space to indulge this kind of flourish, as well as a projector that can make the task a two-minute one. Installation was fine, execution was fine, and i could enjoy my films like a big shot.

This is a good quality projector – it’s inexpensive and ideal for home use – so long as you don’t need hdmi. Set up is very easy, it’s quiet and doesn’t get too hot. The physical design looks a bit dated (acer themselves make a much cooler looking one, the p1173), perhaps to reflect the aging tech. There’s no wireless option either.

Over the last ten years or so, video has moved from the old analogue systems to digital formats – hdmi is pretty much ubiquitous in the home cinema field, and pc video connections are usually either dvi or hdmi. The old analogue video connections are dying out; they are on legacy equipment, but as they don’t support any of the rights management features that film companies are now insisting upon, they will vanish completely before much longer. The funny thing is – acer don’t seem to have got that memo. So what they are selling here, in 2014, is a projector with no digital video inputs whatsoever. No hdmi, no dvi, no displayport. All you get is composite video, s-video and vga d-sub. I physically cannot connect this to my blu-ray player – like most recent models, it has no analogue video support. My pc only has dvi connections. In order to test it, i had to use a legacy vga adaptor connected to my mac laptop – a rather messy set of cables. Given the above, when i initially reviewed this projector, i gave it a very low rating; i couldn’t (and still can’t) see the point in selling such an outdated device in this day and age.

This is a low cost projector which is well suited to business presentations. It has a sharp focus and is bright enough to use in a large room. It has a 13000:1 contrast ratio and colorboost ii and colorsafe ii which basically ensure presentations are punchy and colourful. However, as other reviewers have pointed out it is very dated in a number of respects. I have to connect with a thunderbolt to vga adapter from my mac book pro, which is just one more thing to leave behind. There is no hdmi which seems a huge omission these days. It is a great low cost vga projectorhoweverif you are looking for a modern projector for multimedia use at home, then the lack of connectivity lets this model down. 2 1/2 stars for usability4 stars for price. Hence overall 3 star rating.

Wanted a projector to present powerpoint. Larger than i thought it would be, and sadly, doesn’t come in a case, but it does the job well. I use it from my laptop, using a windows presentation. Wish it had a case but otherwise, very pleased. Here are the specifications for the Acer X113 DLP SVGA 3D 2800 Lumens Projector:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Up to 7,000 hours of lamp life
    the maximum offered saves lamp replacement costs and allows long-term, dependable projector use.
  • DynamicBlack (Lamp, 13,000:1)
    DynamicBlack technology dramatically improves image contrast by using dynamic lamp power adjustment according to the analysis of content frame by frame. Acer projectors featuring this technology dynamically adjust dark scenes to optimal black levels while maintaining the original brightness of bright scenes, resulting in the most vivid image quality and a very high contrast ratio of up to 13,000:1.
  • Acer SmartFormat Technology
    Conveniently supports comprehensive wide-format PC signals. Users no longer need to worry about annoying “Signal not supported” issues, nor must they change the resolution of their wide-format notebook.
  • One Button 3D
    With One Button 3D function, user can simply press the 3D button to toggle among various 3D functions, including 3D On/Off and 3D L/R Invert
  • PIN Security
    A feature that enables projector password control, preventing the projector from unauthorized use, and reducing the possibility of the projector being stolen.

I didn’t think acer could top the acer x113 dlp svga 3d 2799 but wow what a piece of kit.

This is the first projector i’ve used outside of work, and reading the different reviews here, i realise it isn’t meant to function as a home cinema replacement. That said, i’ve enjoyed using it that way and it’s my primary use. It’s basically ready to use straight out of the box, and it was easy to connect it up to my laptop. Even with the lights on, the display was bright and crisp. It’s generally easy to use, and the only ‘technical’ thing i need to do is focus it. For someone with no prior home big-screen/projector experience, i really like it. It’s a shame that it doesn’t support hdmi (i assumed it did), but i’m not going to complain. The main cable is a bit short, and i need to use it with an extension – for the paying customer, this could also be an issue. It comes with both 2-pin and 3-pin plugs, so if you’re travelling for a presentation, this could be convenient. It has a solid build quality, looks nice, and seems to dissipate heat well.

Brilliant product, very bright even on eco mode. 9100 hours later, on eco mode and still going strong.

Excellent projector and a lot easier to set up that previous projectors i have bought.

I ordered this for home use (movies, games) and was extremely surprised by it’s image quality, especially in light of the fact that it’s a budget projector. It produces a bright, vibrant, tack-sharp, crystal clear picture which is vastly superior to that of my (more expensive) 3lcd projector. The image can be tweaked and fine-tuned via the projectors remote (i found that reducing the contrast and brightness settings cleans everything up wonderfully)i stream netflix from my laptop into it (and i use a screen rather than a naked wall) it’s fantastic, truly fantastic. I haven’t used the 3d function yet and i’m not sure if i have the equipment at hand to do so. But i ordered some dlp-link glasses anyway. Apparently there’s active vga to hdmi adapters out there which enable a person to connect a 3d blu-ray player into it but i’ll give that a try at a later date. For it’s price, i don’t have a bad word to say about it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good projector and easy to use.
  • Brilliant
  • Five Stars