AcousticSheep SleepPhones Breeze Wired Headband Headphones : These headphones are really comfortable to wear in bed

Excellent idea my daughter loves it and it also double up as a eye mask to block out day light if needed she says.

Live in a sound and light polluted area. With this, you can lay down, listen to what ever, slip the headband over your eyes and rest, away from disruption. I can see where some problems can arise, the headphones are not made, for out and about life. I would buy again, just to have some sleep. I think they would also be useful on long haul flights.

I was using normal earphones to listen to my deep relaxation/meditation tracks in bed. I would fall asleep and wake up with extremely sore ears as the plastic on my earphones were digging into my ears. Bought these sleepphones to relieve that discomfort and they work a treat. I like the soft cables as well. My only advice is to get the right size or else the sleepphones will shift round your head in your sleep.

These are working well for me. I asked in advance whether the headband is adjustable – it is not – and the reason i haven’t given this 5 stars is that it would have been very simple to make this adjustable with a bit of velcro. I am wearing these for sleep, which is what they are designed for, but they do shift around somewhat as it is a bit loose for me. Equally, anything too tight would give one a headache.When i have a few spare minutes, i think i’ll cut through the front of the headband (taking care to avoid the wires at the back, of course) and customize these with my own velcro which will enable me to tighten these a bit. I see a few people are using these for running. The headband would certainly not stand up to that for me, given that it is a bit slack.

I got one of these for christmas, having spotted an ad for it in a magazine and asked santa for it. I often listen to the radio or podcasts in bed when i am trying to get to sleep. These are incredibly comfortable to wear and mean you can lie on your side whilst listening through headphones. So far they have been very robust and provide good sound quality. They do mess up your hair, but at bedtime that isn’t a problem. I liked them so much my sister wanted them so i bought her a set for her birthday. My only grumble is that it could do with a carry case, so you can pack them for travelling. I’ve got a small cloth bag that i use for that purpose.

Only had xl available so way too big, but very soft and nice to wear in bed, does the job.

The first sleepphones had a faulty earpiece. This is a replacement which i ordered before returning the first set. This is for visitors so that no one is disturbed by night time listening. I have been using the older version for 3 years and am very happy with it.

Bought these for my wife as she was using in ear headphones before. These are much better and i can’t hear any sound leakage. Are very comfortable and have been used every night since they arrived.

  • Which is a really great experience, I recommend them for this alone
  • Fantastic!
  • These are working well for me. I asked in

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Breeze Wired Headband Headphones (Sunset Pink, Extra Small)

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If you like to lay on your side while you listen to music or audible books, then this is the answer. I have really sensitive ears but i honestly forget i have these on. They aren’t the best sound quality in the work but quite adequate. I use these every night as i find it difficult to drop off. They might be too warm to wear in the summer, however.

It takes a little while to get used to sleeping wearing it and getting the ear bits in exactly the right spot can be fiddly, but once you get it they’re brilliant. Very comfortable and good length cord, it lets you roll around as much as you like without getting tangled. I use them most nights now and it’s really helped my insomnia. Surprisingly good sound quality, too.

I travel a lot and sleep in hostels where it can get really loud and this works perfectly. The only minor issue i have with it is that the headphones inside the headband tend to move.

I am quite a light sleeper and find it hard to get to sleep and then stay asleep if there is noise around me. As a student living with other students, noise is inevitable. I had previously tried earphones and headphones and found both incredibly uncomfortable as i like to sleep on my side. These sleepphones are comfortable to use whilst lying on your side and have allowed me to comfortably listen to music and fall asleep. They have had a lot of use over the past 9 months or so and i am really glad i bought themobviously they do not block out sound very well by themselves (without music) and how much external sound they block out depends on the volume of what you are listening to. However, i would highly recommend if you feel you can fall asleep to music, or even if you just want to listen to music in bed or lying on the sofa.

I bought them for travelling as they roll up easily and are very light.

Well loved and well used, still going strong a year after purchase. Great for asmr sounds going to sleep.

My wife loves these and she can fall asleep to radio 4 without driving me daft. She also recommends the quality, as she had different set before, but the sound quality was poor.

Good quality, i can listen to audio in bed. A bit of leakage, and the earphones slip and a re hard to get in the right place.

  • Which is a really great experience, I recommend them for this alone
  • Fantastic!
  • These are working well for me. I asked in

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Breeze Wired Headband Headphones (Sunset Pink, Extra Small)

The material is very slippery so the band doesn’t stay in place – i have had to use a needle and thread to make it a lot smaller.

This was a gift for someone who listens to music as an aid to sleep and has been a great sucess ~ no more getting tangled up in wires or loosing ear buds of head phones, just a simple idea that works well.

Bought these for my wife, they worked fine for a while and she said they were reasonably comfortable, there was a lot of sound leakage though so i had trouble sleeping as a result. One ear also failed after 6 months.

Bottom line is: yes, you can wear them and rest your head on the side without it hurting. Which is a really great experience, i recommend them for this alone. Pricy, obviously they are making a serious margin on this product, but still worth it. Recommend tying the two cables going to each ear pad together at the back so they stay at the right spacing for your head. Wire at back actually doesn’t get in the way much, and i feel better not having a bluetooth version with a battery next to my head when i sleep. Slightly annoying that they slip down over your eyes when they are on your ears, but you can tilt them to work better.

Bought this because a friend couldn’t use conventional headphones comfortably in bed. They are very impressed with these headphones.

Really flat and sound is fine for helping you get to sleep. The medium was a bit big for me so i think a small would have been a better fit, as they slip down a bit, even so they are really really good. I recommend them to so many people. I’ve used them for months now and they still work, they are really reliable.

I managed to watch all 80 episodes of prison break in just 4 days with these bad boys. They’re so comfy it’s like you’re not wearing them at all. They will be great for travelling when taking sleeper trains and buses. You can remove the speakers and wash the band too which is a plus – it was beginning to make my hair a bit greasy after a few days. Also, you can cut a slit in a prettier coloured hairband and just pop the speakers in if you preferred not to have the fleece band. My sister has just bought a pair for her 1 year old son to wear on the plane to try and distract him as he loves music – i think they will work a treat. I’m an average sized female and the xs fits perfectly.

I purchased a medium classic breeze headband (my head measures 56. 5cm) and it is much too big. The slippery material, together with the fact there is barely any tension on it when i wear it meant it wanted to be around my neck rather than my head. I didn’t get as far as trying it in bed. I put it on, plugged it in to check the speakers – which were fine with my audio book – removed it from around my neck. Put it on a different way, removed it from around my neck. And decided to return it and buy a smaller one. I shall update when that arrives. Rather annoyingly because amazon is sourcing these from a variety of sellers, i can’t exchange the item, i had to return and rebuy. I do think if something is fulfilled by amazon, amazon should manage the returns/exchanges a bit better.

I am not one for writing reviews but these are really the best thing i ever bought. I have been using them for just over a year. Since my mum died a year and a half ago i struggled to sleep without the tv on to distract my mind but people were getting annoyed with it so i started sleeping with ear phones in. Well that started to hurt my ears, so i looked in to an alternative and this is what i found. I did go back and forth about buying them because they are quite expensive but i am so glad i did. They don’t block out the sound completely but you can turn up the volume on device. The head band does stretch over time so best to go for smaller size. But i really wouldn’t be without these also i am a night worker so helps to block out daytime noise as well. They are comfortable to sleep on although i usually find them on the pillow in the morning. The wire is quite long so if you toss and turn like i do you need not worry about them coming off, also the headphones can move around in the head band so you can fit them to you liking.

I picked these up whilst going through a period of insomnia and wanting to be able to put meditations on without disturbing my husband. They work really well, and are very comfortable. My husband laughed at them at first, tried them out and swiftly claimed them as his own he liked them that much, so i ended up buying another pair. We’ve also used these for travelling, and they were wonderful as you can use them to cover your eyes and listen to music at the same time. Made a long plane journey a lot more bare able.

I got them for £10 and for that price i give 3 stars. Though not as bad as normal earphones, they still hurt your ears when lying on your side. They shift around and it can be awkward to keep the speakers in the right position. The sound quality is good but i miss some of the bass i got from even cheap earphones. Overall i would not pay full price for these but i’m pretty happy with my purchase for a tenner.

Perfect for insomniacs to listen the audiobook, music or podcasts until getting to sleep. Only giving 4 stars because it gets over your eyes in a way that i am convinced is causing wrinkles. :(i hope the producers will think of something to prevent that.

Love this item have difficulty to sleep at times and i think the invention of these deserve more than the 5 stars i have given them.

Depending on the sort of thing you will be listening to you can drown out most noise, like snoring and they are very confortable. The only slight issue i have with them is that they tend to pop off my head if i wear them in bed. Maybe the elastic needs to be a little tighter.

Perfect for listening to radio, audiobooks etc to send you off to sleep. Beware of sizing (head sizing) the headband comes up quite large and you might need a smaller size than you think.

I did have to re-solder the headphones as they broke a couple of time.

I initially bought it to listen to must and not hearing my partners snoring. Unfortunately then the music kept me awake. I still like it on a plane and also laying in bed with it when i have a headache.

Hi sorry ive only given you 3 stars but i was under the impression it would be suitable for use with a tv but its not, so im looking for a good home for it to go to, fast delivery no problem with seller just me i didnt read info correct many thanks jean.

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  • Ultra low power, safe RF emissions
  • No clunky earbuds or ear enclosures
  • Luxuriously soft headband made with hypoallergenic, machine washable fabric