Active Noise Cancelling Headphones : Good set of headphones for the price

Amazing bluetooth headphones at this price. Using them with my iphone and its working without any problems. Good battery life and sound quality. Quite light weight and sits well over ears and rests well over neck. I tried using them with my ps4, but couldn’t connect it via bluetooth, works well wired though. Noice cancelling works fine and it also came with a cool case, audio cable and plane audio connector.

These are a more than decent headphone for the price. I have a pair of akg y50bts and while these offer a beautifully focused and detailed sound, they become uncomfortable after about 40 minutes of use. The srhythm nc75’s sound is not up to the spec of the akg’s but it is still quality at half the price. The sound is quite neutral with a good balance between highs and lows and a mid-range which is pushed forward when you activate the nc button. I can’t decide whether i like the sound better with the nc on or off. I’m not a big fan of noise cancelling anyway, and i doubt these are the best available, given the price. The build quality is high and they feel pretty robust, although the foldability is limited. Lookswise, these fit snuggly to the skull and look pretty cool. This set, however, earns its five stars for its comfort. I can wear them for hours without feeling fatigued and, coupled with their better than average sound, they have become the headphones i reach for most often.

Very comfortable, very light very flexible and most importantly, great sound. This over ear bluetooth headphone have really good battery life and bend around the ear area so you can fit them easily in your bag. These have amazing sound isolation. You can get lost in your own little world with these. These headphones don’t squeeze my head and are extremely light. The only metal on them are the rails and pivot points. The headband does not hurt my head after a prolonged time. I would also like to point out that the headphones come with a nice hard case with a pocket inside that includes a charging cord, a cord for listening with a wire, and an airplane adapter.

I purchased these product because i always want to have noise cancelling bluetooth headphones at a mid-price range, and i chose this product based on the reviews. I can feel the quality of headphones at the moment i unboxed the headphones. It is really light weigh and super comfortable when wearing it. I am happy with the quality of the sound. Also, the headphones are quite effective at cancelling out background noise especially when i wear them on the airplane. Bluetooth also works perfectly.

These headphones are really good, a bit heavy, but really good, i have been using them for 3 to 4 hours a day and charging every other day. They are comfortable enough, the parts to adjust on your head are metallic, one of the reasons which led me to buy it, i have few other pair broken because they were made of plastic. The reach of the wireless are ok i guess, i have never tried it in long a distance (i have tried it at about 8 meters distant from my mobile and a couple of closed doors, and had no loss of connection)well, overall i am happy with this purchase, i just hope it last longer then the previous ones i had. If you are looking for a middle price range headphone i don’t think you will be disappointed with this one.

My husband travels to london on the train every day – almost 2hrs each way. He’s been moaning about hearing other people’s phone conversations, music and inane chats. The earphones weren’t cancelling out enough noise. Feeling sorry for him (& a tad guilty at only working p/t), i decided to treat him to a pair of these. I wasn’t expecting them to be perfect, as i knew the bose ones were the best, and these are considerably cheaper. However, these are fantastic. Now thinking of getting myself a pair and my daughter for christmas. They’re the perfect weight, substantial enough but without feeling heavy; extremely comfortable – ‘snug’ fit. Classic look – nothing too fancy (he’s early 50s, not 20s) and the clarity of sound is excellent. Brilliant product – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Very comfortable to wear it. And one more amazing design. If you want disconnected from the outside ,just press anc. Then you can’t hear anything from outside. Even your friends just beside you.

I bought these after i was forced to return a faulty pair of lindy bnx60 headphones which cost me £90 compared to £54. 99 with a voucher code in my case)i have left a separate review for those. I will be referring to them throughout this review for comparison purposes before drawing a conclusion about which is best. Pros:- similar to bnx60s, they substantially eliminate background noise(e. Equally very impressed with this on both. These significantly reduced the noise from a loud vacuum cleaner so i could focus on a podcast while doing the hoovering. I would normally have struggled to hear over the whirring and humming unless i turned the podcast volume up to damaging levels.

  • So I’ve had these headphones for just under two months now.
  • Good set of headphones for the price
  • Comfortable, top-class building quality, beautiful sound

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones,Srhythm NC75 ANC Over Ear Bluetooth Headset with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Stereo,Foldable Travel Earphone for iPhone/Android/PC/TV

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I really can’t get enough of these brilliant headphones. Superb quality and way better than the tiny earbud wired type headphones. With this you don’t have to worry about the wire dangling. The ear muffs are very comfy and stylish but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort in looking after them. They need to be looked after. Awesommemy 1st tyme using wireless headphones and i plan on sticking with these (srhythm) for a very very very very long tyme. Overall i’m a happy bunny with my new headphones. You get a excellent quality product for a fraction of a price than its branded counterparts like dre beats and bose.

Replaced my old gaming headset which was dying after about 7 years of use and enjoying using this so far. Sound quality is fantastic for gaming/spotify, however, you need to make sure your bluetooth adapter is modern and good quality. I connected the headset into a cheap one and thought the headset sounded terrible until i randomly decided to connect it to my phone and test spotify. Luckily a newer bluetooth adapter did the trick and it sounds great now. I don’t need the microphone from the headset so the next part may be a deal breaker for some but the microphone wasn’t all that impressive. Perhaps fine for taking a quick phonecall on your phone but i wouldn’t recommend this if a good microphone headset is what you’re after. Audio is a bit too bassy, no noise cancellation and is located under the ear cup (not like a gaming headset) so you aren’t directly talking into the mic. As a music/travel headphones, very comfortable and i’d highly recommend this product though. Try make use of the voucher to get a few quid off if it lets you (before you click add to basket).

Good set of headphones for the price. Over ear and light that they are comfortable to wear. Noise cancelling as well so can hear music clearly without annoying droning noises from the outside. Can feel immersed into the music you are listening to. I like how you can control the music with volume up and down buttons which double up as next/previous song and also play/pause too. The headphone fold up and fit neatly into the case for travelling that it comes with and also aux cable to use if no battery and adaptor to use for possibly on a plane?. I will try this out next time i am travelling. I think a great buy for a set of over ear headphones and reasonably priced.

Light, comfortable and give excellent sound. The only niggle is that when you pack them in the case provided and then in a backpack or suitcase, it is very easy to press one of the controls and switch the phones on. Then when you unpack them for use the battery is flat. An on-off switch for packing would be good.

I recently traveled to thailand in premium class and the airline issued everyone with a pair of noise cancelling headphones for the journey. I was really impressed at how effective these were at removing the sound of the aircraft engines, and it made a real difference to the immersive experience of the in flight movies. I decided to buy myself a pair when i got home. After doing some research, it was clear that you can spend a lot of money on noise cancelling headphones. Bose seem to be the market leader, but they cost a serious amount of money. Then you have the very cheap end of the market, but these had mixed reviews. After looking at several different headphones i settled on these, as they were still an extremely reasonable price, and also had some very good reviews. When i opened the package (arrived next day thanks to prime) i was really struck by how they already felt like a premium product. Connecting them to my phone was a breeze (there is a wired option if you don’t want to use bluetooth) and i fired up amazon music to see how they performed. Well, the sound quality was excellent – easily as good if not better than my akg headphones.

The build quality of these headphones and the comfort are extremely good for the price. Unfortunately, it is let down by the sound quality. It lacks any real bass as the mids and highs are perfect. I would much recommend the augustep650’s for better bass reproduction. Such a shame as everything else with these was perfect.

These are very close in sound quality to my sony wired model which cost nearly 3 times as much. The battery life is good and the material quality is top-class. Soft on the ears and the top of the head, very comfortable. The most amazing feature on these is the ‘noise cancellation’ circuitry, your press the button which has ‘anc’ written on it and all the background hums and whitenoise etc just vanish.So you can then listen to the music at a lower volume in peace and tranquillity. Classical and jazz sound great, a few pop and r&b tracks also sounded good, but classical was the real test for me and i did not have to tweak the audio settings on the smartphone nor the laptop whatsoever, everything just works. I’d say if you want the best of the best then yes you can spend 150+ on a sony or bose model, but if you have a budget and you just want something that is discreet, great build quality and serves the function you need minus the branding, then this headphone fights hard, well above its price-bracket, the sound quality, build-quality and noise-cancellation feature is what you’re really paying for here, you get exactly what you’re paying for, class a product.

I have been using these headphones for a couple of weeks and they are excellent quality. For the price i would compare them to bose headphones, which cost a lot more. The connection is easy to my iphone and the active noise cancelling comes in handy when travelling by plane.

  • So I’ve had these headphones for just under two months now.
  • Good set of headphones for the price
  • Comfortable, top-class building quality, beautiful sound

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones,Srhythm NC75 ANC Over Ear Bluetooth Headset with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Stereo,Foldable Travel Earphone for iPhone/Android/PC/TV

Very good quality bluetooth wireless headphones. Finished with matt black, these headphones looks and feels really nice. With the large padded leather ear cushions they are really comfy on the ears giving you maximum comfort whilst enjoying the music. The headphones are fold-able making it more compact when carrying it around. The music quality is actually really good, giving out strong bass and transforming it into crisp sound. 24 hours playtime at bluetooth mode. Enjoy music all the time when the battery dead using the 2. Charging about 3-4 hours, 24 hours music play time varying by the volume and music type, up to hours of talking time and long lasting standby time. Reduce distracting ambient noise by up to 85% with the flick of a switch.

Ok, so can i compare with qc25, very surprised and pleasantly as well. Very similar packaging and holder. Noise control is actually good. Bass could have been better but i think it’s good don’t want to compare with expensive ones. Built quality is also good:cons: buttons could have been betteroverall value for money.

I’m fussy when it comes to sound. But wanted a cheap sound cancelling pair. Great sound for something that costs a lot less than bose. Couldn’t care if they get wet in the rain rather than a more expensive pair. Only negative is the buttons and their functions. It does take a few tries to get use to.

I delayed reviewing this purchase until i have had a chance to use it – it meets all my expectations both as a bluetooth headphone and as a noise cancelling headphone. I have not yet used it on a plane, but in a normal noisy environment, it is effective, the design is also comfortable to wear and the sound has an open and natural feel to it without artificially boosted bass. If i have a reservation, it is dependent on the life of the non-replaceable rechargeable battery. If it is comparable to other non-replaceable batteries such as ipod, i would hope it will deliver several years use, which would be good.

These are perfect for flying. I use them for a short haul flight last weekend and they did a good job of cancelling out the noise from the engine. The white noise whisper it makes isn’t as noticeable as other brands i’ve used in the past. They are quite light and rest comfortably on my head for hours while listening to audiobooks.

This cancellation voice head phone is very comfortable with nice balanced sound,the sound is good ,head phobe very stylist. Also great for travelling as i can’t hear outside noise. They are amazing quality as i always going running and this is doesn’t move whilst running. It’s easy to store as the head phone is foldable and come with the case. Easy to set up and connect to the device via bluetooth. I highly reccommended this product.

I liked the bluetooth and wireless feature, which worked well. Connecting it by audio jack also worked well. I’m not a massive fan of noise cancellation, but the noise was cancelled out a fair bit. Battery life seemed to go quick, unless i wasn’t turning it off properly. Unfortunately the hearing went out in the left ear. What i really do appreciate from the seller, is once contacted they resolved the issue by providing a new one very quickly.

The anc and overall build are not the absolute best (as you would expect from the budget end), but are still reasonable and good enough to wear comfortably for a long time. Sound quality doesn’t butcher songs as i find some in ear headphones do so all good there. The functionality is simple which in my case is a blessing since i want them for travel and anything too fancy gets in the way (i currently have my “main” set which have the side panels as buttons meaning i can’t lean my head on anything which i like to do on long journeys). They fold up well into their case which also has a handy pouch for wires so i can happily shove them in my bag with other stuff and not fear for their safety or panic when i can’t find the charging lead. Bluetooth works as do the included leads and all of the functions i have tested with my phone (volume change, pause, skip etc). And the overall finish is nice with a soft matt coating and silver trim. My main concern with these headphones is the battery life as they are quite quickly drained of battery and i find i need to charge them before each use as they run out overnight. I suspect this is down to the “always on” feature. I was previously quite troubled over that, but with the pouch in the case you could pack a long usb wire and even a small battery pack to charge the headphones on the go or in the case while not in use so it’s manageable (and with the lower price compared to higher end headphones you could afford that battery pack) they also seem reasonably quick to charge. Edit: after using them a bit longer it seems the issue is if anc is left on when you turn the headphones off.

What the other reviews have said. Why spend £250 plus on headphones to use on a plane or in a car?. I’m sure bose are great headphones, but at less than £50, the noise cancellation on these srhythm cans is pretty much the same and they look practically indistinguishable from more expensive brands. As a professional musician who owns a pair of in-ear monitors costing over £1000, i’ve listened to movies and music with these headphones without feeling that they were in any way terrible, although i do recommend leaving the noise cancellation on all the time and adjusting the eq on your device, rather than turning it off when you don’t need it, because then it does get a bit boomy. Also, although the battery will last a long time when using noise cancellation or bluetooth, when using both together, not so much. I only got about 6-7 hours, rather than the 12-14 stated and if the battery is completely flat, then they don’t work at all unless you connect them to a usb power source, which on a plane will probably make them hum. Finally, i also found that although they come in a nifty little case, it is rather easy if you squeeze the case when packing it to accidentally turn them on and then when you get them out later to use, your battery is flat. Apart from those few handling niggles, i find that they look, feel and sound great and are certainly up there with far more expensive brands in this category of headphones.

This is my first purchase of bluetooth headphones over ear, i use underground lots of time so microphone is a must for me,this has much better microphone and also noise cancelling is good.  it’s very compact and light. Will update if i see any issues with it later.

I have been looking for a pair of anc headphones for some time now, however all were well beyond my price point as im just a student. I read previous reviews on these and decided to go for them since they were so cheap. I generally use them for the gym and studying and can say they are perfect for my general use. The anc is perfect for my studies as it blocks basically 90% of the ambient background noises, also when im at the gym i cant hear the outside world much, apart from the fools who keep dropping their weights. All in all im really impressed by these especially for the price and the added security of the 2 year warranty.

I have an issue with the set that i’ve just bought – bluetooth is fine; wired works on my phone, but desktop and laptop require a splitter. When a splitter is used, sound comes only through the left earpiece. It’s not the splitter, or the cable, or the computer, because i have tried alternatives. Amazon offered a refund, but that involves a lot of faffing about, and i’d rather not. What a shame – without this, i’d have given it a 5, because the sound is great for both voice and music. Edit: i’ve upgraded to 5 stars because of the great treatment from their customer support team over this. I’ll update further as necessary. Edit: the replacement works well in all respects; thank you.

Good fit, great quality but it took two of us to work out in diagram form, how to turn it off using finite state machine. Both anc and bluetooth need to be off for it to be completely offthere are 4 states it can be in so randomly trying to press all the buttons to turn it off only works a quarter of the time. If either the blue tooth connnection button or the anc button is on (controls the noise cancelling) then it won’t switch off.

Excellent sound and given the price, superb i would say. Noise cancelling is there bad it is poor, to say the least. Noise isolation is very good. The fit is also very comfortable and the quality feels quite premium. Compare to more premium headphones i have used, the sounds is comparable, the noise cancelling bad, the quality good enough and the noise isolation good. Quality is also pretty good. Definitely good value for money.

Not what you’d invest in for gaming or that, but this headset is great for travelling. It came with lots of attachments which were great and though the mic quality was pretty poor, the audio output of the speakers was really nice. Quite portable and it came with a case, which was really nice as well.

The noise cancelling on these is very good, these do not completely block out external noises but do reduce them very well. My main use for these is on a ride on tractor for 3-4 hours every weekend. They are comfortable and easy to use on the move.

I wanted to wait a while to test them out before writing a review. The good:• love the look of the headphonessimple and black with a small logo on the left. (i loath large logos, makes me feel like an advertising board. )• large and fits comfortably around the ears. Even after having it on for half the day, neither your ears nor the skin around it hurt or chafe. The voices and instruments are clear and crisp. The bad:• the noise cancelling is not the best.

This headphone is considered to be the best bargained at this price of 43. 98 i have had them since the past week and i’ve been extremely happy of the noise cancelation feature it makes this headphone unique in many ways and i’m glad to be able purchase such a wonderful product.

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