Adler Kettle Made of Glass CR 1239 : Five Stars

Great kettle love the blue light can see exactly how much water is in there, and if i need to refill very happy.

I’d wanted a non metal kettle as my russell hobbs had yet again started leaking after 2 replacements. Just a little over a month in and this is still working great.

Great kettle and excellent customer service. After kettle unfortunately stopped working a few months after purchase a replacement was arranged sppedily and without any fuss. Very impressed with customer service offered.

Great kettle but,on my second one already as the switch failed on first one. However,customer service were fantastic.

5 litres of water which is great. I don’t think the filter thing at the spout is doing much as water can flow around it.Other than that, totally happy with it.

Love the look of this kettle it fantastic. Delivery arrived well before expected delivery date which was a nice surprise. . But one you won’t be disappointed 👍.

Great looking kettle and works just fine,use a water softer or filter if in a hard area to stop limescale.

So far so good after a few months. Bought this one after previous one stopped working after a few days. Like glass because of chemicals in other types of kettles and better tasting water.

  • Faulty design .
  • Great kettle and excellent customer service
  • All Glass boiling makes such a difference

Adler Kettle Made of Glass CR 1239, Grey

Product Description, Large, electric family kettle, allowing you to quickly boil water for tea for 6-7 people thanks to the power of 2000W. Equipped with a clear water level indicator, it will turn off automatically after it has been boiled.

Box Contains, 1 x White Kettle Glass 1.7 Litre

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It says the maker is camry, but when my kettle arrived it is made by a company called adler.

Love my new kettle especially at night when it’s all lit up.

Looks good – boils quickly – reasonable price.

Very pleased with my purchase would buy again thanks.

The current kettle i inherited, a breville, failed on just one requirement. In spite of the see through window for the water level, it was so dark you actually could not see the water level without picking it up and rocking it. But in every other respect it was perfect. So i turned to amazon and after reading all the reviews chose this. No question of not being able to see the water level, and it does look very good. But i’ve given it three stars for these two reasons. (1) the kettle does not automatically switch off when you lift it and (2) the button for opening the top is so far up the handle you need to use both hands. Now i know these are not show-stoppers but the breville scored 100% on these two points. I will get used to these ‘quirks’ but again ergonomic practicality playing second fiddle to the looks.

I was very excited to unwrap and use this new kettle. Having just moved i wanted something stylish in my kitchen. I am also very much into mood lighting and creating different ambiances in different rooms. The glass kettle with its blue led lighting ticks all the boxes.Who could have thought just boiling a kettle for your cup of tea can affect the room. The lightening is very subtle but also strangely hypnotic; i have also found it very useful as the mornings have begun to get darker, so when stumbling into the kitchen at some early hour i am helped around the kitchen by the glow of my kettle – fantasticthe product arrived well packaged, but not over the top. I was pleased to see the capacity was 1. 7 liters which really helps if you are using it for example for pans of boiling water (cooking potatoes, pasta, and rice). The functionality of the kettle is great, the heating element is concealed and the base has cord storage so you don’t need to be concerned about trailing cables anywhere, in fact it means that the kettle is very easy to handle. The 360 rotating base is also useful for picking it up from different angles, that may sound strange at first but to be able to pick it up and pour out straight into a pan on my stove or to pick it up from a different direction to refill it from the sink is very useful.

. Still love how the blue lights come on while boiling .

I am very pleased with this kettle. The sellers service was excellent too.

  • Faulty design .
  • Great kettle and excellent customer service
  • All Glass boiling makes such a difference

Adler Kettle Made of Glass CR 1239, Grey

Very happy with my new kettle. Didn’t think i was fussed about it lighting up blue when it’s on, but as it gets darker i found it a really nice light. Was also very pleased as it arrived much earlier than expected.

Good so far, others that look the same don’t last; this one is still going.

Plastic kettle are a real danger to our endocrine system. Hence the fact i purchased this glass kettle. Theres a little plastic filter at the spout but you can take this off or don’t fill the kettle right to the top. Nevertheless, its a great buy.

Good looking and efficient kettle and i’d recommend it to anyone. Delivery from germany was was fine – it arrived a day before the expected date.

This is an excellent kettle. It boils water really quickly and the blue colour is beautiful.

Arrived quickly, thought it was small my size of box, however it’s same size as my previous normal sized kettle. Looks great and even better when on with the blue nights, love it. Not noisy either which is a bonus.

Came on time no problems with it.

After reading the reports on the kettle i chose it and have definitely not been disappointed. Perfect for our needs, it boils quickly and quietly. So i would recommend this kettle.

The led blue light looks fabulous. No need to slam the lid down.

Nice looking kettle but the design is faulty. I bought this and it stopped working after a month. The supplier replaced it immediately without question. However , the replacement stopped working after 10 months. I contacted the supplier but have had no reply after 5 weeks now. Do not buy if you want it to last. I’m out at work all day so it wasn’t used excessively. Shame as i really like the look of it.

Love the concept of being able to see how much water you put in, so that you only boil what you need and don’t waste water. But it scales up so quickly after even just one use. And the glass feels really vulnerable – like it could crack if you accidentally hit it on a tap, for example. Almost not worth it, but it boils water, so.

I bought two of these kettles, one for myself and one as a gift. One of them broke down after eight months so i contacted the supplier, enstore, to ask for a replacement. They will not acknowledge any of my correspondence. Yes, my kettle broke down, but sometimes things do break down. I would still buy another, but not from enstore. Their storefront says “enstore is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

Brilliant kettle had it around 10 months now and its still working as it should i read the other reviews on this kettle but im really happy with mine.

Looks great with the blue lights, but i find it doesn’t pour well – spills water when pouring as the spout isn’t very big.

Exactly what we needed – the all-glass water vessel means there is no plastic or metal involved in the boiling process. The lid is plastic but you can always open this to pour if you are being super careful, and the filter thing can come off too. When combined with our ‘reverse osmosis’ super pure water then i have never had such a clean, pure tasting cup of tea or coffee. It’s essentially if you are doing any sort of special diet (eg gerson). Very happy with this purchase – i will buy another one to have as a spare.

Looks great works well and is bpa free.

Fantastic, great price, no plastic, quite mesmerising watching it come to the boil.

Looks good but it takes quite a while for the water to boil compared to my earlier russell and hobbs, but then it is almost half the price so can’t really complain. Other than that it is doing great.

Features and Spesification

  • The blockade will also prevent the activation of an empty kettle, thus saving energy and ensuring the user’s safety. The sludge filter will ensure adequate water quality.
  • For convenience, it was equipped with a swivel base, flat bottom and heater behind stainless steel and a lamp informing about boiling water.
  • Black and elegant allows you to boil 1. 7 litres of water once. Rotating base and flat bottom. Modern design. Water level indicator with Scale.
  • Calcium sediment trap filter. Heater made of stainless steel. Automatic shut-off after boiling water. Control lamp.