Adler Kettle Made of Glass CR 1251w – Five Stars

I like this kettle because, apart from the heating element, the water only comes into contact with glass.

My son bought this for me on b his account, so i thought i’d write a review. Great, stylish little kettle. Lightweight and good pourer. Not white, but a light creamy beige, i’d say, which i prefer to white, anyway. The filter is attatched to the lid, so you don’t have the whole lid space when filling it with the filter sort of a bit in the way. I fill from a filter jug from the side/top. Both switched near the top of the handle, and the blue light on when boiling. It’s far lighter than my last glass kettle, which i need. Boils fast even though it’s not a 3000w, just as fast as my last 3000w, in fact. Arrived much faster than quoted, so very happy.

Amazing kettle beautiful colour, even has a little filter at the top.

Does the job and looks pretty good.

I like the shape of the kettle but unfortunately i had to return the item as the colour white was not white but cream and the major thing was that the lid did not closed properly, it seems there was a problem with the lock.

Works well, not heavy and looks nice. Several months of use without a problem. It’s made of transparent glass (walls), metal (hot plate) and plastic lid. To avoid hot water to touch the plastic just open the lid before pouring the water. It’s possible to open the lid and pour at the same time, using only one hand, because it has a button on the top of the handle to push open the lid. It allows to boil a small amount of water without problem (for example just 1 cup or even less). The external plastic is black and white, and as other reviews have already stated, the white is more like ivory. A blue light turns on while boils, giving a surprising effect the first time you see it.

Like blue led light all round and love the full view of blue lit boiling water. Big base needs more water to be heated, results in longer time to heat up a cup or two. Steam leaks at times around switch and can burn hand while pouring. Has a unique uk top plug from europe.

I really liked this kettle, it never smelt of plastic but the plug is bulky and it does drip water. But i didn’t mind and i like the blue light that comes on when boiling. However, it has stopped working after about 18 months 🙁 have to buy new one now.

So many things to love about this. Prior to this i had an expensive morphy richards brita water filter kettle that drove me nuts.Weird pop top that was hard to close and water took ages to drain from top through to jug via filter to boil. This newbie is super special. Clear glass with the nice white surround. Love the led light up feature, a lovely blue when boiling and you can see the boiling process (if that excites you). Very easy to use – one big button to turn it on.

Excellent kettle, very fast. Product is off-white, not bright white.

We bought it for our mother and everyone sees it admires it for its blue lights and being able to see the water boiling.

Excellent kettle very satisfied.

I had never heard of camry kettles until i needed a new electric kettle so did a bit of searching on-line. They are a german company but made in poland and have always had good reviews. There’s not much to say about an electric kettle. Unless it had loads of problems, but this one is great. We’ve had it a few months now, it boils the water quickly for only a 2kw element and is not too noisy about it as wellthe element is a flat stainless steel plate, the main body is glass with a bpa free (bisphenol a. . Not a nice chemical) base, handle and lid. You will need to boil fresh water a couple of times at least before you use it to make a drink as the water is tainted by the manufacturing smells, but this soon goes and you’re left with a very efficient, high quality kettle. The manufacturers have also very kindly supplied the uk 3 pin plug adaptor for our use. . If you’re looking for a new (standard 1. 7ltr) kettle that is going to do it’s job well and make you a nice cuppa at a good price then take a good look at camry, you won’t be disappointed. And it has pretty blue led’s inside round the base that light up when you switch it on. Here are the specifications for the Adler Kettle Made of Glass CR 1251w:

  • The blockade will also prevent the activation of an empty kettle, thus saving energy and ensuring the user’s safety.
  • The sludge filter will ensure adequate water quality. For convenience, it was equipped with a swivel base, flat bottom and heater behind stainless steel and a lamp informing about boiling water.
  • Black and elegant allows you to boil 1.7 liters of water once. Rotating base and flat bottom. Modern design. Water level indicator with scale.
  • Calcium sediment trap filter. Heater made of stainless steel. Automatic shut-off after boiling water. Control lamp.

I bought this kettle in white, but it is cream/beige colored actually, even so, this was to my advantage as it matches my new cream gloss kitchen units and my new morphy richards toaster too. The kettle is easy to use and to handle. The blue led light, lights up the glass when the water is heating up and is brighter in a dim light room. It you are buying it from germany to use in uk the plug is just a bit larger than our usual, as it has been adapted to fit uk sockets, not a problem. Overali the kettle is good value for money, not expensive to buy. Cost under £20 with postage from overseas. It has an expensive stylist coffee pot looks to it. I give it 5 stars, well done camry.

Our old kettle started leaking, so i ordered one of these, and very pleased with it we are. I especially like the internal blue light illumination. Boils very quickly and an affordable price, what more could you want.

Looks lovely and came earlier than expected.

Amazing product highly recommended.

As long as it keeps working , it will be fine. Previous two glass kettles of a similar design, broke at the flimsy plastic lid connections.

A little hard to fill from a filter jug, slow to boil due to 2kw element and pouring has to be done carefully due to built in filter screen, otherwise good product with low toxicity from materials used.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The kettle is easy to use and to handle
  • Good kettle
  • Nice but lasted 18 months

No problems though with replacement.