AEG AT5300 Two Slot Toaster : stand is useful for croissants

This is a really well designed toaster – as you would expect from german manufacturer aeg. Despite having a stainless steel casing, it’s very light, and has a small enough footprint that it would work in even quite small kitchens. It looks stylish and tasteful sitting on my worktop. Uber simple to use – there’s a twisting knob to dial up the ‘brownness’ of your toast – i found 6-8 best for getting a really nice deep colour – and a slider that you press down to suck the bread into the bowels of the toaster where the heated elements can get to work. The slots are nice and wide and this meant i could cut decently thick slices from my granary loaf. Bread was browned pretty evenly on both sides and it generally popped up cleanly when it was done (see footnote). One very important point – although the exterior of the machine was warm to touch when in action it never ever got anywhere close to hot so i think the double walling works a lot better on this toaster than some other machines i’ve tried out. There are two buttons on the top of the toaster with specialised functions – the left hand one allows you to reheat already toasted bread (nice idea) and the right hand one is a defrost function. There’s also something i’ve never seen before – a knob on the opposite side of the toaster flips up a wire grid so you can warm croissants above the toaster without actually having to put them inside the machine (where they’d most likely get stuck anyway). The cord looks pretty short when you first take the toaster out of the box, but actually if you turn the gizmo upside down you will see that it’s a bit longer than you first thought and can be unclipped from the base if you need to extend it.

If you want to get complemented on your toaster, get this toaster. I got the entire matching aeg kitchen set including a blender i’ll barely use just because they all look so damn good. It’s a well made piece of kit and has served me and my guests many a poptart, slices of toast and soldiers for my dippy eggs. Wouldn’t hesitate to go for aeg again.

The once mighty aeg is now just a badge used by electrolux on some of their domestic appliances – but the products are none the worse for that. The aeg brand suggests quality german engineering but – like most things these days – this toaster is actually made in china. However, this is a decent toaster and although it can be tricky getting one to make your toast the way you like it nowadays this one is better than many others i’ve used in recent years. This model is part of aeg’s 5 series of matching kitchen products and it looks very stylish with it’s black and stainless steel finish and matches our kitchen perfectly. The at5300 is a well designed and functional toaster that is straightforward to use and makes my toast the way i like it. A feature i really like is the bun warmer – something i have not had on a toaster before – it is really handy for warming a breakfast croissant. This is probably the nicest toaster i have used for many years and hopefully it will give many years service – if you are looking for a good quality two slot toaster then the at5300 fits the bill nicely.

The at5300-u 5 series toaster (why do they all have to have complicated names?) is a simple 2 slice toaster with a nice chrome asthetic and some cool lights. It has a light up dial for choosing the right length of time for toasting (it goes up quite high but we found that 3. 5 was perfect and anything past 4 was charcoal), a defrost and reheat button, both of which light up to show they are on, and the standard ’emergency stop’ button to pop the toast up at any time. As with most modern toasters, it also has an easy to pop up toasting rack that has been designed to take hot dog buns as well as most other rolls and items that sit on the two metal bars. There isn’t much else to say, other than this toaster pretty much does what any other toaster does, but the proof is in the toasting and having tried it with bread and bagels, it gives a nice even toast while looking pretty cool in the kitchen. I can’t really ask more than that.

This is a stylish toaster, excess cable can be around the base and there is an integrated crumb tray. The slots are nice and wide and a slice of a normal sliced loaf fits comfortably. When operating the selector dial illuminates brightly. I found that although the toaster toasted the bread evenly it toasted one side of the bread slightly more than the other. There are buttons for frozen bread and for reheating. There is also a nifty pop up stand for heating croissants and buns. Overall a competent toaster.

Other than the fact that it is relatively expensive – compared, say, to russell hobbs, breville, etc. – this toaster is hard to fault: nicely designed, with a good range of settings and, a prerequisite in my opinion, a crumb tray for easy cleaning. I particularly like the addition of a warming tray – no more firing up the grill to warm a croissant. Generous slots also make getting that crumpet stuck in the mechanism – setting off the smoke detector, and the dog – a thing of the past. A good, if premium, product.

Seems a really good toaster, it’s going to get alot of use as i purchased it for the canteen at work.

Nice toaster browns evenly all over and large wide slots as well.

  • Five Stars
  • Stylish and functional toaster

AEG AT5300 Two Slot Toaster, Stainless Steel & Black

Product Description, AEG 5 Series Two Slot Toaster – Black.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x AEG AT5300-U 5 series two slot toaster
  • 1 x Instruction manual

  • From the manufacturer

    The AEG 5 Series Toaster AT5300-U

    Perfect in form and function the AEG AT5300-U 5 Series two slot toaster is a good choice for your kitchen.

    With its black and stainless steel finish this two slot toaster comes with Illuminated browning control buttons and eight settings to choose from for a good slice of toast time and time again.

    The pop up warmer lets you warm bagels or gently toast croissants to your desired requirements and the high lift feature enables you to remove your toasted items with ease. Variable width bread slots give you complete flexibility during breakfast time and the reheat setting comes in handy to warm up any excess toast you may have prepared, as well as a frozen setting for complete flexibility.

    A fully removable crumb tray makes cleaning a breeze and thanks to non-slip feet and cord storage, this toaster can be stored on the worktop easily.

    The AEG 5 Series

    The 5 Series is for the style conscious consumer, who wants functionality. Its dynamic shapes and soft edges will add sophistication to your kitchen – in looks and performance.


    • Eight level toasting settings
    • Integrated pop-up bun warmer
    • Reheat function
    • Lift-out and see lever
    • Defrost function
    • Removable crumb tray
    • XL wide slots for thick cut bread


    Variable Darkness Level

    Do you like your bread just toasted, medium or well done? With the variable eight level toasting function you can select the style of your toast, according to your taste.

    Re-Heat and Defrost Buttons

    When it comes to convenience and functionality, the AT5300-U toaster is in the top of the league. In addition to the toast function, you can also re-heat or defrost your bread.

    Integrated Bun Warmer

    The multi-functional toaster doesn’t stop at toasting your bread. The integrated pop-up bun warmer will also let you heat croissants and buns, leaving your home smelling like your favourite bakery.

    Easy to Clean

    As with everything, maintenance is key. Never mistreat your toaster by shaking it upside down again. The removable crumb tray makes cleaning easy and keeps your toaster in mint condition.

    The AEG 5 Series

    Below you will find the other products that complete the AEG 5 Series.

    The AEG 5 Series

    Below you will find the other products that complete the AEG 5 Series.

    The AEG 5 Series

    Below you will find the other products that complete the AEG 5 Series.

    The AEG 5 Series

    Below you will find the other products that complete the AEG 5 Series.




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    It browns bread evenly on both sides.

    The features on this toaster are useful – the defrost setting toasts bread straight from the freezer, and the little flip up rack is neat and functional. The product looks pretty cool, with a glowing orange ring around the stop button when the toaster is on. This is a good function for night-time toasting, and i would recommend this toaster to toast-lovers who need a midnight fix of buttered brown. I would also think that the toaster is suitable to those keen for a crumb free toasting environment, as the crumb tray is very effective. The toaster is possibly unsuitable for those who love extreme toasting. It is not suited to an outdoor environment, particularly mountain tops or wilderness locations, due to a lightweight and marginally flimsy feel. I would class this as more of a fashion toaster than a heavy duty outward bound toaster because it is nicely designed and attractive in appearance with a pleasing shape and colour palette.

    This well-made toaster gives real flexibility to the toast-making exercise. When one person wants one ‘colour’ of toast and another something completely different it can be very frustrating – as i have found to my cost when on breakfast duty. . This two-slice toaster has eight settings which real means that ‘colour’ can be refined to perfection – especially for ‘she who must be obeyed’. And, if she comes down for breakfast a bit later then you can warm up the already cooked toast. How about some nice warm rolls, using the special ‘frame’ on the toaster to do so. It is also very easy to clean with a simple slide-out crumb tray and storage is made simpler because the electric flex can be stwoed away underneath the toaster – so no annoying trailing leads either, greatadd to that the stylish appearance of this toaster (and it perfectly matches our kitchen), and you have bread heaven in your own home (well almost).

    Although the lingering smell can become cosy . This generously wide toaster should accommodate the plumpest of buns especially burger ones. Standard toasters are just too thin for the ever increasing number of brands that sport toasties in the supermarket and do therefore tend to overbrown and burn. This elegant new toaster will grace any kitchen and décor with its black and chrome sartorial elegance. You can decide just how well done you want your toast and although it doesn’t came with a colour palette after many attempts you can achieve your very own personal toast-brown. The added difference to this toaster, too, is the bun warmer rack upon which you may attempt the ever ubiquitous croissant and its othereuropean cousins ~ instructions for doing this included in the helpful pamphletto me even better than this is the crumb tray at the bottom which releases all those tiny little bits you can never really get out of a more conventional machine.

    This product is really well made and i highly recommend it.

    Beautifully done in the aeg toaster. The number of settings will ensure its done as you like it and the insulation means you won’t get burned by touching the outside. It has a bun warmer that pops up and warms even whilst toasting your bread using the heat that would otherwise be wasted. A robustly built solid toaster that looks well and does the job perfectly, excellent.

    This is much quicker than the toaster it replaced. It also has a better capacity which allows it manage crumpets and croissant better, and it goes with my aeg oven too. Very nice model, nice size and speeds up the task of toasting.

    Good looking toaster, toasts evenly and the settings seem very sensitive. Very pleased with my purchase.

    • Five Stars
    • Stylish and functional toaster

    AEG AT5300 Two Slot Toaster, Stainless Steel & Black

    This is an excellent toaster to cater for most everyday needs. It has 2 good-sized slots for various bread thicknesses and 8 different browning selections via the lit knob on the side. If you want to pop up the toast sooner, just push the knob and up it comes. Additionally it has a pop-up wire rack to allow croissants placed and to be warmed on top of the toaster. There are 2 additional buttons on the top, one to re-heat your toast, and one to allow you to defrost bread before toasting – very nice additions to a neat toaster.

    I’ve owned this toasted for a fortnight now and i must say that i’m extremely impressed so far. Build wise, it’s sleek and the aluminum finish really give it a stylish edge; it’s also smaller and therefore, more compact than my previous breville 4 slot toaster. We tend to buy a range of different breads such as batch tin loaves, medium sliced, wholemeal and toast them in a variety of thicknesses as per my bread knife skills allow. I set the temperature at 3, which is the medium and the toast emerged beautifully brown on each side – sometimes it’s not even, but that’s more to do with the bread being cut to two different widths than anything. Toasting pitta breads was perfect – as per the instructions, i slightly moistened both and popped them in the slot, stopping them after a minute or so and turning them – it really puffed them out in the same way as being under a hot grill would. I must say though that they both emerged at an extremely hot temperature, so you’ll need to use tongs for removing them safely. I haven’t yet tried out the frozen bread setting, but i will do so and update my review accordingly. As regards the the bun warmer – i used it today and it burnt the bottom of my chocolate chip twist, so it’s worth checking the temperature in regard to this. Also, if you’re warming something with meltable elements such as a pain au chocolat, do note that the chocolate may drip down into the toaster slots. In conclusion: it’s great so far.

    Works well but the mechanism feels flimsy so how durable it will be is anybodies guess.

    Quality toaster which tall and wide slices fit in. Stand is useful for croissants. Timer dial has a nice clicking feel to it giving the toaster a premium feel.

    It’s stylish and will not quarrel with any colour scheme but that’s bye the bye if it doesn’t toast well. It will take a bit of experimentation to find the setting that’s right for you. I found 4 gave me the right browning and my toast was evenly brown even at the edges, something our previous toaster, a bosch, didn’t always manage. The heat control lights up when the machine is toasting, not necessary but quite appealing. The outer casing gets a bit warm during toasting but not dangerously so. All in all, i found this a joy to use.

    Works well, good with frozen slices, only failing is the toast can be a bit stripey and looks under cooked although it tastes fine.

    Fantastic toaster, looks great in my kitchen.

    This is a very good toaster but i wouldn’t expect anything less from an aeg product. My last aeg washing machine lasted fifteen years with no breakdowns ever. It toast evenly and i used it to toast bloomer slices that i had cut to a width of about 2 to 3cm. It toasted this with no problem, and my slices did not get stuck in the slots. I particularly loved the bun warmer facility because unlike with many other toasters you don’t need to attach any parts, the rack just pops up on pressing the button. You place your bun or croissant on the racks and it heats it up. You can defrost bread and a new one for me is the button that allows you to reheat toast, which i think is very useful. The toaster is mainly stainless steel with black trimming. It can match with a stainless steel or black kettle. I have had a dualit toaster which was more expensive than this toaster, however this aeg one works much better at toasting bread.

    This stylish toaster in stainless steel and black has 8 heat settings but i found that 3 is as high as you need to go. The dial with the heat settings on lights up when the toaster is in use and there is a button in the middle of the same dial if you want to eject the toast at any time. I have found that it browns the bread reasonably evenly and there is a removable tray for easy cleaning. There are also controls to reheat the toast and for toasting bread from frozen, these light up when in use. On the opposite end is a lever that brings up 2 metal bars for heating croissants on, when not in use these bars slot neatly back into the machine. On the minus side the slots are only 5inches across so if you have a large loaf you will need to halve the slices. All in all a very nice piece of equipment as you would expect from aeg.

    A really nice looking toaster from aeg which matches our kettle with the brushed steel look. Nice wide slots for toasting think breads, crumpets and muffins. A rack which pops up to warm up rolls etc. There is a defrost setting and one to warm up toast that has already been done. Mum checked it out thoroughly and put it through its paces. A good simple toaster with a good range of heat settings and a stop button. The toaster browned evenly and popped up well when ready. Over all very pleased with it.

    This is a very good product at a reasonable price and with some nice extra features. It comes with:- 2 toasting slots- a crumb tray for easy cleaning. It’s a nice feature that doesn’t take up extra space on the device, but it’s nice to have rather than to have to turn it on its head every time it requires a clean. – a defrost button to use with frozen bread. It has an indicator light when in use- a reheat button which comes in handy as toasted bread tends to get cold fast and it should hopefully prevent too much waste. You can select from 1 – 8 depending on what colour you prefer for your toast. – a bun warming rack for buns, rolls, croissants etc. Simply press down the bun warmer lever to lift the rack and put it on level 2. Easy and a very nice feature- cord storage (underneath the toaster)- dust cover for when it’s not in useall good things and i really don’t have any criticisms for this device.

    Aeg is perhaps not your first name that comes to mind when thinking of buying a toaster. But german manufacturing design and execution shows through here. Modern stainless steel finish will suit most kitchens and tastes. The toast slots are nice and wide and ‘high lift’ and the rotary settings control is silky smooth. There are the the usual settings such as keep warm and defrost, etc. Well made and reassuringly weighty.

    Aeg are, of course, a german manufacturer which is almost invariably a sign of top quality when it comes to kitchen products. It’s certainly the case here. Looks-wise it’s minimalist and therefore a functional item – and it has perhaps too much black in the design to make it actually stylish. But looks aren’t everything. Why have i given it five stars?. That’s because the adjustable toasting control allows the user to produce evenly sliced toast. That’s as much as you can ask for – and with their being many cheaper alternatives out there – it’s why you’re paying a little bit extra. Outstanding in action, this gets my vote.

    Features and Spesification

    • Eight roasting settings
    • Re-Heat and Defrost buttons
    • Removable crumb tray
    • Pop up warmer