Aerobie AeroPress A80 Coffee Maker – : Produces excellent coffee – no bitterness, heaps of aromatic flavour!

I had heard great things about the aeropress so took the plunge and bought on. The company delivered it within the agreed timescale and it was as described. Being scottish i purchased the koffi disc steel filter so i could save money by not having to keep buying paper filters, and it keeps the environmentalists happy. One thing to keep in mind is if your first cup of coffee is bitter or just not tasting nice then it’s not the aeropress but your coffee. It took me a few tries until i found the right coffee for me (taylors of harrowgate rich italian roast 4). Also, making coffee using the inverted method is a lot simpler – see youtube on how to do this – and it is a lot cleaner. I am now in heaven – if there is such a place.

I bought the aeropress because i didn’t want the hassle of a proper machine or the awful environmental wastage of a pod machine and, as the only coffee drinker in the house, i just want to make one cup at a time. Bought the aeropress and was very sceptical that you could brew a proper coffee in 30 seconds, but wow, you can. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and is super-consistent. I haven’t tried any of the recipes such as late or cappuccino yet as i drink coffee black, but the instructions make it look pretty easy. Anyhoo – 100% recommend this to anyone who loves coffee.

The aero press is revolutionary, i’ve had every instant coffee i can find, owned many mocha pots and filter machines and nothing is as good as this. Couple the coffee with the price and it’s a must have for coffee lovers. It’s easy to operate and any ground coffee can be used with it. It’s also small enough to travel with as i do regularly. This is my second aero press after the rubber on last one failed after a year of constant use. I think they had a stint with a different manufacturer as my brother bought one year’s ago and it’s still going strong, i’m happy to say the lettering on this one resembles his perfectly so maybe they are back to the good factory. Tip: i don’t take much notice of the numbers just one scoop of coffee then fill with water for a big mug of strong coffee. Also i prefer the upside down method which is a little risky but youtube will guide you on that. I will always have an aero press in my kitchen.

I got this as a present for my mum after my boyfriend introduced me to it. She loves how easy it is to clean – her one reason for not wanting a coffee maker. It is fiddly to get used to and i needed to be shown how to use it properly as it kept leaking. To use, i turn it upside down, resting on the plunger. Put a scoop of coffee in, pour in water. Put a filter in the cap and pour hot water through the filter. Then place the cap & filter on top and (this is the important bit) push the plunger slightly to expel any air inside. When i didn’t do this step, i would turn the whole thing over and the coffee would just drip through the filter before i even had a chance to press the plunger. If you leave the coffee too long, or push the plunger down too far (crushing the coffee), it gives quite a bitter taste, but otherwise it works like a charm – just needs a little getting used to. I got this about 6 months ago and it still seems to be working well.

I’m pleasantly pleased and surprised by the quality of this product and the results it delivers. I’ve tried many different ways of brewing coffee and alongside this i also currently own a nespresso machine, a french press and several bialetti moka pots. Whilst i still enjoy the nespresso machine for its consistent crema and speed of operation, i’d say the aeropress produces the most flavourful coffee i’ve ever brewed at home. It’s somewhere between filter and french press coffee, but with its own thing going on. It produces a uniquely aromatic cup of coffee with no bitterness at all, which really allows the complex flavours of the coffee to come to the fore. Clean up is incredibly easy and the device itself seems very sturdy – i expect it to last for years. When purchasing, you check out the many different techniques possible when using this machine. I suggest doing a google search for ‘aeropress world championships’, as the exact recipes used by the winners each year are published and they have some really interesting techniques to share. I’ve been using an inverted method that seems to be really effective.

It’s aeropress, the original, so it deserves 5 stars by defaultbaristas all over the world are using it, some of them even win world cup coffee making events with it, there are loads of videos on youtube praising it. So aeropress is definitelly one of the best coffee brewing devices you can put your hands on. Don’t listen to people that rated it below 5 stars. They rated their coffee making skills actually, not the aeropress. Buy yourself a specialty coffee, a good hand grinder, a kettle with thermometer, a filtering water jug, a scale and start brew amazing coffee. Youtube is full of brewing methods videos ;)i bought mine 5 months ago. Coffee never tasted better since then. I enjoy brewing light and medium roasted coffees as aeropress can very well take out their flavours, thus giving me the oportunity to have a coffee different than the same-flat-bitter-taste-espresso you can find at coffee shops. Once you’ll build some skills on the aeropress you’ll never walk into a costa or starbucks.

Bought the aeropress approx 10 months ago. Good points:makes very good coffee, making it easy to make adjustments to flavour and strength depending on brewing timecleaning is very easy, quick rinse off under the tap is all that’s neededsmall item, hardly takes up space on the worktopcons:after 10 months the plunger no longer seals properly resulting in frequent spills. This is based on 1-2 cups a day so not overly heavy use. You need quite a significant amount of coffee per cup (although it’s very tasty to be fair)easy enough to make one cup of coffee but if you need more than one it is not very convenient. Conclusion:personally i won’t purchase another aeropress and have gone for an old fashioned filter coffee machine. Nevertheless i think the aeropress is a good product as it will certainly have its uses due to the small size, versatility and ease of use. I would say great for frequent travellers, camping or occasional use at home or office but not as a daily coffee machine due to the durability issues.

Firstly bear in mind that coffee is a personal thing, i don’t believe that just because i think this device makes the best coffee i’ve ever had in a home, doesn’t mean you will feel the same way, but that doesn’t make you right and me wrong either. I’m not a coffee snob, i don’t have my favourite brand of beans and i’m happy to chop and change my supplies. I first notices the aeropress on a bbc film on their website, where it was pitted against some expensive and middle of the road coffee machines, in the blind test, the aeropress won. It looked interesting, partly because i like manual devices (i’ve spent a fortune fitting solar panels to my house, so don’t like to waste energy), partly because it prefers water at 80 degrees or so, a few times during the year, the british summer supplies enough solar energy to get my hot water tank to that temperature, via thermal solar panels (in the winter, a wood burning stove provides ample hot water) and perhaps mostly out of fascination to try an unusual product. I’ve owned this for just over 4 months, it has been used daily to make anything from 3-9 mugs of coffee and every single cup has been great. I use a hand burr grinder which produces consistent results to grind the coffee quite finely. I find for the best coffee (for my taste) the water needs to be in the 80 degree level – i measured my kettle through the cycle and now know when the steam levels indicate this is the rough temperature. Hotter water seems to make it more bitter, cooler water more smooth but less interesting, but even then i’ve never had a really bad cup from this device. I religiously rinse the bits after making the coffee, and every couple of days it gets washed in detergent. I reuse the paper filters by rinsing under fresh warm water, which if left to dry before re-using gives them a considerable lifespan.

  • Coffee Heaven?
  • For someone prepared to experiment, you may just get your perfect coffee.
  • Makes the best coffee under £100

Aerobie AeroPress A80 Coffee Maker – Black

Style Name:Coffee Maker
Product Description, The Aerobie AeroPress is a revolutionary new way to make perfect coffee every time. It really is so simple to use that once you own an AeroPress you won’t want to go back to instant coffee or using far more expensive coffee brewers. The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure with creates a smooth rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness. Other coffee makers drip hot water on to a bed of ground coffee which results in over extracting at the centre and under extracting the flavour from the edges, but the AeroPress brewing system results in uniform extraction for the ultimate in full coffee flavour. The AeroPress comes with full instructions for use; just add your coffee and water!

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

Revolutionary Coffee Press

Making coffee

AeroPress Coffee

Making coffee

Pouring coffee

Great Tasting Coffee Every Time

The AeroPress coffee maker utilises a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process to yield the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted.

A New Kind of Coffee Press

The AeroPress coffee maker is a new kind of coffee press that brews coffee under ideal conditions: proper temperature, total immersion and rapid filtering. This results in amazingly delicious coffee with a wide range of beautiful flavours, but with very low acidity.

Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight, robust and travels well.

Loved by adventurers, explorers and cyclists.

Ready in 30 Seconds

Actual press time is just 20 seconds.

The AeroPress is easy on the washing up, with the only waste being the paper filter and coffee puck. Cleaning is super easy, so you’ll spend less time faffing, more time sipping.

alan adler

The History of the AeroPress

The Aeropress was created by Stanford University engineering instructor, Alan Adler. The inception of AeroPress can be put down to one specific conversation between Adler and the wife of his company sales manager, they were griping about the fact that when you tried to make a single cup of coffee in a drip machine, it came out watery. From then on, Adler’s mission was set and since the official release in 2005, the AeroPress remains one of Adler’s most famous to date.


Brewing Delicious Coffee


Alan Adler

The humble AeroPress has united a community of coffee-lovers around the world.

  • Fans are drawn by the simple act of brewing a great cup of coffee
  • The AeroPress has inspired a world championship now in it’s eleventh year

Brewing Delicious Coffee


For over a decade, Aerobie, Inc. was known both for brewing delicious coffee and for astonishing sports toy performance.

  • An unusual pairing this drew a great deal of attention from every type of media around the world
  • AeroPress is currently enjoyed in over 60 countries around the world
  • Join the growing AeroPress Coffee Community and enjoy great coffee wherever you go

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I’m a traditional drip coffee guy, always drank it black, strong, and loved it. When i moved to the uk, due to space limitations, i purchased a cafetiere, learned to use that, and was enjoying it. I’m still figuring out how to make the best (for me) cup of coffee with it, but there is little doubt in my mind that this produces the best coffee i’ve ever made. It’s smooth, strong (as strong as you want it, anyhow), versatile (much easier to make lattes/cappuccinos), and easy to use. Even with pre-ground coffee and inaccurately measured temperature for the water, it’s a superior cup of coffee. I would recommend purchasing a thermometer to check the water temp, it does work better at 180f. Also, it does seem to use a bit more coffee per cup than a cafetiere or drip, so be aware of that, but it’s totally worth itsimple to clean, durable design and construction, and small enough to store just about anywhereyou won’t regret it.

I love this bit of kit, you need to be into your coffee and read the simple one page instructions/tips (like making sure the water is the right temperture, slow press etc, but the end result is an amazing cup of coffee. Its simple to use and washing is no more then running it under the tap, so the little bit of fuss needed to set it up is cancelled out. Its probably not great for a dinner party etc as it only makes one cup at a time, but its worth it to spoil yourself. Another tiop is to simply wash the filter with running water and reuse mulitple times.

  • Coffee Heaven?
  • For someone prepared to experiment, you may just get your perfect coffee.
  • Makes the best coffee under £100

Aerobie AeroPress A80 Coffee Maker – Black

Features and Spesification

  • Brews smooth, perfect coffee every time
  • Lightweight and portable, making it perfect for camping and holidays
  • Micro-Filtered for grit free coffee
  • Actual ‘press time’ is just 20 seconds
  • Simple and quick to clean; there’s no washing-up of fiddly parts