aerolatte Milk Frother – Great for frothing milk for coffee

The aerolatte does exactly what it says, it mixes sauces very well and makes frothy milk shakes for all to enjoy. It is easy to clean and takes very little space to store. All round a very good purchase.

This is my second one of these, the first lasted 3 years of daily use for frothing hot chocolate.

Excellent product – works a treat and makes perfect frothy milk for coffees. Easy to change the batteries too.

It does get the milk frothing and it is extremely portable. We take it everywhere where we expect to be short of capuccinos. It has also doubled as a sort of blender for easy mixes such as very light and runny pancake mix. My mother in law has got one and is her favourite toy too (mmm.

Perfect for frothing milk of any sort for coffee and milk shake. It also looks good with the union jack handle.

Hand held cup whisk – works wellunfortunately i have to fill the space with meaningless twaddle or i cannot comment.

Brilliant, does exactly what you want it to do, lovely frothy coffee.

Wanted one for travelling – the weight makes this one perfect. Cheapest aerolatte i could find and works really well.

Does what it says, now i can have a coffee with a frothy top :-). Just be aware that the switch to turn it on can also be pressed for short bursts and is quite sensitive, which when removing it from the cup can be easily pressed and result on frothy milk spraying everywhere. Soon learned that lesson ;-).

This is a great gadget and looks good too. We love it and gave one as a gift, they were thrilled too.

Brilliant product use it every day to make my cappuccino, this is the second one i have bought.

Does just what its meant to. Froths milk quickly for delicious coffee, hot chocolate and milkshake. I like the union jack flag detail. Here are the specifications for the aerolatte Milk Frother:

  • Hand-held, battery-operated device that is designed specifically to produce perfect frothy milk in 20 seconds or less
  • Can be used to froth all types of milk, including soya, rice, almond, coconut, UHT and powdered (as well as single cream)
  • Will create a vast array of professional-quality hot and cold drinks such as cappuccino, caffè latte, hot chocolate, frappè, milkshake, cocktails (and many more)
  • Also ideal for preparing soup, sauces, dressings, omelettes, meringues, custard and various desserts
  • Spiral whisking head and shaft are made from robust, food-approved, 18/8 stainless steel
  • Features premium-quality components that ensure exceptional performance and durability (see below product description for full details)
  • Includes two pre-installed AA alkaline batteries that will provide approximately 150 uses
  • Easy to clean and maintain – rinse under the tap/faucet and periodically operate in hot, soapy water
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Includes a hard-wearing storage tube for protection – ideal for use at parties, picnics, barbecues, on holiday etc
  • Part of aerolatte’s ‘To Go’ range (also includes the Black and Moo models)

Cons: an older whisk i bought had a nice chrome stand to store it vertically on the worktop. Other than that it’s powerful, visually appealing and great value.

Works well for frothy coffee.

Once you have one you will wonder why you never had one before. Great for (powder) milk shakes. Only a little motor so don’t expect too much from. Just one down side to these type of devices. You can’t take the ‘whisk’ bit out to clean it in say the dish washer. Wash and rinse it straight away, don’t let it dry or you will struggle.

I choose 5 stars because the whisk works very well for the relative low price and i like the union flag on the whisk and case. The box keeps it nice and clean and looks smart. All in all a very useful product that works very well.

Excellent little milk frother, works with hot or cold milk and produces a great froth / foam.

Exceedingly powerful little tool that ensures your coffee is frothed to perfection. Use it daily and would be lost without it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Aerolatte Union Jack Milk Frother (Best Ever)
  • A fun product
  • Cheap and cheerful.

The design on this is gorgeous. I admit, i was a bit dubious over the quality of the printing but i was pleasantly surprised when it arrived – plus the union jack is correct – always a plusthe motor is quiet and whips up milkshakes easily, haven’t used it for anything else, but if you’re like me and hate when chocolate powder doesn’t mix perfectly, this is the product for you. Battery supplied has lasted a while already. Also it’s so easy to clean and dry. The little case for it to sit in is an added bonus too. Last time i bought a similar product, it didn’t come with one and the end got a bit battered by being popped into a drawer so it’s nice to have a bit of protection for it to last longer.

Absolutely brilliant for mixing my protein shakes and super handy and portable to chuck in my lunch bag for work.

Sturdy and effective frother for milk in a cup. Useful case to protect from any accidental damage.

Works well, good construction.

A neat frother which can be easily transported in the case. After buying several cheap ones this has lasted a lot longer and is more powerful.

Does just what its meant to. Froths milk quickly for delicious coffee, hot chocolate and milkshake.

Bought as pressie for my daughter in law she has union jack items in her kitchen this completed all she wanted thank you/.

Really powerful and froths milk well.

This has to be the most brilliant milk frother i’ve ever used. For a long time i’ve used battery operated milk frothers that were not only weak, but also had a very short lifespan. After unnecessarily spending money on batteries, i ended up reluctantly settling for the old fashioned pump-action frother which has a reasonably long lifespan. However; these types of frothers end up developing cracks around the pipe, which cause the pumping tip to get loose. Every time you use the frother, the tip pops off and you find yourself having to use a spoon or fork to fish it out of the milk. It was by mere serendipity that i came across the aerolatte union jack. I’m glad i did because personally i think this is best ever frother. Not only is it an innovative design but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Like the ratings from other amazonians i love its holder which keeps safe and clean. I’d most happily recommend it to anyone.

The wife says its absolutely brilliant,do not know how durable it will be ask me in 12 months time,delivery and packaging brilliant.

Good product whisks my frothy coffee a treat, and the flag design makes it look quirky and a plus having a case.

For the first time in years, we now have frothy coffee. The aerolatte is very simple to use but the batteries supplied with the machine must have been of poor quality because they packed up within three weeks of using the aerolatte but,hopefully, since putting in very good quality batteries that problem will not arise again. Would recomment this product.

I bought this frother together with bialetti espresso maker and i’m really pleased. I was using for 6 months delonghi icona and it was messy and there was always something wrong with it, plus it cost much more. Why did i ever bother?bialetti maker makes tasty coffee and aero frother is just excellent, i’m still amazed how quick and easy you can make frothy cappuccino. I’m drinking only lacto free milk or soya and it works great.

After reading raving reviews about this lil aerolatte mixer, i decided to go for two as it was needed for my family too. We all love it, my dad is addicted and playing with it like a kid, i use it a lot too and it is really easy and effective to use. You can use it with cold milk, and also with coffee, sugar and a lil bit of water before pouring a hot water to top the cup up.

Great little item for milkshakes and coffee, certainly recommend this product for a quick, convenient kitchen aid. Easy to clean and stores in its own container.

Really love this little whisk and would be lost without it in my kitchen. Good value for money and comes in a nice little box for storage.

It makes great, frothy hot chocolate (and excellent lattes of course). Following the instructions gives the best results (which should be expected, but if you’re like me you might not read them if someone didn’t tell you to): keep the head just below the foam and slowly work your way around the container of milk you’re frothing and you’re good to go. Add a little vanilla to the milk and maybe some liquid sweetener.

Very easy to use and the case is handy for storage. Very easy to clean, just whizz it under the tap or in some clean water. It can make lovely, frothy coffee – but if you insist on using skimmed milk you wont get much froth. I sometimes use soya milk and this really makes a lovely, almost firm froth.

Delivered early, but no problem as someone always home. Product does its job well and would be happy to reccomend it to friends.

I’ve had this for a month now and has been used most days. It is very effective and efficient and produces lots of froth very quickly, but i have just had to replace the two aa batteries it came with.

Bought to make frothy milkshakes for wee folk – super duper, easy to use, tip top.

Superb little whisk – ideal for frothing milk, stirring up cup-a-soups etc. Love the case it comes in to keep it protected, too.

Good product with reasonable power motor. Bought a cheap product before this one and got cheap rubbish.

I’ve bought this for a couple of friends who love their frothy coffees. They say it is easy to use, clean and battery lasts a long time. Produces great frothy milk, so they are happy bunnies.

I love my union jack aerolatte , it’s so quick and easy to use and portable too.

Great looking little milk frother, my boyfriend uses it for hot chocolate and also to mix wheatgrass powder with water. Previously ended up in a poorly mixed drink with powdery lumps before he had this gadget.