AeroPress 82R08 Coffee Maker : Easy to use

I’m not a coffee expert but it’s certainly making a cup of coffee as good as most machines i’ve tasted. I use the ‘inverted’ method to let the coffee brew- just google it. Simple to use and quick to wash up. Little waste – i felt so wasteful throwing away all those capsules my coffee machine uses.

Makes the best, smooth coffee you will every try. Best used with freshly ground speciality coffee’s like “pact”. One problem i experienced was a big lump of gum(yes used chewed bubblegum) stuck to the box. Disgusting as i hadnt noticed at first untill i touched it by mistake.

Bought this to take away with me,100 times better than the french press i used to carry with me, still a tad bulky but omg what a difference in taste from the same coffee. I bought the steel filter as i didn’t want to be carrying all these paper filters. A bit expensive at £7 for what it is, but does the trick. Always causes folk to stop and ask what i am doing when at the tea point in the office, looks like a chemistry set.

I like cafetiere coffee but find it a hassle to prepare and clean. Quick and easy to clean, plus no residue/dusty coffee that i normally get from cafetiere coffee.

The problem with this is that the minute you pour the coffee in, at the part of the process where you have to stir it, the coffee is already filtering through without you even pressing it. Yes the coffee is cleaner and less acidic however.

First things first, i don’t drink coffee. But, my wife does and she loves this bit of kit that i bought her for climbing/camping trips. It’s super easy to use, apparently even i make a great cup of coffee now and easy to clean and store (it came in it’s own little bag). Obviously it’s only as good as the coffee that you put in it, but get some decent stuff and this will do it proud. It only takes about a minute to make too which when you’re in a camper van is not bad at all, although we also now use it at home.

This is an excellent way to make coffee and is now my fave. Easy to use, quick and simple to clean. I use a reusable metal filter and i love it. My coffee had never tasted better.

If you use the “inversion technique” you will get a good coffee in about a minute. Not as good as an espresso machine but better than a cafetière. Depends on the bean and what you are looking for. With the nylon bag it fits in my briefcase – my espresso machine doesn’t.

  • Why don’t you own one already?
  • I work offshore and carry this with me everywhere I
  • my previous coffee maker lost its Oomph

AeroPress 82R08 Coffee Maker with Tote Bag – Black

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After trying this out on holiday, i bought two – one for me and one for a friend. Basically, it makes very good coffee, very simply. It’s a plunger affair, consisting of a syringe wide enough for a scoop of coffee, a disk filter, and a rubber membrane. You pour in your 80 degree hot water, squeeze it through a scoop of coffee, and enjoy a very good and near instant cup. Simple, effective, and a rich, strong brew.

This product is good as the coffee you get, so make sure you spend little extra on the coffee as well cos you will not regret it.

Bought as a present for my husband who loves coffee and has tried lots of different makers – he was dithering about buying it but now he has it, he says it’s the best coffee maker he’s ever had. As a partner who has forever been clearing coffe grains from all over our sink for years it is also the least messy, easiest to clean maker we’ve ever had.

I’ve read a lot of hype about the aeropress but i have been very impressed. My cafetiere and mokka pot have been banished from the kitchen, we now own 3 aerobie aeropresses. The aeropress is very clean and efficient to use, i use the inverted method. I love that it handles the coffee grounds, popping them straight in to the bin. The case is great for keeping all the bits together.

With a bit of experimentation, this makes the perfect cup of coffee. A bit fiddly if you are doing cups one at a time for a bunch of people, but for the solo drinker it’s great. Easy to clean too, and portable. Useful tips:1) use it upside down – put the coffee onto the plunger, add the water, stir, wait if you want it stronger, screw on the filter holder, turn over, and press2) wetting the filter slightly gets it to stick to the filter holder in place3) the hexagonal thing is a funnel for small diameter cups.

Purchased as a birthday present for my coffee fiend mum- makes a great cup of coffee without the faff of using a percolater, also has the advantage of being able to use any kind of ground coffee unlike other ‘pod’ coffee-makers (tassimo etc)quick, easy and minimal fuss- the little storage bag is a nice touch and stops any parts getting lost down the back of the cupboard.

2 cups in and its making great ccwwooffeehaving been a bodum stainless french press user for forever, i took the plunge cringe and tried an oomphsadly 6months later with its constant seal leaks, a broken turbine and finally a broken plunger clip, i gave upand have gone for the market leader in the plunger press coffee makers. Very simple design, portable, works with your everyday cup (as long as they are big enough to take the filter cap). Makes a rich tasting brew, even with the same coffee i’ve been using in all my other makers. . The proof will be in the using.

Small, portable and comes with lots of filters. I don’t drink coffee everyday so i didn’t want a drip machine or a coffee filter machine. I wanted something i could store away and use occasionally and this works beautifully. I’ve since learned that at least 2 others i know own this too. I would like to see a spare rubber piece for the press however. I’m not sure of the longevity of it since i’ve had it for a few months only and use it occasionally.

  • Why don’t you own one already?
  • I work offshore and carry this with me everywhere I
  • my previous coffee maker lost its Oomph

AeroPress 82R08 Coffee Maker with Tote Bag – Black

This is the second one of these presses i now own. They are first class for coffee making. You can through away your caffetiere and filter coffee makers this product puts them in the shade.

Being a bit of a coffee snob i was a bit sceptical about this little gadget, but i have to say thet i am very impressed. Easy, quick and clean and as it is very portable i can take it to work also. It’s good quality, if a little expensive, but then you get what you pay for.

I’ve grown accustomed to salty coffee because every morning i weep tears of joy into my cup of brew. Aeropress is the best thing to happen to me since i cultivated a caffeine addiction. This is the closest you can get to espresso without having to fork out for a proper machine (and then learning how to use it to the best of its capabilities).

Had my aeropress for 4+years and still going strong. I use it twice daily at least and cannot recommend it highly enough. With a little practice you can quickly and easily make coffee to your taste with no fuss or mess. I like it so much have bought as a gift for others.

I love this, very easy to use, now use everyday. Place filter in bottom and secure, put coffee in, add water, wait, plunge. Would highly recommend for coffee people that just like to make one cup and not a jug full.

As a serious friend of coffee , i have researched and thoguh tlong and hard about getting a coffee machine. Currently using a caeftiere, i knew that i needed to up my game and branch out whilst at home and also to stop me spending the earth at any decent coffee house trying the different styles. The aerobie continually came up in my search as one of the top way to brew your cup of joe with nothign but priase in every review. After reading up on how to make the perfect flat white at home , the suggested usuage of an aeropress and aerolatte milk frother caught my attention and,finally i made the plunge. No bitter after taste, no mess , easy clean, in your face string black coffee. I use a freshly ground bean and this is the monkey that tickles your tounge. I’ve even lured my misses away from her hideous taste of insant with the more sophisticated ‘real coffee’ thanks to this.

Bought this for daily use but also for taking away for work abroad, hence the travel bag, easy to use and clean, takes a little getting used to and adjusting at first. I ended up asking in my local coffee shop who sell them, for some advice on brew times etc.

Like it – good and quite easy alternative to our bean to cup machine. Really need to experiment with the right beans/grind but that’s no different to other ways of enjoying coffee. Haven’t travelled with it yet but all the bits are light and are easily transportable (came with bag).

These are great, take a little practice to get the best out of them, but can make great coffee when you do. Only wish you could buy spares separately. They are obviousley only good for one or two people max per go.

I work offshore and carry this with me everywhere i go. Works very well and is easier to clean than a french press. As an update, i gave the first aero press away and paid the extra quid for a replacement that was clear as in the photograph. The one i received however was the normal dark plastic one. Wasted the extra cash paid, so removed a star.

Wow this is the most wonderful gadget and coffee never tasted so good. Dont hesitate to order – you will be amazed how easy it is to use. Watch the utube videos, specially the one from the man who invented it.

It is fiddly -you need to make the coffee then clean it-so a little plunger is quicker, but it does make a great little coffee. We haven’t mastered the art of just squirting hot water thro the coffee: we turn it upside down, let the coffee steep for a few moments then “plunge” it. We did get a stainless steel filter and paper filters which we use together for a very good filter. If you like exploring ways to make coffee-get it.

Bought as a gift with a burr coffee grinder. The recipient very pleased with the aeropress. I politely sat through a grateful speech how the coffee superior then from a jar-of-ground-off-the-shelf and cheaper, nicer then starbucks. Very easy to use, the bag keeps all the bits together when not in use, a small grinder fits in too for travelling. Friends have raved about how much nicer the coffee is when it’s served up. The recipient is saving a fortune as no longer inclined to drop into starbucks or such like anymore, when they can drink a nicer coffee at home thanks to aeropress. Thanks aeropress for making me come across as a considerate present giver.

I’d been avoiding the aeropress for years. I have my hario setup at home, and at work i used the a cafetiere. While i’d heard the aeropress made coffee as good (or almost as good) as the hario, it just looked too fiddly to be practical at work. But then about a month ago i saw a woman at work using one, and it was a revelation. You don’t need all the bits, it *is* easy to use and the coffee is amazing. It’s actually super easy to keep clean, much more straightforward than the cafetiere. So i got one, and i’m never going back.

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