AEVOBAS FIMEI Stand Mixer – is good use make dumplings burn

Fantastic dough machine, i’ve made some amazing loaves of bread, it’s better than my bread maker and i make fresh bread everyday. The only issue i’ve had is the clip for the lid both broke, i could have sent it back but i’ve used some bulldog clips to hold it on rather than return it for a new one as i don’t want to live without it.

Very good quality and easy to use. Bought to replace my old bread maker, and very impressed. I like the large capacity, it can make 1kg dough in one go which doubles the capacity of a normal bread maker. Also quite easy to clean up as well. Have been using everyday since bought and has no problem so far.

The full-automatic dough maker is very good, and high quality the hand feel is good. It’s really good for all families. Make bread for children after buying this. Before without the dough maker so waste time and also tired.

So easy to use, easy to cleanyou can make your own dough without making a mess in your kitchenrecommended 100%.

The mixer looks good and has excellent external finish, belying its price. It arrived this afternoon so i made 6 bread rolls right away. It sounds a little toy-like when running, so it remains to be seen what the life of the motor and any gears or belts might be, however, it did the job and did not appear to be under any strain doing it. I set it to mix and knead the dough and to ferment it for 30 minutes. This it did exactly as it says it will. I knocked the dough back, cut it into equal amounts, shaped it for rolls and put it onto oiled trays. It gave a good rise in a fairly short time so the oven went on at 200c and i baked them for 15 minutes. I can’t fault the results 9had one for my dinner with a quality burger slapped into it and a few chips on the side. I would give it five stars all the way, but i need to see it still working in 12 months to be able to do that, sp overall four stars from me.

I’ve been baking my own bread for 40 years and have learned from my mistakes. I got a bread maker when they first came out and find them hit and miss. I hate the fact that the bread is an odd shape and there is always a big hole at the side or bottom. This macine is good as far as it kneads the bread well and also does a first rise. The only problem i have with it is that the first knead is 20 minutes, and the rise starts at 20 to 60 minutes?. Maybe i’m just being picky, but for the first time ever, my bread wouldn’t rise and was very dense. I gave 4 stars because it seems to do the job. Usually knead my bread for 10 i mins and leave it to rise and then knock down for 5 mins.

Enables freshly made bread much quicker than by hand and even better.

Been using this since purchase ,i make a lot of sourdough bread products. I have always used a bread maker hardley using the bake mode so it made sense to try one of thease. Its giving excellent results and i eaven made pasta in it. Simpe to operate which suits me.

Used several times now just for breadmaking, very easy to use and bread is very light.

We like to make mantou, but kneading dough by hand is such labourious work we rarely bother. This machine works really well, and you end up with a really smooth and well mixed dough. Our mantou came out really puffy and airy, and much better than we can do by hand (but in a fraction of the time) so i’d say it’s a success.Initially thought was broken, but the top cap just needs a firm turn to click it into the locked position.

This is a great item for baking bread and pizza, a low mess option if you want to bake without covering your kitchen with flour.

I have arthritis in my hand so making and kneading dough is very hard for me. Press 20 minutes then start. Going to purchase for my mum.

Easy to use, looks nice , 4 stars only because of a rattling of dispenser while in use. I had to sellotaped mine- otherwise makes life much easier when you are keen baker but don’t want to or can’t do all the kneading required. Here are the specifications for the AEVOBAS FIMEI Stand Mixer:

  • 【DOUGH KNEADING & FERMENTATION FUNCTION 2 IN 1】 : With unique fermentation function, it solves the problem of difficult dough fermentation. Low power, low energy consumption, can knead the dough continuously for 30 minutes, dough fermentation for 60 minutes.
  • 【SIMULATED MANUAL KNEADING SYSTEM】 : The product structure simulates the manual kneading system, which can make fluffy dough. The dough maker makes the dough mix more evenly, perfect for noodles, bread, pizza and so on.
  • 【WITH TIMING FUNCTION】 : The time for dough kneading and dough fermentation is programmable. The dough kneading time can be set to 10 to 30 minutes, and the fermentation time can be set to 30 to 60 minutes. Bringing you the greatest convenience during use.
  • 【3 WORKING MODES】 : With three working modes, you can choose the working mode of dough kneading, dough fermentation, dough kneading and dough fermentation to meet your different needs.
  • 【SUGGEST】 : The ratio of flour to water needs to be strictly controlled. We recommend that you first check the instructions and use a kitchen scale for weighing.

Unfortunately the suckers don’t stop the unit from moving around. In addition you need to sellotape the small cap because otherwise it rattles off soon after starting.

This product is of good quality and is easy to use. It is very suitable for home use, it is small and does not take up space. And the color is also popular. It is also very easy to clean. I like pasta and bread very much, so i use it more often. I feel very good during this time. And i also have a picture of my pasta.

I didn’t expect much from this unit but i was pleasantly surprised, just chuck in the ingriedients and press start. Then i turn it to ‘ferment’ and it makes it rise. So much better than doing it to the dough stage in a breadmaker.

Have never used mixer before, first time experience and wow. So easy to use and no hard works any more, totally hands free. Surely we will make lots of breads.

Easy to use and makes dough rise to give very tasty bread and rolls.

The main issue with making bread is mixing the dough without it getting everywhere and all over my hands and clothes. This mixes it really well, i followed a sourdough recipe from youtube, i had a sourdough culture waiting, just using this for the mixing and kneading stages, then into a baneton round basket for proving. Then into a cast iron dutch oven for baking which gives best results as the lid keeps the steam in it. The bread rose well with a good flavour. The first time, i did not have the dutch oven and used a bread tin and sprayed water and that was fine too. I have returned start to finish breadmakers in the past due to poor end result but i am keeping this one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Doughtastic

  • Free your hand

  • is good use make dumplings burn

This machine is not very good, it is too slow at fermeting. The motor in the middle that spins the dough only has one speed.

We had a bread machine which was under pretty regular use before it broke. While looking for a replacement, we came across this. I had found with our old machine that it was frequently only being used to mix and prove the dough (i didn’t like the shape of the loaves it made)which meant we were effectively paying for a feature that we didn’t need. This machine allows you to mix and prove the dough and is really good at it. Pizza dough has been a particular success but i have also used it making basic white loaves, and dough for dumplings. Overall, i am very satisfied that it does exactly what i was looking for.

Just arrived and used it straight away and i can’t believe it works so well for such a bargain price, ok it looks a bit plasticity but i’ve bought 7 mixers in the last 8 months and they’ve all either broke or arrived faulty from the normal kenwood chef to a £500 commercial mixer and all just to mix 800grms of flour for home baked bread rolls and this runs rings around them all and at a 12th of the price just £39. Dismiss your fears and take a big fat jump and buy one you won’t be disappointed i’m not , i’m thinking of buying another as a spare just in case but with 12 months warranty why bother. No more shop bought bread for my family .

This is a great product for any bakers who need to ferment dough.

It’s a super little dough maker but and it’s a big but, the bowl lid is not fit for purpose. It’s plastic and cheap plastic at that. One catch has broken while mixing dough. I am totally gutted it has worked perfectly twice and in the third time the catch broke without any human intervention. Would the seller replace the lid ?. Or replace the complete unit?. Such a shame if the lid was more sturdy it would be perfect☹️ the seller was very helpful in resolving the broken lid. They sent a replacement unit for which i am thankful. I use it regularly it’s a superb machine just the lid issue.

My old food mixer failed and i saw this while looking for a replacement – and realised i only used the old mixer to make dough so this would possibly be a better (and cheaper) replacement so i ordered it. First impressions were good; it’s well-made and even has well-written instructions. Unfortunately my first attempt was not good, producing a dense, heavy loaf that failed to rise in the oven. Now i had read another review from an experienced breadmaker (entitled ‘takes some getting used to’) and i agree. I make only wholemeal bread and it took ages to find the fine line between kneading adequately but not excessively when i first used a mixer; coarse wholemeal flour needs good hydration and gentle kneading to avoid the sharp edges of the grain from cutting the stretched fibres with catastrophic effect on subsequent proving. This machine has two problems: it’s too fast and the minimum timer is ten minutes. It took me two failed attempts to get it right but on the third i had it susses – ignore the timer and cut back the mixing time to a maximum of five minutes. This is great actually, because five minutes is significantly quicker and just as effective as my old mixer, and the in-mixer proving (45 mins worked well for me) uses way less energy than doing it in the oven (my oven has a proving setting). The attached picture shows loaf number three, hot from the oven. Smells delicious and doesn’t feel like a lead weight :-)ps: if you make lighter breads i’m sure it’ll work fine on longer settings, especially dough that has lots of water in it and needs a really good, long kneading, but if you make wholemeal bread with little or no added white flour be aware that ‘it takes some getting used to’, as another reviewer wrote.

Bought this food mixer to make homemade bread and scones ,also ideal for pizza bases. Very pleased with the result. Does the job and looks good in my kitchen. A very simple and practical mixer reasonable price.

I used this dough maker immediately after receiving it and wrote the review today. This dough maker looks better than the traditional one. The function of mixer is very practical. As long as you add the right amount of water and flour in, press the button to get it done. It frees your hands, saves your time, and looks better than you mixed it by your hand. After mixing, the beater is also very clean and easy to clean. Making wheaten food become more easy.

I used to make buns dumplings at home, and i made 1 by myself, but since i have a baby, i don’t have time to do it myself. So i found this bread machine on the internet to save me some time. After i received this machine and opened it, the machine is not very big, so i don’t need a lot of space to store it. Last week i used 600 grams of flour, and then used which doughnut to make the dough we want to make dumplings for 20 minutes, then we can quickly pack the dumplings we want to eat. In the future, we want to eat dumplings. With this machine, you can do it at any time. This machine feels very worth buying for us.

I initially bought this machine to make dumpling skin more efficiently. When it arrived, i thought i’d test it out with pizza dough. It’s so brilliant i took it to my friends house and ended up gifting it to them and ordering another one. The reason i love it so much is because i don’t need a bread maker but i do need something that takes the hard work out of making dough, and this does it beautifully.