Aftershokz Bone Conduction Wraparound Headphones : Great Idea –

A great pair of head phones, they do hurt a little with extended use, but that could be because i wear glasses. But they work flawlessly, i’ve had around 20hrs usage off a single charge at a medium volume level. They charge back up in around 2 hours. Down side’s would be that is have preferred the cable on the right side instead of the left also a battery clip would be a great help and to have the battery moved further along the cable, but the later issue was easily resolved with some self adhesive velcro to stick both my mp3 player and the headphone batter back to back.

Great birthday present everyone was amazed with the sound coming through their skull.

I bought these because i do a lot of walking and feel too cut off from things with ordinary earbuds. I liked the idea you can listen to music and be fully aware of surroundings but was a bit unsure how good the sound would be. I have given four stars all round, the fit was god enough, felt odd at first not placing on ears but got used to is very quickly. Didn’t pinch or feel uncomfortable but i felt the band that goes round the back of your head should be adjustable, a one size to fit all was a bit problematic for me, it moved a bit so i have to readjust. The sound was great, clear and i could hear the bass well, if turned up too loud the vibrations become too noticeable and i didn’t like the feeling. I loved being able to walk around with music (low volume) but be able to go into shops and not actually remove earphones, crossing the road was so much better and i felt safe. If a loud van/lorry passes then of course that sound will drown out what you are listening to but then that’s the point you are fully aware of everything. Unfortunately i had to return the headphones, when i used the with an iphone app after 20/30 mins they would turn off automatically. I thought perhaps its was the apps not set right for continuous play but it happened with any app. Music imported or itunes etc was fine.

Good bone conduction headphones, great for outdoors.

I found this item to be as good if not better,than other comments.

. I purchased them as new rules state that in uk running events you cannot wear ‘in or over ear’ headphones. I use them to keep track of my pace. I run long distance so need headphones that will last a few hours at a time. So far, despite being on a full charge these have not lasted longer than two hours. I have charged them late one evening, and gone to use them first thing the next day, as in 8am, and they last 30 minutes. They seem to yo-yo as to how long they will last. I ran a marathon last weekend, and i’m not the fastest, so need them to last at least 4. They were fully charged at midnight, 9 hours before the race and were fine for the first 90 minutes, then went crackly and died.

These are excellent headphones. Ive been using them for 3 months now. I am taking part in brathay 10 marathons in 10 days next month and these headphones are the only ones allowed to be used. I could do with a spare pair but cant afford a second pair. The battery lasts for very long time and they seem well made. I have been through many pairs of head phones and these will last im sure.

I brought this for christmas and it is not working now :(the battery doesn’t last for longer than 20 mins.

  • Different, but surprisingly good
  • Who says there’s no Bass?
  • Great sound

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Wraparound Headphones for Sports Activities

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I am writing to request a free sample of your product that i can rep on my instagram page as i have returned to long distance running and am going to head into marathon season. I am in need of new kit and would love to rep yourselves not only on my ig but on my multiple facebook pages.

I recently bought a set of these sports titanium headphones as a present for my mother for who has had hearing difficulties in her left ear since she was 2 years old. We set them up and i had my mother’s favourite song, elvis’ love me tender, ready to play. Upon hearing the song she literally burst into tears, she had simply never heard sound so clearly in her life. This a great product for sports activities but an even greater product for helping someone with hearing difficulties. The bone conduction technology is incredibly clever in that it bypasses the ear-drum and take sound directly to the inner-ear. Prossound is crisp and clearthe feel of the headphones is very high quality and flexible to suit all wearersbattery lasts a long timehelps with hearing lossgreat for joggers and bike riders or any activity where you need to be aware of your surroundingsconsneeds charginghas a wire – a wireless version is availablenot much bass.

I run on country roads so need to be able to hear traffic approaching. I couldn’t use traditional earphones as they drowned out everything. I use these aftershokz to listen to podcasts on my runs and always am aware of my surroundings.

Perfect for riding a bike, can hear traffic clearly as well as audio – i listen to podcasts rather than music and for the most part can still hear quite clearly.

Awesome headphones live them but wish i had invested in wireless ones.

Sound is ok but not i expected.

Ok for quietly listening to the radio in the office, and yet still here when someone is talking. However, the seem to cut out after 20-40 mins, requiring that i switch them off and back on. Not a problem, but get annoying throughout the day.

Nice idea and was very excited to try these but they simply don’t really work. They are just headphones you strap to your head.

  • Different, but surprisingly good
  • Who says there’s no Bass?
  • Great sound

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Wraparound Headphones for Sports Activities

Fantastic product works very well. Definitely recommend comfortable to wear ran 26. 2 miles battery lasted throughout the whole race.

Good but you need cotton wool in your ears to hear it better.

The band isn’t adjustable and it is a little too big at the back but sound is great.

I go out running and have started using these because of the new rules. Have to say so far i’m very impressed. They are lightweight and unlike my white apl ones actually stay in position very well so no more plugging anything back in mid run. The sound does leak a lot so folks will hear but the quality is awesome and i’m very surprised just how good it is. Almost as good as normal headphones. The on off button is a little off putting at first but it’s not a big deal you get used to it. Overall very pleased i bought these.

I bought these as so many races don’t allow normal earphones, but wasn’t sure what they’d be like. They are small and flexible, light and quite delicate looking and best of, really comfortable to wear. I wore them on a long run yesterday and didn’t feel them at all. I have found headphone/earphones difficult to get right as they always seemed designed with men in mind, these fit wonderfully.The sound quality isn’t amazing and if i was on a busy road i couldn’t hear anything, but when the road was quieter they were fine. I had read that you can feel vibrations when they’re up loud, this is true and if i focussed on it then i felt a tingly feeling in my ear, but if i isn’t think about it then i quickly forgot it. These are great for the money and i would recommend them.

This product arrived 2 days after i ordered it. Very happy with the product it doesn’t move when running so isn’t annoying and the sound is relatively good. I can run whilst hearing my breathing, traffic and birds. I would recommend this product.

These are easy to wear, clip to your clothes so the wire doesn’t move around, hold their charge for quite some time. Good quality sound but leaving your ears free to hear traffic. An innovative good quality product.

My wife had an older model of these, which broke after a year or so of use. First i should say that sound quality is nowhere near as good as conventional headphones (these are certainly not for audiophiles), but they have the advantage that you can hear what is going on around you (so safer when running/cycling). Also, for some organised running events, these are the only kind of headphones you’re permitted to use. So they do have their place. We’re not as impressed by this newer model. The design has been changed so you only get a inch or two of wire between the headphone plug and the fairly bulky control/battery box – which when combined with an mp3 player, makes the ‘hardware’ awkward to position/manage when you want to wear it whilst running.

Battery life could be longer. Only lasts about 90 minutes, even though i charged them all night.

I got these because i was using closed headphones for playing a digital piano late at night, which ended up giving me an ear infection. They work really well, a little bit lacking on the lower frequencies but i’m not complaining. I got the wired version because the piano doesn’t have bluetooth, but does have a headphone output. I’m pleased with this purchase.

Wanted some headphones for cycling but naturally thought it would be dangerous to stick ear plugs in whilst riding. Decided to buy these from amazon and test knowing i could send back if i wasn’t satisfied. These headphones actually work very well. I’ve spent the last week cycling around listening to music via my cheek bones(takes a bit of getting used too) whilst keeping my ears free to listen to all the ambient sound around me. The sound quality isn’t like my bose headphones and i wouldn’t use them if i wanted to sit, relax and listen to music. But for cycling and running when you need to be aware of traffic around you these headphones are fantastic.

I hate running so did not buy these for the reason many here have, and some have complained about. I bought them as a last resort to help hear music in my 63 yr old ears. I have had not one, but 3 radical mastoidectomy operations, 2 in the left ear and one in the right. Each time the eardrum was reconstructed but to hear anything i have to wear 2 hearing aids. As a drummer, music is so important to me, especially hearing the bass guitar and lower frequency sounds. I recently invested in a pair of latest tech £2. 5k hearing aids, but whilst brilliant at letting me hear speech and normal sounds, music was a real disappointment. However, modern hearing aids are just not designed to boost bass and mid range, despite claiming to have dedicated music programmes. Audiologist has done everything possible to try and improve the programming, but no amount of electronic trickery can compensate for conductive hearing loss. Enter the aftershokz, i bought the cheaper wired version just to try as i was very sceptical as to the benefit a £50 device could have over that of £2.

I got these as a replacement for my previous aftershokz headphones, hoping to replace like with like. The previous version of these was more robust, less clingy around the head and most important for me, had a very accessible volume control which this doesn’t have. When you’re cycling or running with music, it’s really not convenient to keep stopping to change the volume on an mp3 device tucked in a bag or pocket.The on/off button on this is also difficult to use, in fact initially i thought the headphones didn’t work at all. It takes a very long and insistent press to get it to work. There’s no flicking the sound off this at the drop of a hat, sadly. So, whingy bit over, basically i’m paying the same money for what seems a lot less product. But i still love the sound quality and the fact that it doesn’t have buds in your ears. This is not only far more comfortable (as i get sore ears very easily and these don’t hurt); but it’s possible to still hear what’s going on around you – traffic, conversations, even birdsong.

A brilliant set of headphones. Had never heard of them until a few weeks ago when it was suggested to me that i try them because i can’t use the in ear ones.

Bought to listen to my radio ham gear, although a different way of listening morse code is not really clear.

Brought as a present for a cyclist and they are apparently very comfortable and are perfect for cycling as you can still hear the traffic around you.

You can’t have them up too loud or they vibrate against your face, but as long as you don’t need your music blasting then they’re great. I doubt they’d be loud enough running along hugely busy roads, but for running along quieter roads and off road, they’re perfect. I can’t run without music and as in-ear earphones are banned in a lot of 10k runs near me, this was the only option. They fit well, don’t fall off at all and are better than i thought they would be.

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