Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Wired Bone Conduction Headphones For Sport Earphone : Sounds great, but design could be a bit better thought out.

I ordered these because the charge on them lasts longer than the cordless bluetooth ones i purchased some time ago. I have one-sided deafness and less than perfect hearing in my other “good” ear. They are not really loud enough for me but paired with my fiio portable amplifier they are perfect so i have now got two pairs of these and one cordless pair. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and hate when the battery runs out. I also find them very comfortable when lying on my side in bed.

They’re useful but the sound quality is mediocre at best. I’m giving 4 stars because they suit my needs but lack sound quality. I use them for cycling and it’s great to be able to hear surrounding noise and traffic coming from behind. The wind noise drowns out the music a lot and the headphones lack any bass what so ever. They also leak sound quite a lot so if you’re sitting on a bus or in public everyone will be able to hear your music. If you just want something to drown out the silence while cycling or running then these work. But if you’re looking for sound quality use normal headphones.

Pretty damn good, at first tdidnt really think it was working via bone conduction and more that they were small speakers near your ears, but if you plug up your ears it actually sounds a lot clearer showing that it does work properly. Good sound quality, nice and loud, good battery life.

When volume is up loud everyone can hear your music, it’s really not great. Sound quality is fine though.

Firstly, i bought these as a present but i have tried them out a several times. The star rating will depend on the purpose you intend the for. Put simply, as a straight replacement for normal in, on or over ear headphones of a similar price. For using when you should be aware of your surroundings. The result is you can listen to music and still here traffic etc. Initially they will feel a bit odd, but you get used to the sensation quite quickly. Pros- comfortable- work remarkably well (if you understand their intended purpose)- battery life is acceptable- you can hear your surroundings, whilst listening to musiccons- quite expensive in comparison to traditional headphones of similar quality- sound does leak in quiet surroundingsas you will have gathered these bone conducting headphones sit on your cheeks just in front of the ears. Sound is conducted through the bone.

Great for every day use, very comfortable. Try not to eat while wearing them on airplanes.

After reading all the other reviews, both good and bad, i decided to give these a try. I’m very impressed with the sound quality and the fit. I have quite a large head, but i can wear these things for extended periods with no discomfort. I suffer from a touch of conductive deafness – i’ve had surgery on my eardrums which although has deadened my hearing slightly, i still retain my potential for hearing. For that reason alone, earphones that don’t need to go via my eardrums were a very attractive idea. And in terms of the sound quality, i’m not disappointed. My left ear is slighty ‘deafer’ than my right ear, so i’ve adjusted the left-right balance of some of my devices accordingly to compensate with my other speaker-type headphones and earphones. When i tried these bone conduction headphones it took me a while to realise the reason these seemed quieter on my right side was that i no longer need to adjust the balance and can put the slider back in the centre position. Well happy with thati’ve done a couple of mobile phone calls with them, and i can hear people very clearly and they say they can hear me perfectly clearly as well. I’ve also tried listening to music and while they’re probably not ultra-expensive audiophile headphones quality, they sound no worse than the usual earbuds that come with the phone, or the cheap boom-mic over-ear headset i’ve got.

Bought these because i love the wireless version but needs a wired pair to use on planes and with audio guides. Brilliant, comfortable to wear and can still hear safety announcements and people speaking to me. Can’t wear in ear headphones because i need to keep my hearing aids in. These work perfectly with my aids in.

  • They do work
  • Sounds great, but design could be a bit better thought out.
  • If listening to music is your goal, look elsewhere

Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Wired Bone Conduction Headphones For Sport Earphone with Mic, Onyx Black

Colour Name:Onyx Black
Product Description, AfterShokz Sportz Titanium Sportz Titanium by AfterShokz is the solution for white collar, sellers etc. on the one hand to enjoy in the rhythm of their music and still want them hear the sounds around them. The headset transmits the sound across the cheekbones, leaving your ears free.
Product Feature *Wired Headset with bone sound transmission * Open ear design let you listen the music and also can hear the boss order clearly. * Dynamic stereo sound * Neckband made of flexible and sturdy titanium * Bluetooth v4.1 * Sweat resistant to IP55 * 12 hours of battery life listening to the bones – the ears remain free.
The AfterShokz Sportz Titanium headset does not sit on your ears, but in front of it.
The revolutionary headset does not transmit the sound of your music through your ears, but over your cheekbones. At first, the stretcher may be a bit unfamiliar. However, you will always hear your music in excellent quality with the only difference being that your ears remain open to other sounds.
Advantage You can jog with your favorite music without ignoring the dangers of road traffic.
The flexible and sturdy neckband ensures a secure yet comfortable fit. The headset is still resistant to rain and sweat according to IP55.

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Surreal to hear the birds tweeting and the wind in the trees and the music .If you’re a runner then treat yourself to a set.

But the sound quality is not good by a long shot. It is not about this product in particular, it’s about any “bone conduction earphone”. The low frequencies go out through the ear. It sounds quite well if you plug your ears. But it makes no sense doing that.

When i bought these i was looking for something to use while cycling so that i can hear the directions coming from my phone’s navigation because i often find myself cycling in areas i don’t know. I didn’t want anything in-ear (or on-ear) because that’s making an already dangerous activity more dangerous. I did consider in-ear and only using one side, but decided just to go for bone conduction. I don’t have any comparison with any other bone conduction headphones, so i can only consider these as headphones in general and specifically as headphones for use during sporting activities. I have tried these running and cycling. Firstly, regardless of what anyone might claim, the sound quality is poor. So if you’re wanting to listen to music, look elsewhere (probably not at bone conduction at all because it’s not likely that any bone conduction headphones are going to give decent sound quality). There’s little to no bass, so music will sound tinny. This is fine for my purposes on the bike, but i did try listening to some music to get an idea of the sound. Also, for listening to music you’re still likely to have to turn the volume way up and just because these aren’t in or over your ears doesn’t mean they won’t damage your ears.

Shape means that speakers are positioned in the right place, and cable pointing backwards stops it getting in the way. Battery pack away from headset means a really lightweight set of phones. Cable is long enough to use with rear-positioned waist belt. You need to turn up the volume on the ipod/phone to get sound through though. Only complaint is that there is no power level indicator.

First of all, let me say i am about 85% deaf in one ear, but beneath an ear blockage my hearing is more or less fine. This information was given to me by audiologists with expensive equipment, unatainable to the lowly consumer, but i can verify that these headphones do work as far as the bone conduction technology goes. As long as i keep my finger pressing the button onto the appropriate place on the side of my head, the sound becomes as balanced and audible as it was when i could hear through both ears. Unfortunately, due to them not being adjustable and not wanting to keep my finger pressed to the side of my face, they are not suitable for my head – either it’s the wrong shaped head or it’s too small, or the technology isn’t yet far enough advanced to penetrate the bone without the added pressure from my finger. These little headphones are inexpensive for such advanced technology though and so perhaps as with everything they are great for some folk, but not suitable for others who may have hearing loss due to blockages. They are very lightweight and easy to wear, come in a nice little pouch to keep them safe in a bag, and don’t take long to charge. They probably sound as good as the earbuds supplied with pocket radios, etc. , so one shouldn’t be over critical of the tinny sound which makes classical music quite unlistenable whilst on the go. I don’t use earbuds, so found the sound quality below par for an enjoyable audio experience.

Bought as a gift – recipient very happy and feels safer on runs being able to hear music as well as traffic around them. Can got cheaper ones, and can get more expensive bluetooth only ones. These are good compromise – battery pack similar size to small apple remote, just an aware it’ll need somewhere to be stowed near your music player / phone.

These are a replacement for a pair bought in february this year for work. I use a hearing aid in one e ar and have severe hearing loss in the other, and the original aftershokz were bought as a trial. For the first time i could hear clearly in my pro ear, even better than i do with the heating aid in the other. The originals suffered a broken clip at work and cover to the 3.

  • They do work
  • Sounds great, but design could be a bit better thought out.
  • If listening to music is your goal, look elsewhere

Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Wired Bone Conduction Headphones For Sport Earphone with Mic, Onyx Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Reflective headband provides visibility at night let you more safer when you doing excercise outside
  • Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds
  • LeakSlayer technology significantly reduces natural sound leakage, noise canceling microphone reduces surrounding noise, effectively enhancing speech
  • Repels sweat, dust and moisture, from workouts to wicked weather
  • Enjoy twelve hours of continuous music + calls on a single charge, in-line controls for play, skip, and pause