AfterShokz Trekz Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth Sweatproof Lightweight Earphones : Works well with hearing aids

I wanted bone conducting headphones so i could use in uka races. I have had other makes but they were heavy and sound was not great. They are a little expensive but you have to pay for quality. Have had them for a month or so now and the sound quality and comfort is amazing. The battery lasts for 5 to 6 hours which is plenty for me. I went for bluetooth and the connection is quick and stable. You also get a good two year warranty when registered which gives some peace of mind.

Superb- used on half marathon race as wanted music without being in danger from missing instructions/aware of surroundings – complete convert to bone conduction and have told loads of people about these since.

As someone who needs to be able to hear what is going on in the environment as i am out and about, i am blind, but also use gps to know where i am, these bone conducting headphones are brilliant. I can hear everything i need to, pedestrians, cars etc, but can also hear my gps telling me about the upcoming road as i approach it. They are light-weight, sweat-proof and really easy to operate.

I must admit at the price i was sceptical, however after picking them up on a black friday deal and saving nearly £50 i was swung to buy them and give them a try. I have to say after wearing them now on a almost daily basis i wouldn’t go back to in-earphones, these don’t cancel out background noise but they aren’t supposed to and if you want noise cancellation earphones buy b&o or another make. These are designed for walkers, runners and or cyclists to wear and listen to music and still hear background noises to allow them to be aware of what is happening around them. At first they feel a little strange and takes few sessions to get used to but then after that they feel completely natural. The sound is excellent, good range on the volume, the bass is basically your head so if you want heavy bass dont get these, they do not by any means sound tinny but the bass is limited. The only gripes i have are that the on/off (volume up) button can be fiddly to find and press when on your head, that being said once you use them a number of times it becomes second nature. So would i recommend them, if you walk, run or cycle i would say they are a must, are they worth the money?. Yes and on reflection i would pay full price (£145) for them.

Great sound , light to wear with no earache. Can hear what’s happening around you which is good.

Bought these for my wife to use when she is running. She is very happy, good sound quality and waterproof. Bit expensive, but what isn’t nowadays.

Best headphones i’ve ever bought high quality if you want to hear almost nothing from outside just rise the volume if you want to talk to people and hear the music too easy lower the volume a little best i’m happy with this buy.

I initially bought these after returning a faulty pair of dre powerbeats 3 – they’d gone faulty after 20 days. Swapping to these was the best decision i’ve made. They are very lightweight and have a comfortable fit, when running there is no bounce / movement and you can hardly tell they are there. The battery life appears to be excellent, they reached a full charge in approx 2 hours, i then went out for a 3 hour run and when i got home the battery level was still showing as ‘high’ – very pleased.Connection and set up was very quick and easy and the controls on the headphones are easy to use. Considering they are bone conduction headphones, the sound volume and quality is good, if you are in a noisy environment with lots of ambient sounds then you may find them a little quiet, but that would depend on personal preference as to how loud you like your music. When in quiet areas they’re plenty loud enouguh. The thing i loke most about them is that i can still hear everything around me and listen to my music – no near misses with bikes / dogs / other runners etc. A final point on every day use too – the microphone (for phone calls) works much better than expected and compared to other headphones i’ve had it appears to be superior. Would 100% reccomend these to anybody using them for running / cycling – great product.

  • A must for any athelete regardless of discipline
  • Great for running in
  • Fantastic headphones that are allowed by UKA

AfterShokz Trekz Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth Sweatproof Lightweight Earphones with Mic for Sports Red

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I was reticent to buy these headphones at first. I’m glad i passed that and bought them. When i ride the bike i do experience a bit of wind noise, but unless i’m around a lot of heavy traffic it’s not an issue. I’m particularly impressed with the mic, as all the calls i take on them are extremely clear and the other party hears me with absolutely no issues. The battery life could be a little better, but i get about a week of medium use out of them. Other people can hear them when at full volume if quite close but it’s not bad. I’ve ridden in the pouring rain with them as well with no issues. Very pleased with the product.

These are so comfortable to wear, with such good sound quality, that i use them for work mobile phone calls as well as running. I often forget that i am wearing them.

Positives -it is obvious that the product is an improvement over ‘titanium’ series. The sound quality appears to be better, the fit for the head also appears to be slightly ‘different/better’ which makes them more comfortable. They are also lighter than the previous version. On the negative side -the battery life is not good enough for extensive use. In the previous version ‘titanium’ it was possible to directly connect a charging cable to the headphones and reconnect with the device – this enabled charging and use without issues. Charging and using this product is not possible anymore and the battery does not last an entire day – i consider this a major drawback and seriously considered switching back to ‘titanium’ series because of this.

I really like these for running in. They are light and comfortable. They don’t move around when running. The sound quality is good in my opinion. It’s nowhere near top of the line but the whole point with these is i don’t want to be completely immersed in the music. I want to be able to hear what’s going on around me. Negatives: the bass isn’t very good and the sound changes when you move your jaw. Positives: i put them on and forget they’re there. I can have music and apps running, i can hear them and i can hear traffic, conversation etc.

I have issues with my hearing and these headphones have transformed my listening experience. I use them regularly to listen to audiobooks, whilst cooking and working at my allotment. I find it reassuring to be able to hear what is going on around me whilst also listening to my books. The headphones are comfortable and do not put pressure on my head meaning that i am able to wear them for several hours at a time. The battery life is superb and they charge quickly. I find the neck band to be a little on the large size and could do with it being slightly smaller, but this is a minor complaint. I wear glasses and they are comfortable to wear over the top of my frames.

Excellent for running – they sit on the bone next to the ear so no dropping out when running; fantastic sound quality; also great for walking, shopping, cycling (as you can hear everything around you and can carry on a conversation as normal) and even around the house. Battery life is good as well and they are so light you forget you have them on.

I have a problem hearing out of one ear, i always have a problem with in ear buds, over the ear headphones and hearing speakers. I was very skeptical about bone conduction – but thought hey what the heck lets give them a try. Omg i didn’t realise how deaf i actually was in my right ear till i put these on. I have only had them on an hour, if not less and i love them. I can hear everything every word, every note of my favorite artists. Its like the music is being generated inside my head. As a musician i can see the potential in these amazing headphones for learning and hearing. And on a plus note – the sound quality is awesome, and every so often the little tingles on your cheek bones is quite relaxing. A++++ product guys – i can see this technology having implications for all sorts of areas.

These headphones have been a great buy. I bought them solely for cycling on my road bike and was initially concerned about wind noise. I must say that i’ve not really noticed much of it at all, there is a small noise but when going fast or when it’s very windy you might need to increase the volume more but i rarely if ever go at max. I don’t have enough experience if cycling for more than 2 hrs so i cant really say much on battery life but so far for me they are good. I’ll give another update in the future around battery life. Build quality is good but not premium like a pair of bose sound sports but still good ( lots of accessories too)). Thumbs up from me anyways 👍.

  • A must for any athelete regardless of discipline
  • Great for running in
  • Fantastic headphones that are allowed by UKA

AfterShokz Trekz Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth Sweatproof Lightweight Earphones with Mic for Sports Red

Design is cool, the technology needs improving. Still a decent pair of headphones, but in the end they’re nothing more than a small set of speakers to sit on your cheekbones. Would be way more efficient if they could be worn to sit behing the ear right on the bone.

I bought these as i had read that they work relatively well with hearing aids. I’m certainly really happy with mine and am enjoying being able to run listening to music without the grotty ‘ear hooks’ i used to use constantly tugging on my ears. . It makes listening to music much easier for me and more importantly, they do not get in the way of my hearing aids and i can also wear sunglasses at the same time.

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