AICOK Food Dehydrator – got a good result.

Had some fruits piling up in fruit basket so decided to dehydrate it in order to preserve them. So found this dehydrator and tried it with this fruits. Dehydrator came to be very good quality – cream colour, good size for storing with many layers of trays, quality of plastic and design with combination of easy settings made me feel wanting more of dried fruits.

It is a very useful gadget you can have in he kitchen. Lots of fruits which get a bit old, i am just slicing them and in the machine they go, few hours later my kids enjoy them as snacks. It’s very easy to use too.

I brought this to make dry fruit and treat for my dog. It has 5 tier which is more than enough for me to use. My first try is to make dry pineapple, i left it on for 1 and a half-day and it turns out great. It’s not completely dry like those ones we can buy in the market, it has a bit of moisture which i think it’s very good. It for two settings which are temperature and time where you can select the option you need. They provided some advice in the booklet which made it easier for a beginner. The only thing i need to point out is, i think the plastic is thin looks fragile, mine are still okay ( has been using it for a week). But otherwise, it works completely well.

I bought this for my wife, coz she likes the dry fruit and nuts. Having a dehydrator at home helped reducing the fruit waste also saving money. She is happy with this one, we only used 2 time but did work well. Will keep trying and hopefully lasting longer.

Great bit of kit for the price, we bought it to make beef and turkey jerky treats for our dogs, we know exactly what’s in it and they love them,.

Totally easy to use, dry for overnight you will have all different veg and fruit delicious snacks. We love the dried sweat potatoes the most.

Recently i love cooking food,so i bought this ,after i received it,i opened the first taste a little,however, i rinse it and dried it with water. Dried lemons and dried sweet potatoes these two days,very good.

I ordered this item after reading it was amazon choice. I read quite a few negative reviews and this made me nervous. I have just dehydrated some mushrooms and everything works perfectly. Small, very light and easy to use as well as almost silent whole running. Over the moon with my new dehydrator. On first switch on it did cast a small smell but that soon disappeared. My mushrooms came out like wafer crackers. One snag is the guidelines book does not mention temperatures but hey that’s what word of mouth and internet is for.

I like the small size and quiet mode. However, the manual lacks info re temp, time and which veggies/fruits to use.

This is a very good dehydrator but i am taking one star off as the first dehydrator i received had plastic smell but the seller promptly offered an exchange and the replacement didn’t have bad smell. Otherwise, i am happy with this tool. The build quality is very good. The plastic does not feel cheap. The airflow is steady and equally distributed. Easy control panel and timer option is a nice thing to have.

Saved a large amount of food that would otherwise have been wasted.

Used this for drying freshly picked mushrooms. Being ultra cautiousi decided to set the temp at 40c, and the timer for 16 hours. When i checked the mushrooms were 100% cracker dry, just rightfor storage purposes. Have to say the appliance performed perfectly, just a faint backgroundnoise from the kitchen. Just took a few minutes to clean,in truth there was very little mess. Look forward to using it again.

Comes with-1 * aicok automatic dehydrator-5 * trays-1 * lid-1 * warranty card-1 * user manualalso it has large 5 removable tiers – 5 large and spacious drying layers, this dehydrator can easily hold large amounts of food, allowing you to dehydrate different types of food simultaneously. It has excellent temperature control. Adjustable temperature between 35-70℃ according to the different types of food you want to dry,retains full flavour and nutrients. Easy to clean & sturdy design – bpa-free food grade materials, dishwasher safes also lightweight and durable. The dehydration machine comes with an automatic shutdown in case the machine overheats. 24 month warranty also friendly customer service. Here are the specifications for the AICOK Food Dehydrator:

  • Large 5 Removable Tiers – 5 large and spacious drying layers, this dehydrator can easily hold large amounts of food, allowing you to dehydrate different types of food simultaneously.
  • Temperature Control – Adjustable temperature between 35-70℃ according to the different types of food you want to dry,Retains Full flavour and nutrients.
  • Easy to Clean & Sturdy Design – BPA-free food grade materials, dishwasher safe. The full copper motor withstands continuous use and will last 3X longer than competitors’ motors. Lightweight and durable.
  • LED Digital Display & Maximum 72 hour timer – Clearer and faster adjustment of temperature and time. Maximum 72 hour timer to help you solve most food dehydration.
  • Safety and Automatic Shutdown to Prevent Overheating – The dehydration machine comes with an automatic shutdown in case the machine overheats. 24 month quality assurance, 7 * 24 hours friendly customer service.

I love this dehydrating machine and i’ve done a lot of fruit so far and it’s worked pretty well just the first two times i didn’t get the timing right and the second time i got the timing right my family and friends like my dried fruit. It has many layers to make different things dehydrated and quiet. I think friends who like dried fruit should have it to make their families eat healthier.

Good product, in comparison with other dehydrators in the market very simple to use. I was quickly sent a replacement free of charge as the buttons didn’t work. I have to say the instructions for recipes aren’t the most clear ones i expected but i didn’t mind as there are so many available online. Noise is moderate but i use it at night (like the dishwasher), for drying fruits (3mm slices) it should be 8 hours at 55 degrees temperature, perfect result. Really useful for fruits that went beyond their pick but full of sweetness. It is an advantage the many trays is has as it allows bulk work. Nothing will be waisted with this useful device, as not only extends food life but transforms it in portable nutritious snacks. A lot to experiment learn and explore. I have the feel this product will become an indispensable tool in my kitchen.

Very good product that’s compact and easy to use. It’s also easy to clean and good value.

Just done first portion of dried bananasthis food dehydrator is fantastic, i do the fruits crisps for my kids to keep them healthy. I used to dry the fruits and vegetables in oven, that took lot of gas, now i will safe the gas and stay healthy. The food dehydrator perfectly does it work.

Brilliant fir me a beginner. It’s a must if you are exspecting the prices to go up which it all will in england.

I bought this product to dry my harvest of chillis. I have not yet tried jerky of biltong.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Easy to use and clean

  • got a good result.

  • simple but effective

Very good food dehydrator, it has a fruit dryer electric 5 layer food storage, i have used it for a while, i use it to make dried mango, the effect is still very good. The dried fruit tastes great. The temperature can be adjusted very well.

I was a bit disappointed that the instruction manual did not give temperatures for dehydrating various foods (thank goodness for the internet). Also, the temperature increases in 5°c lots, so it’s difficult to get the correct temperature for drying certain foods as sometimes you need e. Having said that, i’m experimenting and will persevere. On the plus side, the machine is lightweight and relatively quiet when operating. The reason i’ve only given it a 3-star review is due to the lack of information in the manual.

I can do a lot diy dried fruits. I love dries fruits so much. This machine makes everything easy for me. Even it can serve me dried sweet potatoes. I just cut sweet potatoes into small pieces, if you prefer thick ones, you can cut big chunks pieces. But it might take longer time. I cut very thin pieces and it has got my favorite flavored.

This is so simple to use it’s ridiculousjust add your fruit or meat etc into the dehydrator and set time and temperature and you’re away, results are exactly as expected giving us the dried fruit we really wanted for cooking.