AICOK Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine – Pretty small but very helpful

 very nice juicer just do the job.

It’s easy to clean and really good for the price. I would definitely recommend. Effortlessly juices carrots, apples and hard fruit and veg. I would recommend cutting into smaller chunks as i found it struggled a little when you put big chunks of hard veg in there.

 great juicer, not so big, so good for someone who does not have a lot space in the kitchen. Has a little brush to clean the grater.

I started my detox plan and now juicers are my main ‘food’ for some period of time. I needed a juicer, not a huge one as my kitchen is pretty small, but powerful enough to do its job. This juicer satisfies my needs. I have been using it 4-5 times a day to juice carrots, celery, apples, zucchini, kale. To juice a lime cut it into quarters and just throw with other fruits/vegetables. I wash my juicer after every juicing session which provides me with approximately 400 ml of juice. I find it working better this way. And fruit/veg leftovers i just freeze and will cook them later when my detox is finished.

The first time i made apple juice with the juicer, i was amazed at the taste of the juice. Nothing like the shop bought ones. As the feeder/chute is quite large, the apples are fed through whole and pushed down with the rod. The juice is extracted through the mesh on one side and poured into a jug; the apple core and seeds etc dropped into the large container on other side. The two speeds mean you can juice soft fruits like kiwi. It looks really good and expensive sat on the worktop.

My last juicer just gave up and stopped working , i had it for 4 years but something inside broke , it was a good juicer but well everything dies one day so i was looking for something in my budget and that could replace my last juicer as i love a fresh glass of juice in the morning , this one seems to be in my budget and i ordered it and i love it so much , it looks super cool and looks like a premium product and works flawlessly and does not make much as noise as my last juicer. I recommend aicok juicer for anyone who is looking for a new juicer in budget and quality.

It handles carrots very easily. It even got juice out of kale (which is very dry). It’s also very easy to clean. The jug is not very big and it doesn’t have a cover, but its sufficient for the early morning juice n- provides about 1 1/2 cups of juice. It’s very good value for money.

Does exactly what it says, however as per the photo, the ‘wide mouth’ won’t really take a whole apple, fruit does need to be cut smaller to fit. The juice container is disappointing, it’s a bit too small and more importantly, it doesn’t sit flush to the spout, there is quite a bit of dripping that doesn’t always get caught by the juice container. This can make the process a bit messyoverall however, a good juicer for the price and for someone who wants to try juicing on a budget.

This juicer looks nice and is well made. Very compact so can be stored anywhere. It’s so easy to remove all parts, to wash it, let it dry or wipe it with paper towels and to put all parts back. Easy to clean stainless steel cutting disc and micro mesh filter with brush included. Can select one of 2 modes for soft and hard fruits or vegetables. Safety locking arm is well made and locks perfectly. Juicer has overload protection system. It has large pulp collector. Juice container is big enough to prepare 2 glasses of juice. 65mm wide feeder chute is big enough to put a whole apple or potato and don’t need to cut it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Pretty small but very helpful
  • Really happy with this juicer
  • Great product