AICOK Juicer Juicer Machines : Works well but spout leaks

Must have if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Takes down easily apples,carrots, orange. 4 fruits make a glass of juiced usually so it is quite effective. Easy to clean except the pulp container which has a weird shape so harder to wash out.

Handy way to juice fresh vegetables and fruit.

I never write reviews but this product is so amazing easy to clean working great . Would buy it again and recommend this to family.

Thanks you for the great mixer, another great birthday gift.

Small and compact but does everything i need it to.

I have used this once a day for 7 days now. I am happy with it but the spout does leak every time which is a bit annoying to clean up and a waste of the juice. Other than that all the parts come off for cleaning and it is relatively easy to clean.

For the price it does everything you need in a juicer.

This juicer machine is very easy to clean and value for money. Since i bought this machine, my children drink fresh juice every day, they all liked it.

  • Works well but spout leaks
  • Great kitchen
  • Better than Phillips juicer

Juicer Aicok Juicer Machines for Fruit And Vegetable,Juicers Whole Fruit and Vegetable with Dual Speed Settinga And Large Feeding Tube Centrifugal, Fruit Juicer with BPA-Free

Aicok 400W stainless steel Juicer is the kitchen tool you need to make juicing fast and easy.A glass of fresh, natural juice is an excellent, healthy way to begin your day or inject some serious energy into a lazy afternoon. Lead your life better! 2 Speed Settings:Speed “1” is suitable for soft fruit, such as: Oranges, Apples, Grapes, Melons, Peaches, and Tomatoes, Cucumber etc. Speed “2” is suitable for hard food,such as :Carrot, Celery, Ginger, Spinach, etc. Productr Features: 1.For added safety, the juicer will only turn on when the lid has been locked in place with the locking arm.2.The pulp chute collects waste for easy removal and all removable components are dishwasher safe for your convenience.3.Equipped with Non-slip Rubber Feet at the bottom of the juicer, allows you to use the juicer safer and more stable than other juicersTips:1. With a safety locking clamp, it makes sure the cover is on tight while operating.Make sure safety2.For using, assemble according to the diagram of “name and position of main components.Switch off the power supply before cleaning the product.3.We had better add small pieces of fruit/vegetable into funnel. The juicer will extract more enough juice. Note: 1.There is a overheat protector on the motor . If the motor works for a long time with over warming temperature, the power supply will automatically cut off.It is recommended to use for one minute, stop for 2 minutes, then use.2.Do not wash the main machine. You can wipe it with wet cloth. Other components such as pushing bar, cover, middle seat, residue cup, juice nozzle cover, could be washed directly with water.Package : 1 x 65mm Feeder Chute 1 x Push Rod 1 x 304 Stainless Steel Precision Filter 1 x Food Grade Materials Juice Outlet 1 x 450ml Juice Jug 1 x Residue Barrel 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Instructions

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EnjoyYour Life

Whether it’s an peeled orange or nutrient-rich green, enjoying a fresh glass of homemade juice has never been easier. With its large chute and powerful motor, the Aicok Juice Extractor makes quick work of fruits and vegetables with little prep time required.

Aicok Juice Extractor is a professional juicer with large capacity, high juice yield, less foaming, 3speed setting for soft and hard fruits/vegetables, powerful 400 Watt motor to deliver fresh juice fast, great saving your preparation time and easy to clean up. With that Juicer Machine, you can customize your juice mixes with all the ingredients you want and enjoy the fresh juice everyday.


  • 65mm Wide Feed Chute
  • 3-speed Electric Control
  • Safety Locking Arm 
  • Overheat Protection

Enjoy different juicer in few minutes

2 oranges,peeled

1 cup fresh apinach

1 lemon,peeled

1 leaf kale

1 green apple, quartered

2 lemons-peeled,seeded,and quartered   2 apples,quartered

2 carrots,chooped

2 beets trimmed and chopped

2 pounds organic carrots,

trimmed and scrubbed

8 organic oranges,peeled

1/2 orange ,peeled

1/2 lemon,peeled

2 apples,cut into chunks

1 mango-peeled ,seeded, and cut into wedges

2 slices fresh ginger root

Enjoy Your Juicer in Whole Day

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Was a little worried that it might not support the monitors i have as they’re really heavy due to various attachments but it’s holding strong and doesn’t wobble at all.

  • Works well but spout leaks
  • Great kitchen
  • Better than Phillips juicer

Juicer Aicok Juicer Machines for Fruit And Vegetable,Juicers Whole Fruit and Vegetable with Dual Speed Settinga And Large Feeding Tube Centrifugal, Fruit Juicer with BPA-Free

Features and Spesification

  • Dual-Speed Modes Juicer Machines: Centrifugal juicer operating at high speed spin. “Ⅰ” low speed at 12000-15000 RPM is for soft fruits like oranges, tomatoes or lemons and others; “Ⅱ” fast speed at 15000-18000 is for hard fruits like carrot, celery, beets, kale and others. Proper use of two Modes will get a better juice effect.
  • Juicer 65mm Wide Feed Chute & Easy Cleaning: Create tasty juices with this whole fruit and Vegetable Juicer,Such as Apple Juice, Carrot Juice, Orange Juice, Strawberry Juice, Mix and Match Fruits and Vegetables. Reducing prep time to get the delicious juice. All parts can be rinsed under water, you can make reasonable use of the small brush.
  • Juice Extractor Material: BPA free food grade stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by made micro mesh filter to extract up to 28% more juice and 36% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers. Powerful stainless-steel cutting disc for fast results.
  • Overload Protection System & Safety Locking Arm: juicer efficiently prevents shutting off the juicer due to motor overheating, unstable power supply, improper assembly, idle run.Safety lock arm is to protect you by ensuring the cover is on tight while operating.Our aim is to be safe for our customers.
  • 2 Years Warranty With Juice Extractor: Provide lifelong technical consultation and customer service ready to serve you within 24h.Besides, Juicer bottom equipped with Non-slip Rubber Feet, allows you to use the juicer safer and more stable than other juicers.