AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer Machine : It’s fantastic

Very fiddly to fit together, feels flimsy. And on each time got blocked on the celery. I also thought the pulp is very wet. But i guess, this is what you get for the price. It only arrived today so i might give another update later on.

It’s pleasant and easy to use, easy to clean if cleaned straight away. Very simple and easy to use. I’m very happy with this buyer.

Serious bit of kitchen kit here. Munches through apples as fast as you can feed them in. . Next harvest will try cider making with it .

Cant fault it and its a great way to my kids to eat / drink fruit and veg.

Bought this product approx 9 months ago, we use it 2-3 times a week, normally soft fruit & veg. The juice it product it is really good, however the product itself broke very quickly, the orange plastic filter buckled and snapped, the teeth at the bottom of the main screw snapped off bit by bit to finally stop it form working. Although not too pricey , id say its should last a lot longer considering the small amount of times we have used. Also, questions asked about replacement items with no reply. Would i buy one again, absolutely not.

Amazing value, works so well and gets lots of juice out. I have used carrots, celery, apples, cucumber, ginger, oranges and grapefruit.

Very good juicer, not very noisy and juice comes very clear without any pulp in it.

I like my juicer as it does exactly that.

  • Great juice
  • Great products
  • not good for celery, wet pulp

Slow Masticating Juicer Machine, Aicok Cold Press Juicers with 75MM Big Mouth for Whole Fruit and Vegs, Quiet Motor and High Nutrient Juice

Only used a handful of times, fully boxed with all parts included.

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I bought this juicer for my son as a birthday gift. He was amazed by how efficient the product was. I was there at the time and can totally agree. Would definitely highly recommend it.

(chop up celery or remove stringy bits. ) not too difficult to clean.

It handles ginger, garlic, lemons, apples, carrots and many other items easily, separating the juice from the pulp with ease. Works better with small to medium size portions so as to avoid overtaxing the juicing basket.

Better equipped to deal with chunkier size vegetables.

It works well,easy to clean ,asssemle and dismantle. If you are a new juicer user ,better to read the booklet instruction carefully and it’s good to start with apples.

After first use i am dead impressed. Especially given the price it was sold for, like 3 or 4 times cheaper than other brands. So juiced apples, carrots, oranges, lemon and it recovered a lot of juice from them and the pulp was almost sandy dry that came out. The auger is solid heavy metal?. The parts that needed cleaning was fairly easy to do – do before you drinkit is quite a tall machine, but all packs away for storage.

This one makes juicing easy and fun.

This product does what it says. However fibrous fruit gets stuck in the tube for pulp extraction and it gets bunged up and won’t come out until washed through.

  • Great juice
  • Great products
  • not good for celery, wet pulp

Slow Masticating Juicer Machine, Aicok Cold Press Juicers with 75MM Big Mouth for Whole Fruit and Vegs, Quiet Motor and High Nutrient Juice

There are tips on how to use this successfully, cut veg into smaller parts, specially celery and apples. Mix your loading, mix soft fruit with something crunchy like celery and it won’t block. Had one part crack probably when dropped, but the customer service from aicok is superb, quick to reply to emails and sent out replacement part.

Really excellent juicer, in fact the best i have ever bought, plus at this price it is a bargain. I have since bought a few more for friends and family. Pulp left over is very dry compared to my centrifugal juicer, and is easy to clean.

Pleased with the quality of the juice – the pulp left is quite dry. So most of the juice is extracted. We found it a bit tricky to put together and take apart until you get the hang of it. But after that it’s straightforward and easy to clean as the parts can go in the dishwasher. Very happy with this purchase – we bought the same one for our daughter and son in law for christmas and they are happy with it too.

The best juicer i’ve ever owned. Takes time to clean all the different part though but it’s not that tedious.

Like all juicers you have to accept a certain level of post juicing cleaning. This is the 3rd juicer i experienced and is similar to clean. However the juice is better and more of it. Ok so it’s from china but most things are nowadays, that doesn’t make it rubbish. I personally am very pleased with this cost effective juicer and its function is faultless.

Thank goodness a friend of mine told me about this juicer no regrets whatsoever excellent purchase. Pay a bit more but a slow juicer is worth it.

Can throw in whole fruit or veg pieces – could do with dryer leftovers.

Super machine makes juice quickly and is very easy to clean.

The parcel arrived very quick, tired few time over last week, very easy to use and easy to clean, quite happy with the purchase, would recommend without any doubt. Thxi have to add more comment on this seller and items, the product faulted due to the local voltage issue, i contacted the seller regard this problem, without any troubles the seller offered a brand new replacement, even this is might not the seller’s fault. Again, without any doubt, highly recommend this to you.

Have to buy juice before but now we can make it domestically. Easy to clean and not too cloud.

Greta juicer, easy to clean and assemble. Much less debris going into the liquid than a previous juicer we were using.

Tthis machine is great and easy to clean and put back together. I love how quick i can make lovely fresh juice from this awesome machine.

I have had several juicers and some very expensive ones this one is the best reliable robust not too many parts that break easily and remarkably very quiet compared to the others i would recommend this to all people looking to start juicing.

This is the best juicer that i have ever had by far.

Features and Spesification

  • LARGE CALIBER DESIGN – 3” Wide Feeder Chute, easily accommodates large fruits and veggies, greatly reduces preparation time that can extract various fruits and vegetables in a few minutes.
  • HIGHER JUICE YIELD AND DRYER PULP – The auger spins at 60 rpm extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than centrifugal juicers. Drier pulp, less foaming and no clogging.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & ANTI-DRIP DESIGN – Pre-Clean function, no need for cumbersome cleaning, you can first put on the anti-drip plug, then pour the water into the juicer, open the juice or reserve the button to clean.
  • SAFE INSTALLATION – Equipped with a safety sensor button, if you do not install it properly, the juicer will not be turned on. Better protect your safety. If the juicer does not work, you can contact us to ask for the installation video so that you can use the juicer better.
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY + 1 YEAR EXTRA WARRANTY – Juicer using advanced technology, UL, ETL certification. Provide lifelong technical consultation and customer service.