Aicook Juicer Juice Extractor – My new favorite kitchen gadget!

Great machine, i use it nearly every day. It’s very easy to put together, you do have to cut the fruit small, i’ve used it for all kinds of fruit and not had a problem with any of them. Easy to clean if you do it straight away. Would recommend this machine and not a bad price either.

Very easy to use this machine and juicing removes most of the liquid from fruits and vegetables and leaves the pulp behind. While leaving the pulp behind, the fruits or vegetables’ fiber is also left behind. I used it to get some juice for my baby and he love it. But just little thing that i have to wash is after it been used.

I have never needed to buy a juicing machine until i started to blend my celery as part of my early morning celery juicing protocol. I would admit as a first-time juicer user i was a bit apprehensive about which juicer to buy. So, i checked the reviews on amazon and decided to go for the alcook juicer. Ordered it late night and got it the next day. As a male who does not take so easily to reading instructions, i immediately fell in love with the machine when all i had to do was to take it out of the box, plug it in the socket, stick my celery in the machine and started juicing. Kudos to the company for being thoughtful of packaging their product to make it so so easy for a first-time juicer user like me, to enjoy the experience instantly. It is fit for purpose and at this price represents great value.

It’s really easy to take apart and put back together, and it more or less comes apart completely which makes cleaning it really simple. For the price, it’s really good value. However, there are some (minor) downsides. Personally, i found the chute to add more fruit/veg slightly small. Whenever i’m making any kind of juice, i have to fill a couple of bowls with fruit first and feed them in sequentially rather than being able to dump everything in in one go and have it juice it all. Also, once the jug has filled with juice (and there’s still more to come), there’s no way – other than using a mug or something in the interim – to stop the flow of juice until you can empty the (smallish) jug into a larger vessel and return it. Also, once you’re done juicing, it continues to drip for a while after, meaning you should take it apart relatively quickly and wash it. Maybe those come with the territory of buying a small juicer and larger models have them resolved?.Either way, this is still an excellent machine.

Having seen the mixed reviews on here i was hesitant at purchasing such a low priced juicer, however i am pleased i did. Our family is now happier as a result and i mean from the point of view of having much more fruit in our diet, which is an obvious antidepressant, i am autistic and this helps reduce my ‘symptoms’. One question that seems to have gone unanswered or not asked and there is nothing in the blurb that comes with it is this, ‘will it go in a dishwasher’, well i took the plunge, in my a rated dishwasher i put it all in the top rack and it is fine, you have to give the metal sieve part a bit of a scrub first with the brush that is included to get all the gunk off and run everything under the cold tap first as you should do to get as much off as possible in any case of anything that goes in the dishwasher, but after then it cleans great, and even if you have to handwash the lot it is still easier to clean. This machine does a great job at juicing and as a result of purchasing this item i would never be without a juicer in future.

I chose this centrifuge under the advice of a friend, in fact it does not disappoint me. The packaging is very accurate in details, the material that makes up the juice extractor demonstrates high quality. I must say that the advantage of this appliance is first of all the speed, in a few seconds centrifuge fruit and vegetables thanks to its three speeds to be used from time to time depending on the consistency of the food. Another strong point is the mouth, in which to insert the fruit, very large and which allows you to spin some fruits without cutting them into pieces and even without peeling them. All parts are removable and washable under running water and the bulk of the residues is collected in a container behind the machine. The dimensions are very good and the suction cups on the bottom of the machine are very comfortable, avoiding the displacement of the machine during operation, the motor is not very noisy.

The juicer machine is excellent. The size of the machine is proper, it big enough to put all the fruits or vegies inside to make enough juice and small enough so it does not take a lot of space. It also makes decent amount of juice, just remember to chop all the vegies and fruits in small pieces so it can make most juice possible. It’s easy to clean and east to use, which is surprising for a machine of this price range. You can easily wash every part of the juicer, but sometimes the filter has to be brushed (there is a brush that comes within the box). It may take some time to assemble it, but after the first time you do it, without any hassles.

Works ok, but a bit disappointed. A lot of fiddly cleaning after use. Leaves a lot of pith inside the centrifuge – clogging it up when making a lot of juice, not all of it goes in the waste bucket.

This juice maker is working perfectly well, i bought this after a lot of research and reading, but i am so impressed with it. I would recommend to buy this item for everyone. You can just throw any fruits in to it, even hard vegetables as well, will make you a good juice.

I recommend that to busy people. It takes just 2 mins to get fresh juice. Absolutely brilliant purchase.

I used it today, i put some apple, strawberry, and banana blend to squeeze out all the juice, the children are love to drink juice so much. This is that i bought the best juicer, i’m very glad to buy such a good product, and it’s easy to clean.

Great product, very good price and great customer service from the seller. Had the juicer for a few months now and works very well. You need to make sure to clean or rinse thoroughly right after use. Had a small issue with a scratch and missing part but seller sorted it out very well and quickly.

I love to make fresh juices for detoxing and plant-based meals. This appliance is very easy to use and clean. Once you chop/dice your fruits and vegetables to a small size so as not to clog up the inner spinner it should be fine. Helps us to stay on track for being healthy. Here are the specifications for the Aicook Juicer Juice Extractor:

  • 🍹 Healthy Delicious Juicer – Extracts up to 26% more juice and 36% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers. All materials that come in contact with food are FDA & BPA-free. You can drink a cup of juice with little pulp and foam within a few seconds.
  • 🍹 65mm Wide Feed Chute Design & Easy Cleaning – Fit whole fruits & vegetables, reducing prep time to get the delicious juice. All parts can be rinsed under water, you can make reasonable use of the small brush.
  • 🍹 3-Speed Modes Design- “P” can reach the max speed of 18,000 rpm in an instant. “I” low speed for softer fruits and vegetables, and “II” fast speed for those harder ones. 3-speed control maximizes juice yield.
  • 🍹 Locking Arm & Non-slip Feet – Make sure the juicer is activated with the lock in place. Equipped with Non-slip Rubber Feet at the bottom of the juicer, allows you to use the juicer safer and more stable than other juicers.
  • 🍹 Safety Protection & 3 Years Warranty – Overload protection automatically shutting the machine down when it senses that the machine is overloaded. We provide lifelong technical consultation and customer service ready to serve you within 24h.

This is an excellent juicer but the cup with the juicer is not. In fact the cup is useless as the lid keeps falling in resulting in splashing juice all over you. In my case beetroot juice over my white shirt. I now use a different cup and wear an apron.

I bought this to kick start a more healthy lifestyle. It has two settings and works great with everything i’ve thrown in it so far. It has a wide opening which reduces any time spent cutting up your fruits or veggies into smaller pieces. It suction’s to the counter so there’s not really any movement when running it.Also, the parts come apart extremely well and is a breeze to rinse and clean after use. My kids love to make their own juices too.

The top part of the juicer is best left in soak to get the juice from out of the joining plastic. Apples of an average size do not go into the juice fully they have to be cut into pieces. It also struggles with whole lemons so i cut these too. It’s easy to put together and juices nicely if you cut the fruit but if you want a whole fruit juicer i would not recommend this product.

It didn’t cost the earth so you don’t expect perfection but it does the job. You have to cut fruit and vegetables into little pieces and you can’t continuously juice for a long time but it works well. I have found that this juices carrots, celery and grapes perfectly. It’s not as great with apples except the green or golden delicious apples. I love the juice it produces. It means i never have to buy fruit juice in a shop again. I’m yet to use it for oranges. My advice if you’re juicing apples with this is, juice a few, take out the steel base that you put the fruit/veg on and wash it with the brush that it comes with, then carry on juicing.

Good fruit juice machine, arrive on time, my kids don’t usually like to eat fruit, when i buy this juice machine, they are can drink fresh and health fruit juice, is very easy to use and easy to clean, when i use it the noise is quiet than i expected, it is highly recommended.

Had used few in the past, but this one is the best so far. User friendly interface,nice and easy installation comes with complete guide to setup. Comes apart easily for cleaning.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quite a good juicer
  • easy to use and easy to clean,recommend it
  • My new favorite kitchen gadget!

I had got a juicer before,but i threw it away when i moved. It was so dirty and very difficult to clean. As my wife needs it for her diet, i bought it for her. And also can make some fresh juice for my little one too. Its much easier to clean than the last one. I would definitely recommend it to my friends who have kids.

I bought this to make pineapple juice, but i hate the fibre in pineapple especially the core. This juicer solved my problem very well, seperated fibre, and the juice was so smooth. One pineapple for 200ml juicer.

Good, summer just can drink a lot of juice, in the morning the baby squeezed some carrot juice to drink, very like, because the baby does not like to eat vegetables, fruit and juice separate very well, it is also easy to clean up.

From the functionality point this device does the job of extracting the juice. Cleaning is a bit of a chore, especially the main juicer container where there are couple of spots where neither a brush can reach nor water jet can be focused. That is something the designers need to fix in next product.

The assembly is very easy and comes apart for cleaning really well. The performance is very good but when it comes to a hard food such as ginger, it can struggle to get to the last bit as it creates a thin disc stuck to the bottom of the press down tube but this doesn’t stop it completing it’s task. Gets plenty of juice it and leaves quite dry pulp in the bin. Cleaning is easy for the most part but the actual juicing bowl/filter can be tricky as using the brush that came with it, the brush bristles can get caught in the filter holes and pull out.