Aigostar Windmill 30JPM – Multi-Function Glass Jug Blender Machine and Ice Crusher – Sturdy and easy to use

The jug is good quality glass (heavy), the blades are steel and very efficient. All fitting neatly and tightly. Also very easy to clean all the separating parts.

It certainly lives up to its name. Crushes, no, more correctly, pulverises the ice cubes. We would have liked the the ice cubes to be broken up, rather than minced, but having said that, it does the job. Warn everyone in the house the first time you switch it on. It makes one hell of a racket.

Very sturdy, love the glass jar and the six blade system. Strong motor, blends very well. It’s a steal for the price.

A little bit noisy but the material is good, the glass jar is strong. Good to make juices, soups and some cakes, but not too heavy. Best for liquids and creams.

This is a large and heavy blender so there is no chance of tipping over. I love the glass jug and it is handy for all sorts of other uses too. Crushed ice really quickly and great for soup. I like the pulse option for blending. I love the fact it all comes apart for easy cleaning and would highly recommend.

I want to tell you about my new purchase algostar blender. Bowl for a blender with a volume of 1. I liked that it is not plastic, but glass. The lid closes tightly, for this there is a special nozzle on it. The blender has four sticky legs that firmly and securely hold it on the surface. The number of speeds at the blender declared 2, in addition there is a speed pulse. At the first speed, i beat the non-solid products, and the second hard. Products are whipped quickly at both speeds. The resulting content always suits me, everything breaks well.

Good quality blender that functions wellwould recommend.

I bought this blender ready for the summer and very pleased with the product. The glass jug is very strong and it looks very decent. I used a couple of times to make mixed fruits smoothie and it’s very easy to use, so far so good.

Better than the plastic i’ve had before. Would recommend as easy to use and a doddle to clean.

Has been good for my hommous and smoothies.

Very good quality and easy to use. Only small issue is that its quite hard to clean near the bottom of the glass container where the blades are.

Superb blender simple robust the actual jug is a heavy glass, easy to clean really pleased.

Fantastic value; eat you heart out kitchenaid. Robust clean design and easy to wash after use,.

I use this mainly for frozen fruit smoothies. The best blender i have ever owned. It crushes ice for my smoothie and it has a pulse function. It does not leak, and clean up is easy- add a drop of soap to hot water and run through as a blender then rinse. I love this because of the value and the glass body.

A bowl made of thick high quality glass. It’s bit heavy however better than plastic. Didn’t try wash in dishwasher but for me is enough just wash through with tap water. The best thing that i preferred it’s not absorbing odors. Under the cup has rubber teeth , there are also rubber elements on the lid which makes it possible to close the lid tightly. Does not take much space in the kitchen now i will cook more smoothies than before.

I was thinking of buying a considerably more expensive blender capable of ice crushing, when i came across this model. At this price, i decided to give it a go. I have been more than pleased at it’s capabilities, ice is smashed to snow if your not careful, and as such it makes short work of softer items. Very easy to clean, and it’s glass bowl is solid and durable. It makes great smoothies and is excellent for its price, and i don’t know what more i would have got for the £150 i was considering spending.

This is the first blender i have purchased so cannot compare it to others. It has a large capacity jug, which, being glass, is quite heavy, so i wouldn’t recommend for anyone who has problems lifting, especially when it is full, as it is quite tall, as well. Never having used a blender before i would have appreciated a recipe book to get started, although it is a spanish brand. Apart from these two points i am happy with it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Only 5 stars!!!
  • Excellent value blender
  • A very effective ice mincer.