AKG K240 MKII Professional Semi-Open Over-Ear Studio Headphones : Nice and light

The quality of the sound is perfect.

Exactly what i was looking for. Im using it with focusrite scarlett 2i2 mkii.

My friend must have recommended these 50 times before i finally went for it. They’ve almost halved in price from when i first looked them up. Sound amazing through my focusrite scarlett 18i20 headphone monitor.

Very good headphones and are comfortable even if you wear thin armed framed glasses.

These are legendary headphones that have been around in some form since the 70s. There’s a reason why they are still around. Nice flat response that have improved my mixes by leaps and bounds. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. I read some people complaining about the bass. If you’re expecting big bass like beats headphones, you’ll be disappointed. Beats are not flat response headphones and are tuned to increase the bass. These are for mixing/mastering to give you a true reflection on the sound. Especially for their purpose as studio headphones.

Not just for keeping your ears warm.

I really wanted to like these as akg make fantastic headphones. I had struggled with large headphones before, but the reviews kept saying how comfortable they were. My honest experience was: the sound was certainly very very flat and would be great for recording. But so flat the bass is just not really there?.I get the need for reference headphones as been recording professionally for decades. But i must be missing something?the deal breaker was the feel on my head. I’m 6ft 3 and though more comfortable than others, after 30 mins the back of my head and ears were just getting to hot and pressurised for comfort. My conclusion is that for some large cans will be fine but for others they just will be an ordeal. But i’m sure many will like them and hope i’m just in the minority. Lastly you can’t easily just plug them into your iphone as the volume is so low, so really only for recording via an audio interface etc.

If you’re doing basic mixing or want to listen to music and hear it ‘clear’, with no boost in bass etc, very good choice. These are not personal headphones – will probably not survive more than a month in your bag in the bus but will work perfectly if you take care of them at home or in the studio. The only issue for me is that they’re quite tight fitting – after couple of hours, my ears start aching. Can’t go wrong for this amount of money.

  • To correct a few popular misconceptions about the “blameless” K240s
  • Sadly disappointing
  • Faithfull and pleasant sound, very comfortable for long mixing.

AKG K240 MKII Professional Semi-Open Over-Ear Studio Headphones

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Excellent quality and very comfortable headphones.

But can be replaced if you need to. Very comfortable can wear them for hours and not have any bother.

I use these primarily for home recording and am very pleased with them. They are comfortable and the sound is clear and uncoloured.

You cannot go wrong with this headphone. Sound is extremely good, especially for the price. It is exactly what it says on the tin – balanced and accurate. Trebles, mids and bass are all reproduced well and neither exceed nor lack in any area. The bass increase setting on my fiio e10 works very well for when you want a more bassy sound – but it sounds great normally. The sound is very clear and many details in your music will be brought out. I was surprisingly impressed by the sound stage which is quite large and airy, probably due to the semi-open design. You don’t feel the music is inside your head which is something i personally dislike. This also means that those nearby will hear your music, so bear that in mind. It’s not noise cancelling either so you will be able to hear your surroundings.

I use the akg k240 mk ii in a very hi end leema/naim purely headphone system costing £4k. I mention this only to say i listen at such an audiophile level thatany weaknesses in the chain would be revealed glaringly. When people suggest the akg k240s have weaknesses i suggest they do not, they are made for studio use to reveal weaknesses in the recording chain. In my experience of stax,audeze, sennheiser, beyerdynamic et etc the akg 240s are the only headphone i have used that do not have inherent weaknesses, but purely reveals them. Considering the thousands of pounds i have spent/auditioned on headphones their cost is truly remarkable. Misconceptions:-they don’t have bass – any headphone that extends to 15hz has more bass depth than humans can hear. I have recordings electronic keyboard tracks with 20 hz basslines, the lowest humans or cd can do and these are clearly audible on my system as are 20hz tones. You may not have a system that can reproduce these, you may not like the ‘correct’ bass levels studio headphones give, but they clearly do have deepbass if not in any exaggerated amount. They have too much treble – well not if you go to concerts and listen to live cymbals they don’t. You may have a system that does not reproduce treble perfectly, but if you do the k240s reproduce it perfectly.

These things are amazingthey are the comfiest headphones i’ve ver worn, they’re so light. I use them for plugging into my bass amp to practice bass guitar quietly, and they do the job brilliantly – i can wear them for hours and they do well even with the lowest of notes. My bass can sound a bit muffled, and these headphones don’t really like that, but i can just change to my settings to a honker sound and they’re fine. They’re really sturdy too; you can twist and shake them, and i’ve accidentally sat on them a couple of times.

Superb sound well worth the money.

Very pleased with product however a string was loose on the one of the ears and it got caught and forged a whole in the seam of the padding. Very good quality headphones, would definitely recommend for home studio recordings,.

  • To correct a few popular misconceptions about the “blameless” K240s
  • Sadly disappointing
  • Faithfull and pleasant sound, very comfortable for long mixing.

AKG K240 MKII Professional Semi-Open Over-Ear Studio Headphones

If you’re going to use it with your laptop or mp3 player, don’t expect any high volumes. Other than that it has a quite balanced sound.

Nice phones, with a long replaceable lead. Very comfortable and very happy with the sound.

I’ve been using these for studio and tv work. They are very comfortable for long sessions and they sound pretty good. Cable is long and feels good quality and the cans look sexy.

For the price these are very good, comfortable, good stereo separation. Used an ipod classic with a fiio mont blanc amp to listen.

Absolutely outstanding monitoring headphones. Some say the bass response is inadequate; that has not been my experience. Some people say that semi open headphones are not useful for recording because the sound bleeds into the microphone. I use them for editing film dialogue as well as music. So all in all a perfect all round headphone – you may find better, but not for this price.

I have the 240 mkii (bought in 2008) and still love them to bits. I recently purchased this for a family member and the sound quality is great. At a price around £40, i might get another pair. Can’t see why would someone spend more when you can have this top quality at this price. I wish they came with a coil lead and a second set of ear cushions like my 240 mkii did.

I used to have a pair of akg k140 headphones but these were falling apart after many years of excellent service. I love the akg phones as they always produce a very naturally equalised sound but also able to deliver power. I avoided the obvious k141 as i play bass and mix music and sometimes the spill from the k140’s was really noticeable. I opted for the k240 mk ii and boy am i pleased. Far less spillage with the circum aural design and wow, what quality and clarity these produce. Live sound is natural, mp3 sounds good and original cd is brilliant. I am not dissapointed with these, in fact, even after just a few hours of use they have surpassed my expectations. You would have to purchase a serious pair of studio phones to beat these. Only one minor point, the plastic muffs do make your ears fairly warm after a few hours use but hey, you cant really use anything else apart from maybe some fine leather.

Brilliant headphones to transform ur mixdown. Look sleek and stylish, not so robust but you would take care of them so don’t worry.

Nice and light, wide soundstage, good bass but not very precise but i suppose that depends on what you compare it to.

I ordered this headphones due to great expert reviews. I’m used to all sort of headphones and studio monitors. This akg’s are not expensive compared to sound quality they give. I use them for mixing, video editing, background music listening and dedicated music listening. I plug them on my smartphone to listen to the radio station, ipod, pc, tv. They give similar quality sound out of any source (even from smartphone which is rather lower quality, and i rarely listened it, before this akg’s. It’s ok for radio stations though). Cons: the actual built quality is very fine, but they look like a cheap clone of some premium product. Much cheaper consumer phones i have looks more premium than these.

All my studio equipment got stollen in 2014 apart from these headphones as i took it with me to france when the incident happened. I had to start over again as i didn’t have insurance to cover to stolen equipment. I was broke and baught a simple pc, fl studio no midi keyboard no studio monitors, the only thing i had was these headphones. When i tell you i produced some of the best music, these headphones saved my life. The quality of the headphones was amazing, it’s not base driven which is great, in fact it’s perfect for mastering music so wjat you hear is what you’ll get. About 2 years ago i had lost them, my music hasn’t been the same since. Now i have better equipment but something is still missing. 2019 i’ve decided to get one of these headphones again so it can bring back that sound i need for perfection.

First time i have felt the need to review a product but holy moly. As someone who used to buy £30-£40 the step up in quality is insane. I was lucky enough to get these on a lightning deal as well. The only down side is that they have ruined all of my other headphones.

Amazing spund quality – you can here all of the sounds previously missing in my beats.

This is not a beats-like headphone. If you want something that you can use when walking in the street, this should not be your choice. It is designed for professional use, such as in a studio, which means that it won’t have any extra modification, effect or enhancement in any frequency band. It will provide you with the most genuine sound the music should be, just as you need in a studio.

I highly recommended these headphones as great entry into music production and or radio/podcast production.

Tl;dr: the bass on these headphones lacks fullness and is not fun to listen to. I’m far from a basshead, but i can safely say these cans are anemic in the bass department, and i am returning them for this reason. I ordered these cans along with beyerdynamic dt 770s (which are closed-back headphones) because both piqued my interest and couldn’t decide which one to get. So i decided to test both together, keep one and return the other. My laptop has crappy onboard sound, so i also ordered a fiio k1 usb dac, which despite its cheap price point, has excellent sound, virtually indistinguishable from the sound of my ipod (which is known to have a great internal dac). Disclaimer: other than that, my experience with premium headphones comes from listening to my trusty sennheiser hd 598s for many years, which i regrettably don’t have with me and cannot be part of this comparison. My testing method involved many several hours’ worth of repeating various ~10-second passages over and over, quickly switching between both headphones and listening for the differences, using dozens of songs from many different genres. While both headphone’s sound signatures are surprisingly similar to my ears (and both are meant to be analytical headphones for studio use), the k240 is glaringly lacking in bass power by comparison. Even simple kick drums lack almost all thump, blending in with non-percussion instruments. I’m not at all a basshead (i mostly listen to progressive/alternative rock and instrumental/classical music), but between two headphones that otherwise sound quite similar, but one of them lacks something, of course i’m going to pick the one that doesn’t lack it.

As someone who listens to a lot of heavy metal/rock music i can honsetly say these headphones are great. I was worried about them being semi open but decided to give them a try anyway. Yes other people in the room can hear your music so not the sort of headphones you want to wear riding public transport. No outside noise leaking in even when the other half was banging on about something. Just smile and nod while faith no more take you to your happy place. I listen to bass heavy music, the sound is very good with much more power than my 15 year old technics. They even make the ipod classic touch sound bareable so they’re alright by me.

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