AKG K271 MKII Professional Closed-Back : I am delighted with them

I wouldn’t say these are particularly neutral, as after an admittedly short listen (they’re a gift), there seems to be a significant bias to midrange. Cranking the bass and treble controls on my amp made them sound a lot flatter, and then they had a quite pleasant sound. I agree with the other reviewers about the comfort, though. After that short test they felt very pleasant, and i normally find big cans uncomfortable. Caution if you have a particularly small or large head, as the band doesn’t seem to be adjustable and if you have a very small head i wonder if the auto-cut-out feature would mean you never hear any sound. Extras are good (2 cables and spare earpads), but trying a cable change caused the right channel to get fairly quiet. Needed a couple of attempts at reseating for normal service to resume. I think i’d try in a shop if i were buying more headphones as i’ve had two sets of cans which were reviewed well but turned out lacklustre. (standard hifi buying advice is good advice).

One of the drawbacks of being retired is no longer being able to justify expenditure on quality hifi equipment, but the k271s were an achievable price and i am now delighted that i made the decision to purchase. They are very comfortable to wear for pretty extended listening sessions, and having passed the burn-in period they are now delivering detailed and pleasing reproduction of both music and speech. My music tastes are wide ranging to say the least, and the k271s have been ‘tested’ on music which included joe strummer & the mescaleros, joni mitchell, ben webster, lou reed, john martyn and jacqueline du pré. As said, they invariably deliver pleasing and engaging music quality and although the sound stage may not be as precise as my old hd540 reference pros, they represent very good value indeed – i have a feeling i will be trawling through my music collection yet again and enjoying every minute of it through the k271s.

Solid and nicely isolated due to their closed back nature, these headphones are ideal for my uses, they are solely used as my drumming headphones, so i can jam along to my songs without having to play my music too loudly, and stopping me going deaf from my drum kit too. Although when drumming i do not really get the whole benefit of the akg sound quality, i have tried them running off my pc with a little dot mk 2 tube amp, and have to say the quality is nearly as good as my akg k702s i use for playing games, and listening to music on primarily (although due to the closed nature of the k271s i am reviewing here, the sound stage is more compressed. For prolonged use these headphones are comfy, and will enclose my ears instead of partially trapping them, even with my glasses on. I consider my ears relatively average size, so would like to think this would be the case for most people, but it’s worth trying them if possible. They are very secure in my head, i wouldn’t say tight, but hold enough that i can play like a madman on my drums and headbang along without them falling off – which would lead me to think that if they do sit over part of your ear they would get uncomfortable with long periods of wearing. The cans come with a nice long cable, with your 3. 5 audio jack as standard for mp3 players and phones, and a screw in larger phono adaptor for plugging into most other things, including some guitar amps, or my other electric drums =). In my opinion a very good set of cans for the price, and i would definitely recommend to drummers or other musicians due to their isolation, and nice long, sturdy cable and option of phono or standard 3. A high recommendation from me.

Realized i wasn’t that bad playing piano.

I was very pleased with the headphones i received. I find them to be very well made and sturdy,which was exactly what i was looking for. I expect to be using them for years to come.

I’ve owned the first version of these over-ear headphones for more than a decade and they’ve lasted that long with heavy use. I also have the sennheiser hd650, hd25 and b&o h6. I would rank these just below the h6 overall but the h6 is much pricier and not quite as comfortable as these. The good: the cord is replaceable and long. The headphones mute when you take them off (genius). Super comfortable with the velour pads, big cups and flexible headband. The sound quality is good enough. Isolation is excellent and others will be protected from your music. The meh: the sound quality is good enough.

Exactly what my grandson wanted, thrilled to its with them. He is doing a music tech course at college and these are ideal.

Use them all the time and havent noticed any dmges to them. Going to use them for a few more years atleast.

  • One of the Best Cans
  • Quality Music Reproduction At A Reasonable Price
  • Great cans, comfy for me but.

AKG K271 MKII Professional Closed-Back, Over-Ear Studio Headphones

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Perfect, light, very exact and clear sound but could have better bass.

Had these for over a year now, still great.

These headphones produce a very clear and true sound, however they are let down by their quality. Unfortunately after around 2 years of use the piece of plastic that holds the elastic thing that presses switch broke. Quickly after sound stopped coming out of one ear, i took the headphones apart and realised the plastic bracket that holds both the metal headpieces (which act as conductors to transfer sounds from one ear to the other) in place had distorted and broken, which pulled away from the wires connected to the drivers and broke the solder joint.

This is a really great set of headphones i’ve been using for the past year and a half, these are my impressions:looks: m’eh, they ain’t winning no beauty pageants. They have a utilitarian look which is just fine with me, they’re built to last, not to impress idiots on the bus. Build quality: very solid, sturdy headphones that have been on my head nearly every day since i bought them, no signs of cracking, scratching or polishing of the finish. The vinyl on the ear cushions dried out, but a second set was included in the box. The ceiling collapsed in my office in a rainstorm and killed my laptop, the headphones took the worst of it and all that happened was the sticky bits holding the foam inserts inside the ear cups don’t quite stick as well as they used to. This doesn’t matter as the ear cushions hold them in place just fine by themselvessound quality: very clear, even sound, much better than a lot of consumer grade headphones, including bose rubbish or any of that beats nonsense. These represent the audio as well as a decent set of speakers. Comfort: really comfy, like a koala cuddling your headfeatures: the headband auto adjusts, sound is cut off when the headphones are removed, the cable can be replaced. Extras: spare ear cushions, a jack adapter and an extra cable (coiled) are included, pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Delivery: awesome, i took the super saver to save money and it arrived as quick as possible(5 days)the design is simple but awesome, the cable is detachable so if you’re cable breaks you can just buy a new one, the headband is also made ultra comfortable. With the headphone comes a set of velour pads plus the leather ones on them, it also come with a coiled and straight cable, so that’s a really good package of accessories/extra’s. The sound is also great, it’s really well balanced, which means if you’re a basshead you shouldn’t buy this, because it’s a balanced headphone with a flat response, really nice for listening to music, gaming and editing of course. I tested the sound without a amp, and i heard this headphone gains a lot from using one, so it can only get better.

Quality sound, and made to a very high standard, (too large to carry in ones handbag).

I have been using akg for years and these hands down one are the best studio reference headphones on the market on this price.

I think for the price they are a comfortable and clear sounding headphone. The frequencies are very clear and they do shut out most of the overspill of sound. The only thing is that they cut off if you only wear them halfway.

  • One of the Best Cans
  • Quality Music Reproduction At A Reasonable Price
  • Great cans, comfy for me but.

AKG K271 MKII Professional Closed-Back, Over-Ear Studio Headphones

I purchased these as an upgrade from the sennheiser hd448s. I’ve had the k271 mkiis a couple of days now. The sound has improved as i’ve worn them in and maybe it will improve further, i’m not sure. The akgs aren’t as comfortable as the lightweight sennheisers; they’re heavier and they clamp my head a lot harder, but i could still wear them for several hours. The up-side of the tight fit is that they do keep out a lot of background noise. The most notable difference in sound is with the bass. Now i can turn up the bass on my eq and the bass in my headphones actually sounds clearer, as opposed to just boomier. I can actually boost it quite far before the akgs complain. Other than that, the sound is just better in general.

They can feel cheap at times since the design isn’t metal and the headband is thin and plastic. Can become a little uncomfortable; but let’s face the facts and stop being whiny shall we??okay, the verdict: if the design was metallic chassis and a softer headband, the headphones would cost about £50-60 more if not £100 more. When we buy headphones what we are looking for is professional quality sound replication so that we can listen to and produce music at a high level of production quality. These headphones will offer you the same level of sound you would expect from a £200 pair of producer / studio headphones for the price range of £100-120. Bang for buck, these are the best headphones i have yet come across (the £120 beyerdynamics may be better since they are 80ohm impedence as opposed to the 55ohm akgs). Long story short, i could happily produce electronic music using these for the next 5 years or until i hit 100k subscribers on youtube. You really don’t need any more than this unless you are a world-class musician or someone who is ridiculously whiny about the sound quality they get. 10/10 – sound replication is superb. Frequency clarity is superb.

Akg’s have always been renown for quality, i work in recording studios and owned many pairs by this manufacturer. These are not manufactured in austria anymore they are made in china, there is a slight but not at first glance difference. The reason for the 3 stars is1. Akg selling point is not only sound quality, but comfort and for every pair of akgs ive owned (other than these) i can concur that even after a twelve hour stint there is no comfort issue and the quality of sound has always been good. Weather its been with a low or high priced pair. These on the other hand are very uncomfortable, the provided ear pad are tiny, i have small ears and they just fit, the head band is too tight – makes you feel like your head is in a vice. The actual driver is way too close to your ear and it gets very hot, you’ve got to take them off after 20 mins. Ive put some pads on from an old pair of akgs and they for me more comfortable. The mute does not always work.

My sennheiser 565 ovations, considered to be a standard for neutrality and detail are now 17 years old. I was recently in the british library doing an online course, and the library uses akg 271 studio headphones on all of their computers. I was so impressed with the sound quality that i ordered a pair online. I use them at home with a meridian 203 dac and an nad 3020i audio amplifier, through the headphone socket. They are definitely in the same class as the sennheisers. The bass, using the supplied velour earpads is rich, tight and deep, the midrange,while being less full than the sennheisers, is crisp and incisive. This slight leanness in the lower mid might well contribute to the impression that they are slightly tighter than the senheisers. The treble, however is very bright indeed, and reveals all the detail in a recording, warts and all. It can give the impression , of being slightly disorganised particularly with rock music. But this quality is largely benign and not intrusive.

Very comfortable to wear for long periods, uncoloured sound reproduction, i use these in my home recording studio.

Bought these for use with an electronic drum kit and as an upgrade from the akg k44 that i normally use. I really wanted to love these headphones but i was really disappointed with the audio quality and their lack of ability to deal with low end. They would clip at the slightest hint of kick drum to the point where i thought they must’ve arrived damaged. Compared to the k44, they seemed to have nowhere near the level of volume handling. Which was a real shame as i liked the look, comfort and features. But in the end, i had to return them as simply not fit for purpose. I really hope i had a duff pair.

I picked this item up as the reviews i have read favoured these cans. I borrowed someone else’s aka 250s and have liked.

I spent a fair amount of time deciding upon this purchase. I could very easily have purchased a set of grados or beyerdynamics, either of which would (i am sure) have been nice. However, i decided upon these akgs and i am very pleased that i did. In this age of disappointing overtly plastic products, i had been concerned that build quality would suffer. Whilst these are still a very cheap set of headphones, the build quality is pretty good. They certainly feel robust – the separate lead is a real bonus in this respect. They are also very comfortable. The sound reproduction is good – with catholic tastes in the past three weeks i’ve listened to pop, noise pop, hard bop, alt-country, sacred and classical music, and been very pleased with the reproduction.

Great sounding head phones for mixing. Also they turn off when you remove them from your head.

Very comfortable with a nice clamp (coming from a senn head-vice user), especially so with the velour pads. Fairly neutral sound, slight emphasis on higher vocal region. Very open sounding even when compared to similarly priced open-backs. Fits very well with piano but not recommended for a bass-head or most southern rock. These ‘will’ feel a touch tacky / toy like if you are used to higher end headphones and lack the deep end impact i was expecting compared to some other closed-backs. Material-wise they are quite light and the plastic feels very thin unlike higher spec’d nylon/polymer. Be aware this is reflected in the soundstage. Almost a four but not quite.

I did purchase at around the same price, a so called “monitor” set of headphones. I found them to be very bass heavy and problems with the cable connections. They were not what i would regard as “monitor” quality, they were returned. From reading various reviews, i selected the akg. To me, they have a very natural sound and that is what i was looking for. In addition, i like the auto switch that turns off the sound when you remove the headphones. The closed back is also a good feature. I find them comfortable to wear, even in hot weather for over an hour.

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