AKG K44 Closed Back Headphones : A reliable headset that will last you for many years

I work in the wedding and commercial film industry and over the years i have tried a wide range of different headsets. Some that were many times the price of these and i have always had the same issue, which was that they would break, usually in the middle of a shoot. I got a version of these before and they have lasted for years. I have found them to be excellent and very robust and hence i bought another pair.

I don’t know much about audio but compared to all my previous headphones the sound from the k44 is amazing and they’re extremely comfortable.

I checked with a friend about his choice of headphones. He recommended the akg k44 ‘s. I read other peoples reports about them. Most were very complimentary. My friend then lent me his to try. I tried them in my hi fi, computer and television. I was very impressed with the sound quality and clarity for the price. I ordered some the same night. Unfortunately amazon were out of stock for 3 weeks, but i was happy to wait.

They have a fairly cheap and plastic feel but all in all they are pretty decent. I use them mainly for guitar practice and just wanted cheap headphones for that. I’ve listened to music on them too and it sounds pretty good. I am not an audiophile at all but for the price these will do most of what you need.

I bought these due to the recommendations of other reviewers and am glad i did, they are excellent in every way, the fit is the best i have had from any set in the past and they don’t hurt as some do. The sound quality is good and they have a low bass response to give that extra bassy sound but without distortion. I have used them with my electric guitar with full overdrive and it copes fine so it can deal with anything. For the price they take a lot of beating and i would buy another pair if i ever need to. The lead is a good length as well, not too long but not so short as to be unusable as some are.

Not the most comfy at first but they bed in after a short while. Really great for your home studio if you don’t want to pay out for the top spec monitoring headphones,.

I am no audio expert, and not knowing the technical terms probably enhances that point. But i can appreciate good sound quality and with these headphones the quality is definitely noticeable. Coming from owning previously a pair of counterfeit beats studio headphones and legit skullcandy lowriders the sound quality is noticeable if not similar to the previous two, but the closed back state of the headphones grants a small amount of noise cancellation, letting you appreciate the less noticeable sounds more, which is vital when listening to a flac album. The headphones have an adjustable strap that sits on top of the head, so instead of adjusting the headphone size constantly you can simply pull it down until it rests comfortably on your head, and the giant size of the headphones also encased a majority of my ears which was much more comfortable than my previous headphones. I definitely recommend buying these headphones as for the price and the well known brand you get an usual level of quality and detail.

I was happy when receiving these headphones. They arrived quickly and were packaged up. When i started using them i did some averagely-loud recording and it played back pretty well. But as i started belting, but not fully, whenever i played it back it started to crackle. I did full belting to test it out, and that was worse. I then played it back from my computer speakers, and it sounded perfectly fine. I had heard these were good for singing, but it doesn’t seem to support a strong, loud voice at alli didn’t want to give up on the headphones so i started to belt further away from the microphone. I then increased the volume and it stayed stable.

  • Great sound, but mileage may vary without a nose peg
  • These AKG’s are honestly the best pair of headphones I have ever owned
  • Quality cans for a great price!

AKG K44 Closed Back Headphones

Product description, The AKG K44 Perception studio headphones feature an amazing, clear sound at a brilliant price. These are great budget headphones for in the studio, for live or for simply just for listening to your music. If you like to hear everything in a piece of music clearly then these are fantastic, much better than standard ear phones.  With a powerful bass end and crisp high end you get a very pure sound which makes them excellent for analysing music or making music. The leatherette ear pad design ensures a good comfortable feel while the adjustable head band allows you to get them to sit just right. The 2.5m long cable is plenty long enough for most situations and they even come with a jack converter to take them from 1/8″ (standard) to 1/4″ jack size. Great headphones on a budget! AKG K44  Studio Headphones Closed back Over ear 18 – 20000Hz frequency bandwidth 32 ohms  Leather earpads  2.5m cable Convertible jack combo 1/4″& 1/8″ Matte black

Manufacturer’s Description, The K44 are cost-efficient headphones for different applications, like Project Studios and Home Recording. These closed-back headphones are a true all-round performer with solid bass and clean highs at a value price.

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Nice headphones – very light and comfortable. They can become a little hot after listening to music for a while. I think the sound is great and the price as well.

Best light weight headphones. Very good all rounder headphones. Weight of the headphones are very light. Very comfortable headphones. This headphone are better than sennheiser hd 201 and hd 202. I am very pleased with the build quality and sound quality of the akg k44 headphones. I recommend this headphone to everyone out there. This is best budget headphone.

I can’t fault the sound quality – for the price the k44’s are very nice. All the music i listen sounds “pretty good” with these. The only problem i have is with the ear pads, they are “leatherette” which probably is a fancy word for plastic – they are all right for an hour or so but after that my ears feel pretty hot and i need to take the headphones off for a while – the feeling is similar to what you get on very long phone calls. The self-adjusting headband works great, and the headphones stay on even if i move around (the cable is quite long). I bought these in 2016 and am still using them in 2019, so i definitely got my 28 pounds worth out of them.

Akg k44 closed back headphonesakg – need we say any more. These don’t even touch your ears, more hover over them. The sound is slightly boosted (bottom end), so not the best for studio use but great for achieving full surround sound and giving that cinema feel.

Tremendous value for money, clear, defined sound reproduction across all ranges with no tinnyness at the top end or low end rumble and distortion even at relatively high volumes. I regularly fall asleep with them on because they’re so comfortable in my middle-aged torpor . ( and not because of my mor music taste. Double bass sounds exactly as it should whilst piano music – my instrument of choice for checking music fidelity produces all and only he quality if the recording. Beats both the sennheuset and nise headphones if previously had for half (or more) the price .

Bulky,hot on the ears after 20 minutes of indoor,seated listening. Bass heavy, not so clear on mid or upper ranges. I still have an old pair of sony mdr-xd200’s and the sound from them is so much better. Sorry, but akg ain’t as good.

I was looking for some closed back headphones for use with home recording as well as general listening and knowing the reputation of akg, i thought i’d give these a try – especially at this price. I was immediately struck by how comfortable they were; quite lightweight and not overly tight. Just snug enough to cup the ears and exclude outside ambient noise. The sound quality itself is very good with an impressive dynamic range; plenty of bass but not at the expense of those highs. The closed back design is quite effective at stopping sound bleeding out (unless you have them very loud) which is essential in home recording and desirable when listening in the presence of others. I am particularly impressed by the solid build quality and the attached cable is nice and thick so hopefully it will last longer than others i have tried. For the price, i really can’t fault this product. Well made, comfortable and with great performance.

I had a pair of akg271’s before they broke. But pricey at £180 when i bought them. Now if the akg’s are my 100. These are about 75 on that scale. They are incredible for the price. They are really comfortable, i wear them for hours with no issues. They can handle heavy loads. They are resilient, i throw them about and the cable is bent all ways till sunday but they do not give in.

  • Great sound, but mileage may vary without a nose peg
  • These AKG’s are honestly the best pair of headphones I have ever owned
  • Quality cans for a great price!

AKG K44 Closed Back Headphones

I love them, sound good, look good feel good. I am very glad that i purchased these headphones and feel the are much better than the senheisers that i usually buy.

Very impressed with these cans. Cheap and seemingly good quality with great sound. I’m going to buy a second pair. I can’t think why folk pony up more than a hundred quid for beats headphones.

I bought them knowing i needed some good studio headphones for some home-recording, but didn’t want to spend hundreds on them. I went with these thinking that surely they would reflect the price, but i’m glad to say, it’s not the case. Beautiful sound, nice long cable, very comfortable on my head. For the money, they’re a bargain.

These akg’s are honestly the best pair of headphones i have ever owned. Really comfortable and the sound is just unbelievable considering i payed a measily £20. Comes in a very tidy looking box aswellupdate, after about a year and a half of extremely heavy use, and the help of my dog chewing the lead a bit, sadly my k44s have died, they are sadly missed in my bedroom studio, but to be completely honest, i’m not sure how i would rate these headphones any more, while the sound reproduction is good, i can’t really go any further than that, they’re a bit bass heavy and the highs seem to be cut by these headphones quiet considerably, so when switching to my monitors after a late night production session i would have to eq the horrible highs that i could not hear in these out sharpish, not that big of a deal, but i would rather not have to adjust the mix twice, i think i’ll try some roland’s or some krks next.

Feel very cheap compared to my bose qc15s but as there hundreds of pounds less i’d expect that, the sound quality however is pretty good so all in all for the price there worth buying for occasional use.

This set of headphones is so lightweight that i even forget i’m wearing them. Was not sure between these and the sennheiser hd201, but even thought these last ones are more popular, the akg k44 have better specs. They are really powerful, comfortable and muffle external noise well. Came in only a few days after requested and would definitely recommend for anyone seeking good quality headphones for an affordable price.

I bought these on amazon in 2015 for £18. I use them for casual music production and haven’t felt the need to buy any others. They sound amazing and are very sturdy considering how light they are. Great all-round piece of kit. Highly recommend, even at the much higher price they are good value.

Not that loud, but i like my music really loud. Very comfortable, sound is great, nice bit of bass.

These are ok but not for the hi fi purest.

Obviously not as good as a £100+ set but definitately not a cheap and nasty set masquerading as something more.

Cracking headphones, especially for mixing or audio work. Everything is crystal clear. Nothing is masked or coloured sonically. Would definitely buy them again.

These offer a great sound for a small price. They are not going to win any style awards and feel very plasticky but solid and well put together. They have a good long lead, some may think to long, but personally would prefer a lead to be on the long side, the self adjusting headband is comfortable as are the ear pads. The separation in these headphones are great, with an excellent range, good sharp bass and highs, with a full roundness to the sound and quality you receive. A great budget pair of headphones for anyone who wants sound over style.

I’m no headphone expert, but for the price these certainly do the job. I use them to track demos in my home studio and they work perfectly. As others have mentioned they are a little bass heavy, which you need to be aware of when mixing, but overall they are great.

When i bought these headphones i was not looking for audio perfection; more like the least expensive of its type that would do the best job. I needed some reasonable quality headphones to help with video recording. These do actually hit that mark perfectly well. Of course i’ve tried them out on audio-only files as well, but some frequencies clearly suffer. So not the choice for studio perfection.

These are excellent headphones that have a great frequency range and good levels of details.

The headsets functionality was great, good sound, decent noise cancellation, nice for playing guitar , but the appearance is quite cheap, with plastic everywhere, so it depends what your needs are.

These headphones are so lightweight and just fantastic for in the studio , my music college recommended these to me as a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive headphone and they really are fantastic.

They’re good headphones for this price range. Don’t expect anything too sophisticated and you’ll be pleased with this purchase. They’re quite comfortable and sound with pretty good fidelity. I use them for my home humble recordings on computer and i’m happy with them. After wearing for a while they can get a bit uncomfortable so i take breaks every 15 mins or so and i’m good to go.

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  • Leatherette earpads