AKG K701 Open-Back : Clarity and punch

You won’t find a better set of headphones for the money, the build quality is superb, sound separation is excellent and they put all the hyped up names out there to shame. Over the past few years i’ve tried two pairs of the monster products, both from reputable dealers and both at extortionate prices. £150 for a set of over the ear clip on sports, £280 for studios both falling apart with weeks and not just the in line volume controls but the headphones themselves made from cheap that. The akg 702’s which came out some time before these now ‘must haves’ that our youth are now forcing their parents to buy them, these were not cheap but the price fell with the competition. The build of these are far better and as with all quality headphones they do need a good run in time allowing the electronics to acclimatise. They rest so comfortable on the head you can forget they are there and the sound in my view is in a league of there own within this price range. Regarding the bass on these a number of people have criticized them as having low or no bass at all, i feel again people have jumped on the bandwagon as i find the bass fine, saying that if you want to collect your pension using sign language maybe the bass isn’t for you but i find it pretty good. At the price these are now they are an absolute bargain, akg have numerous followers in the pop and rock world including eric clapton, peter gabriel, stevie wonder, aerosmith, the rolling stones, rod stewart, anastacia and so on. For less than £140 have the best and forget the rest.

If you primarily listen to classical music, these wonderful headphones may be of interest to you. Spacious sound stage, neutral rather than accentuated bass, beautiful mid range, detail forensically rendered. Be aware that they need a headphone amp to be properly driven and sound their best. These are currently selling for £140- they were akg’s flagship consumer reference model when launched and sold for hundred’s of pounds more at the time. At the current price they are remarkable value if you are looking for a detailed, largely neutral headphone. If you are looking for a warm or smooth sound these are not what you need, nor are they ideal for rock and pop recordings- but if you primarily listen to classical music, they are phenomenal, and at the current, much discounted price, a real find.

I’m using them to make music on with logic. I have a problem with a new neighbour , i have a expensive pair of pmc speakers , very detailed but due to my new neighbour i can barely use them , hence. I read the reviews and went with these as they are cheap at 130. I do to music for the voice / big bro ‘ americas got talent and like to think i know a good mixdown , it’s prob my best skill. When i got them i played them immediately on a laptop and thought they were tinny and bass was low. I put a song on a loop for 4 hours with bass boosted at max volume with a sound card. And let them burn in , they sounded better afterwards. They are good because the panning is v evident with them , the highs are clear and bass is fine, if the bass were really strong like some headphones , ie pumping , your ears will get knackered after an hour , your eardrums can’t handle it.

Compared to the k701, the 712 is a touch sweeter in the treble, a small amount more bass, a slightly smaller sound stage (but still very broad). I think i hear a tiny amount more detail in the mid range. All in all a bit more controlled when a large orchestra goes full throttle- then i find the 701 can sound a little strained and harsh at the treble end and a little less clear in the mid range when, say a mahler or wagner orchestra comes to a massive crescendo. The k712 is also a better all rounder than the k701, being adept at rock and pop music. The 712 is also less fatiguing for longer listens. For all the above reasons i think the 712, at its current price, is worth the extra money over the still very fine 701 (which is now a stone cold bargain if you want a highly detailed, neutral open ear head phone).

How do i explain these headphones?awesome?. I don’t feel that to be a strong enough word. They are that and then some. I’ll just explain (quickly) why. . The first time i used these i thought they were nice headphones, pretty comfy and i suffer from a neurological disorder that makes me hypersensitive so i need really comfy headphones and these are pretty good at first but they are slowly getting better as the 3d foam seems to be getting more pliable and the fitting system is excellent as it doesn’t squash your head and just sits on top of your head nicely. They cover my ears really well and the cable doesn’t get in the way and is soft and not heavy. It’s almost like i was partially deaf before but now i can hear everythingjust to explain, i was listening to an orchestral soundtrack and everything was incredibly clear, like i was actually sitting i the middle of the musicians and the sound was all around me.

Fair to say i haven’t got a massive amount of audiophile quality headphone experience. I bought these to replace an gaming headset with a view to actual quality sound reproduction and wasn’t bothered about the mic on pc. After a mass of research, i decided to go for the akg’s. Even with the necessary additional cost of an amp (creative soundblaster omni, which has a reasonable mic on it. ), when compared directly with a similar ‘high quality’ headset, they simply blow my astro a50’s out the window. The sound reproduction is something else, from games and music. The only slight issue i have got is a few youtube video’s by my favourite creators show some serious flaws in their attention to detailed audio quality. This is like going from a sd to hd tv, you suddenly notice the flaws. From the reviews ive seen they take a day or so play to really warm up and break themselves in.

If your in the market for reference headphones these k702 won’t disappoint, the price is outstanding as is the performance, even the packaging is sexy, i have hearing problems and have used headphones for many years, at all sorts of prices and manufacture, i can honestly say these are the best so far, delivering good mid and high range notes cleanly, with the bass not trying to knock your brains out, the design makes the k702s look real cool hangings on a cradle when not in use, the comfort level is excellent, the only minus point i can say is after several hours of continues use my ears get a little warm, due to the pads that do really fit well to the skull. So like i said if your in the market for a set of reference headphones, give these ago. Ps my nephew is really pissed, he is a professional drummer and has used akg for studio sessions for years he purchased the same model when they first hit the market and paid top price.

I’m one of those guys that collect headphones and have owned most of the best/most expensive one’s on the market. Having owned the classic akg k702’s in the past, i was expecting the k712’s to be an improvement – yes they are. The main area of improvement over the k702 is the bass. But it also has a slightly wider soundstage. I also own the k612’s and they simply don’t compare. Yes the k612’s are very natural sounding but they don’t have the technical capabilities of the k712’s. Portable devices can drive them well as they are 62ohm but when driven from an amplifier or hifi system they are very satisfying. You wont find a better pair of audiophile-grade headphones for anything less than £400. Even when compared to the ‘creme dela creme’ of higher priced headphones, these would be in my top 10.

  • A bit more refined than the 701
  • Ideal for classical music
  • Consider them a hi-end AKG K240 Mk2, not a new K701/2

AKG K701 Open-Back, Over-Ear Premium Reference Class Studio Headphones

Product Description, Whether you prefer the holistic approach or like to listen analytically, the K 701 will turn perception into pure enjoyment. AKG is the first manufacturer in the world to use revolutionary flat-wire technology in headphones, namely the K 701. The result is a truly dramatic sound that places every musician at his or her correct location with pinpoint accuracy. This kind of agility and spaciousness in addition to brilliant highs and velvety, punchy bass is simply miraculous. These superlative open-back dynamic headphones provide an outstanding accurate sound and excellent imaging. Try the K 701 and find out what ingenious headphone engineering can do for you.

Box Contains, 1 x AKG K701 headphones; 1 x 3.5mm to 6mm adapter

From the manufacturer


  • Headphone type – open
  • Sensitivity headphones 105 dB SPL/V
  • Rated Impedance 62 Ohms
  • Detachable cable – no
  • Cable Length – 3 m
  • Maximum input power 200 mW
  • Audio frequency bandwidth 10 – 39800 Hz

AKG K701 Open-Back Headphones Overview

Experience pure perfection!

Hear every detail. The AKG K701 Headphones put you in the centre of your sound. Their open-back design provides a wide, immersive soundstage, whilst patented Varimotion twin-layer diaphragms ensure that the entire frequency range is reproduced with exceptional accuracy. Plus, with revolutionary flat-wire voice coils, the K701 boast an unmatched treble and impulse response.

These high-performance headphones also envelope you in complete comfort. Their circumaural design complete with unique 3D-Form earpads and a self-adjusting padded leather headband ensure that even the longest of listening sessions are non-fatiguing. With this premium comfort and faithful sound reproduction, the AKG K701 Open-Back Headphones are the perfect choice for studio and audiophile listening.

AKG K701 Open-Back, Over-Ear Premium Reference Class Studio Headphones

Patented Varimotion Diaphragms

Revolutionary sonic performance. The K701s feature AKG’s patented Varimotion twin-layer diaphragms. This multi-layer design combines two different materials to create a rich, dramatic listening experience. The first layer optimizes the diaphragm’s motion, whilst the second helps to minimise undesirable breakup modes. With this technology, the diaphragm’s thickness is varied throughout, providing an 80-micrometer centre-zone for a well-balanced frequency response, and a 40-micrometer perimeter for precision mid-range and bass reproduction.

Flat-wire technology

Each transducer also features a flat-wire voice coil, offering further improvements to the treble and impulse response, as well as their sensitivity. Combined with an open-back earcup design, these reference-grade headphones have become an industry-favourite for professionals and audiophiles all over the world. Whether you’re producing, mixing, mastering, or listening, the AKG K701 Open-Back Headphones are the perfect platform for getting great sound.

Incredible Comfort

Designed with comfort and style in mind. Unique 3D-Form ear pads and an ergonomic padded genuine-leather headband ensure that you remain pain-free and comfortable, even during the longest of sessions. The ear pads feature an innovative gel construction with a super-soft lining. They provide an optimum fit to envelope your ears with outstanding comfort and the best possible sonic performance. Plus, with the self-adjusting headband design, you’ll never have to worry about fiddling with positions ever again. Simply put the headphones on, and enjoy a truly immersive listening experience.

The AKG Legacy – Inspiring Greatness for decades

For more than 65 years, AKG has helped create the iconic sounds of some of the world’s most well known recording artists, engineers and producers. Our designers and engineers have made it their life’s passion to find new ways to deliver breakthrough experiences for artists of all levels. Whether in the studio or on stage, when you wear AKG headphones, you’re seconds away from creating history.

K612 Pro K701 K702 K712 Pro
Headphone Type Open Open Open Open
Detachable Cable
Replaceable Earpads
Rated Impedance 120 Ohms 62 Ohms 62 Ohms 62 ohms
Net Weight 238g 235g 235g 235g
Wearing Style Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear
Audio Frequency Bandwidth 12-39500 Hz 10-39800 Hz 10-39800 Hz 10-39800 Hz

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These sound amazing right out of the box. Not too long ago, i would have thought they were a little lacking in bass. Now that my ear’oles have been educated, i very much prefer tight, natural, real bass. The bass from these headphones don’t intrude into singing for example. Tony bennett’s voice was very clear and the ‘s’ in words showed no sibilance. When i put on beegie adair trio and “a time for love”, the bass was lovely and the brushes on the drums sounded so nice. The ear cups are huge and even though my ears stick out like taxi doors, they still don’t touch the inside. Until i get my little dot mkii headphone amp set up, the volume on my ipad has to be at maximum but it is comfortable at that level anyway. I am thin on top so i need a head band to be comfy and this very nice leather one is very comfy. I listen to spotify a lot while my wife watches the telly, so i’ll be getting a lot of use out of these excellent headphones.

I have only recently caught up with this akg headphone model, having previously owned akg q701 & k702 models. My current pair are akg k240 mk2s. I much prefer these to the q701/k702s which i find too bass light and with exaggerated left/right stereo. The k240s have a far better balance left/right, front/rear & top/bottom and are the ubiquitous studio headpone with good reason. The k712s have the exact same sound balance as the k240s, even to the point of operating at exactly the same volume level on the headphone amp. They improve on the k240s with a larger soundscape, which gives each instrument more space and being larger & better built they are more comfortable for long periods. You can further improve their clarity, neutrality & impact by fitting leather dekoni akg elitefenestrated ear pads, which are a significant upgrade in sound & comfort on the £20 velvet originals, and also by upgrading the cable – i use a 2. 5m naim grey/neutrik jacks lead. The 712s are used on the end of a dedicated naim headphone system and they play all music, be it beatles, zappa, ellington or boulez, with absolute aplomb & equanimity. The only downside is, being a true studio headphone, they will show up any faults in the recording or your hi fi chain. But if you want the unadulterated truth, warts and all, beauty and all, this is one of the most acurate headphones on the planet. Add in the very reasonable price in true audiophile terms (even after adding an extra £140 for the upgraded pads & cable. ) if you can’t stretch to the upgrades get the standard 712s, if you can’t stetch to them go for the 240s at £70 – then start saving.

This is my first experience with true open back headphones so bare with me. I have used many sets of closed back headphones in the past and i’ve had great experiences with them, but these are on another level. First of all, you can hear yourself speak when you have them on. If you’re using these with a pc and you’re on voice chat, you know exactly how loud you are. Second of all, they sound like really good speakers with the punch of closed backs. Bass is clear and not overblown, same with the whole frequency range. Despite this, these are enjoyable for the causal listener as there is still a sensation of a punch with deep bass. The only problem i’ve had is that they do leak enough sound to be picked up by my modmic 5 every so often, but that comes with the territory of open backs and these cans are good enough that i’m considering using a different mic to fix that problem over just getting equivalent closed backs.

For the €126 that i paid, these earphones are absolutely splendid. I see from reveiws that people nowadays prefer headphones with a heavy bass bias. These render the sound precisely as it has been recorded; that is, without any bias. Understandably, they are therefore normally used for audio work. I use them for both audio mastering and simple listening to classical music. I thought i would need to turn up the base, but i found the sound ‘as is’ perfect for my large collecton of classical music. So, i highly recommend them for listening to classical music (and anyway for their normal use in the monitoring of sound during production). They’re very comfortable too.

These headphones are stunning. I needed a pair of reference headphones for studio mixing as my current situation has left me unable to use my monitor speakers. I am no audiophile, but i appreciate good quality sound and owned a number of ‘hi-fi’ headphones over the years but have never experienced such detailed reproduction of sound quite like these. After trying them out in the studio i noticed a lack of bass as others have said but after about 20 or so hours in, the bottom end is opening up nicely. Either my ears are adjusting, or they really are ‘burning in’. I am currently running them through anything and everything to get more hours on them and after hooking them up to my ps4 controller, i think i have just found my perfect gaming headphones too. Playing the last of us remaster. Uncharted 4 and alien isolation my mouth was wide open. I have to credit to the sound engineers and mixers of these games. The music, effects,ambience and dialog.

These are open-back phones, so i was prepared for sound leakage – but it is more than i was expecting. At a comfortable listening volume for oneself (not especially loud), it would be irritating for anyone else in the same room – even quite a large room. Otherwise, fantastically pure sound, perfectly balanced, very comfortable to wear. Compared with my (very old) sennheiser hd40s, they feel huge – like having two comfy pillows clamped to your head – but not overly heavy. But despite the much larger size, they are actually more comfortable to wear. The sound is marginally quieter than the hd40s, but seems a little more ‘honest’. That may be purely because the padding on the k702s holds the speakers a little further away from the ear than the hd40s. (the only problem with the hd40s is they were steadily falling apart.

These headphones are quite simply fantastic. They seem to be getting even better every time i put them on, could be burn in, could be placebo, who knows?. All i do know is that they put a smile on my face and give me goosebumps. They’re that goodbass, mid, and treble all represented with such clarity and realism. These phones are definitely a bit special.

So long story short i bought these because i was tired of my old headset (logitech g933) which is 7. They are an ok headset but they didn’t deliver the sound accurately when i played fps games, so i decided to spend a decent amount of money on headphones. And i did spend a lot of time reading, watching etc around the web, which helped me chose these particular headphones. They are comfy the sound is amazing and accurate, i even tried putting some dnb tunes which i know like my backhand. I heard sounds which i didn’t even know exist. So trust me or not they are worth the price, just make sure you buy an amp with them, because they do require a lot of power. S will update the review in few months.

  • A bit more refined than the 701
  • Ideal for classical music
  • Consider them a hi-end AKG K240 Mk2, not a new K701/2

AKG K701 Open-Back, Over-Ear Premium Reference Class Studio Headphones

Very detailed and revealing performance. Very flat frequency response. Well-matched transducers, professional levels of sound quality. Fantastic stereo sound-stage. These headphones have relatively high impedance and low sensitivity. They are very fussy about the amplifier and sound awful with some electronics. Even the headphone output of my hifi amp sounds poor.

These are excellent, they’ve become an integral part of my studio setup, and they’re incredibly comfortable so they can be worn for hours. Now that akg are owned by samsung and have shut down their vienna facility, these are probably the last akg headphones you’ll be able to get in this price range and of this quality.

Features and Spesification

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  • 10Hz – 39800Hz audio bandwidth
  • 62 Ohms, 105 dB SPL/V, open-back over-ear design
  • Patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm for sparkling highs and accurate bass response
  • Flat-wire voice coil technology for extremely accurate sounds and transient response
  • 3d-Form earpads and padded genuine-learther headband for maximum comfort