AKG N60NC Foldable Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones [WIRED] : Brilliant – noise cancelling superb

If you’re lucky enough to still have a headphone jack then these are still worthy of consideration. They’re robust, very well made headphones that deliver surprisingly punchy base in a small form factor. Vocals are clear and the noise cancelling is pretty good. These won’t compete with the latest and three times the price headphones but i still like them. Docked a star for 2 reasons – the nc is good but not amazing and, after around an hour, i can feel some discomfort on the top of my head – a downside of the compact size is a fairly thin headband that does exert some pressure.

Good sound and good noise cancelling. I would have kept it expect that the headband kept slipping forwards and backwards on my bony head. This wouldn’t happen if it had more softer padding. Top price item so i expect them to have thought of that. Otherwise, very well put together.

Sound is great but the anc didn’t play well with my migraines so i sent it back.

Awesome headphones with great noise cancelling.

These are brilliant i’ve had then on for hours at a time and found the comfort and sound outstanding much better than other i’ve used.

The jack doesn’t properly fit into an iphone so it stutters occasionally because it looses contact when on the move.

Bought these a couple of months back after reading the reviews. Tried them in a busy cafe a few times and wasn’t particularly impressed – it didn’t for example cut out the noise of the air conditioning but just changed it to a different, and slightly more annoying sound, and you could still clearly hear people talking around you and the noise of the espresso machine etc. But waited to try them on a plane flight and train ride on my regular commute for a 6 hour flight and 2 hour train ride. I was also able to compare them directly to some bose qc20i in-ear noise cancelling phones which i also bought a few months back (yes, i’m a sucker for headphones). Unfortunately my initial impressions stood up – i switched to the akgs for a few mins on the flight and immediately thought ‘okay they’re going on ebay’. And put them back in their case and went back to the bose phones. I know some people say the akgs (and other phones’ noise cancellation) can be described as more subtle, but when you switch to them and compared to what you have been using it’s like nothing is going on, then you wonder why you are bothering. With the akgs i could suddenly hear everything going on around me even with a film or music playing whereas with the bose that disappears. Yes the akgs are better than nothing but why buy these as your main noise cancelling phones when something else does it much better?.

Brilliant – great for use on flights, noise cancelling works, comfortable to wear and compact so easy to carry.

  • Very good sound and build quality, reasonable noise cancelling.
  • Fantastic but become worse over time
  • Great headphones with a few minor flaws

AKG N60NC Foldable Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones [WIRED] with Carry Case – Black

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Sound quality is good, comfortable to wear (although i wouldn’t like to wear any headphones for more than say 1-2 hrs. Great for daily 1+ hrs commute on the bus. It doesn’t cancel all noises but cancels enough to get a feeling of riding in a premium car while tucked in a seat on dublin bus (seriously, even the awful drone of diesel lump in the rump of the bus sounds more like 6 cyl petrol). I can still hear destination announcements (a tad disappointing) and some background noises, but the noise cancelling difference is really nice. While walking the street, the feeling is positive too – you still hear the hiss of the tyres, which reduces all sorts of risks, but it’s much quieter. I think overall it’s a very good balance between noise cancelling and safety. Build quality – i’ve owned it for just a couple of days – but it’s impressive in my opinion, despite what some reviews and i know what i’m saying, as i’m anti-squeak fanatic in my car, and i know the difference between quality (e. Plastics, fit and finish) of a premium car vs regular car. Akg n60nc are well put together, much better quality plastics compared to my smaller on-ear sennheiser which were around £50 (and sound better too), from which the faux leather pad is peeling off after 2-3 years of frequent use (1 hrs a day walking to and back from work).

It’s not mu h to say really. What hifi reviews say it all.

Works very well and removing base sounds from the surrounding environment. I use it on the train and whilst it does not block everything out (especially higher pitched sounds) it does make the journey more tolerable. There is some extra pressure on the ears when the noise cancelling is switched on which for the first six weeks made me feel sea-sick but i got used to it.

Fantastic headphones, lovely quality with great noise cancelling. Also very comfortable when on, i took a 1 and 1/2 hr call today with no problems. I’ve moved to these from bose quietcomfort – the bose failed after about four months and would only play out of one side. I think this is a common problem.

Impressed with the build quality and sound.

These headphones are fine if you don’t plan to wear them for extended periods and are probably your best choice for the price, but after trying these i upgraded to a more expensive over-ear pair due to these headphone not being comfortable.

I never realised how noisy the world was until i put these on. They cut out a heck of a lot of background noise, meaning i don’t need my volume up very high to hear my music. Sometimes i don’t even have any music and just enjoy the quietness. They are very comfortable and well made, i wear them every day commuting to/from work on the train, walking and while working at my desk.

I’ve now had these for probably 3 years now and have loved them ever since i bought them. By now, both of the leatherette pads have come apart at the seams and become detached from the ear pieces, but have been lovingly fixed with needle, thread and superglue. 5mm cable that came with them broke after a couple of months use, and though i look after the headphones, i’ve probably been through 3-4 different cables from different suppliers since the first one broke. The only problem i’ve found that isn’t the result of normal wear and tear is the fact that the noise cancelling has become considerably worse over time. Listening to a new pair in a shop, it’s blindingly apparent how different they sound. When i first got these, switching the nc switch would make it feel like you were putting your head in a vacuum, almost to an unsettling degree. Now, there is barely any noticeable difference when you switch, save the slight attenuation of office ventilation and road noise. I’d be interested to know whether this was a fault that only affected the first couple of runs produced (as i bought these as soon as they came out), but i wouldn’t expect expensive headphones to lose this much functionality so quickly. Other than that, these have served me very very well.

  • Very good sound and build quality, reasonable noise cancelling.
  • Fantastic but become worse over time
  • Great headphones with a few minor flaws

AKG N60NC Foldable Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones [WIRED] with Carry Case – Black

I had a difficult time finding a pair of good looking noise cancelling on-ear headphones for use in an office environment. These look great – but unfortunately, they don’t block out the chitter-chatter of my colleagues. They do however block the sound of the ventilation, printers etc. Also, they are great for blocking out plane and train noises when travellingunfortunaly, after 6-8 months of use, the headphones no longer charge – and hence the noise cancelling is no longer working. This makes me regret the buy. I wish i’d gone for a higher quality model.

Super headphones, great sound and noise cancelling as good as you could expect for the money. Nc great for dulling out the sound of plane engines etcbattery life for nc seems to last forever, certainly 20 hours plus.

Did some research/comparison between the big brands against the n60 ncs – not dissapointed to go with my decision. These entertaining, noise-cancelling cans give the established class-leaders a serious run for  their money-portable, well isolating and entertaining, the akg n60 ncs are one of the most desirable noise-cancelling cans i have come across.

Good, sound, decent noise canceling and look nice.

Great sound, good noise-cancelling, comfortable.

Bought for gf excellent quality. Looks amazing sounds amazing.

Excellent noise cancelling headphones. Light weight, small and foldable make excellent for travelling. The sounds quality is very good. Reasonably comfortable when worn with glasses over a longer period – probably not as comfy as over ear headphones.

Excellent sound reduction and fit well and snug.

The sound quality is absolutely excellent, i listen to a lot of classical and opera/choral, so the upper midrange has to be good, and these are fab.

I chose akg after reading a review online. I had tried the bose in my local shop and found they didn’t get loud enough for my liking. The akg’s noise cancelling is superb and the sound quality is excellent. I don’t think you’re ever going to get good audio listening on an iphone however much you pay for headphones. When i plugged my akg’s into my sons dj gear i got the full benefits of the rich, round sound.

Noise cancellation is fantastic and really muted any rumble from the train and tube. Only downsides are the case is truly awful, real potential to scuff the headphones folding them up in the tight non hardened case, and the headphone wire can often drag against clothing, giving off noise.

Great quality & sound, comfy & surprisingly good noise cancelling. Love the fact i can continue to use them once the charge has gone in non-active mode. A few minor issues though – not been using them for long & they are starting to look quite worn, especially where they rub, whilst folded in the pouch – the pouch should have an extra flap to place between the earpieces. Could really do with an extra zip pocket in the pouch as i’ve nearly lost the charging cable & flight adapter a few times when getting the headphones out. The cable feels like quite good quality with it’s braided shell, but it does tangle quite easily & transmits sound from your clothing.

I bought these for my husband, who is a massive audio geek, he loves them and his journey to work on the bus is now a joy.

Sound very good and do job :).

I bought these after a recommendation from a friend and lots of research. And i could not be happier, they give a fabulous sound and when you turn the noise cancelling on the difference is amazing. Really pleased with these headphones, definitely no regrets over this purchase.

I have been looking to replace my ‘walking headphones’ for a little while now and pounced on these during a black friday sale. They look pretty sleek, have impressive noise cancelling and are from akg who i’ve always enjoyed in the past. After a few months use i’m pretty impressed with them overall. The sound is good, fairly loud and somewhat bassy but not overly so. I do find they occasionally struggle at loud volumes and don’t have the clearest or most pristine sound. However they do the job well enough that i don’t find my self in need. If i want better sound from headphones then i switch to my over-ears. The noise-cancelling is impressive for small cans and i’m really impressed with the battery life. I’ve barely had to recharge them at all after a few months use.The packaging is decent and there’s a nice pouch to keep them in.

Was after a pair of noise cancelling headphones for sometime but wasn’t prepared to pay the extortionate prices for them. After reading many reviews about these cans i took the plunge and saved £30 on shop prices by buying them from here. Amazing sounding headphones that will not disappoint. I consider myself an audiophile and am well pleased with my purchase. I would definitely recommend them.

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