AKG Y45BT Wireless Bluetooth NFC Rechargeable Mini Stereo On-Ear Headphones : Three Stars

Excellent headphones, very easy and straightforward to use with commands on the right hand side speaker, it pairs immediately with phone and plays very clear, i am very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone who want to enjoy good quality sound for a very affordable price.

Bought them as a birthday preset for my partner as he worn out his previous akg headphones and wanted wireless ones. He likes them, sound is very good. It is very good that there is a cable that you can use when the batteries are running out. Easy to get started as instructions were very simple to follow. There is a bit of interference in certain areas but that is occasional. Over all very happy with the sound and the product.

Superb headphones for the money. I have had them a month now and have a 4. 5hr train commute everyday and they’ve been excellent.

Excellent on the go sound quality using tidal streaming service at hifi quality. Battery life very good also. A little tight on my head but i do have a very big head.

I was a little concerned by the reviews stating that these ‘phones are noisy using bluetooth. I haven’t found that to be the case, yes there is noise on absolute silences but very minimal and unlikely to upset most folks. So if you listen to speech program on the radio in a very quiet environment you might want to consider plugging them in instead. If you listen to music on the back of a tractor or on the ‘tube’ you will have to turn them up to a very high level to notice anything in the quiet bits. I didn’t give these ‘phones 5 stars because i find the controls a bit fiddly and the instructions non – existent. What does the flashing red light mean?. What lights do you get when charging and do they mean full or empty battery?how do you turn them off. Ok you can work it out eventually, but that’s not the point. They do pair easily with i-pad2 and samsung galaxy phone; the sound is generally good and i don’t have any complaints given the cost.

Comfy and nice sound of them. There well made and are easy on the ears.

First time with bluetooth headphones,should have bought a pair years ago. Connection to ipad quick &a faultless. I can’t believe that you get such a good sound from theseakg headphones,brilliant.

The headphones were given as a gift – the recipient was very pleased – but i cannot comment.

  • Good build, great sound, battery life could be better
  • Not for hands free.
  • Very good sound.

AKG Y45BT Wireless Bluetooth NFC Rechargeable Mini Stereo On-Ear Headphones with Detachable Audio Cable and Volume Control/Microphone – Black

Product Description, AKG Y45BT Wireless Bluetooth NFC Rechargeable Mini Stereo On-Ear Headphones with Detachable Audio Cable and Volume Control/Microphone – Black.

Box Contains, 1 pair of AKG Y45BT, on-ear headset with BluetoothDetachable bypass audio cableUSB charging cableSoft travel pouch

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Unleash your inner creativity

The Y45BTs offer AKG-quality sound in a lightweight, on-ear headset addressing your needs for connectivity, convenience, portability and style.

Mini-sized, new AKG Y45BTs are on-ear headset providing the perfect answer to enjoying quality sound your way – because they’re designed to do much more than enhance audio performance. With true, wireless Bluetooth connectivity – they simplify life through hands-free, smartphone connectivity and enhanced mobility with their own source of power.


Convenience personified with cable-free control when you want it.


Always at-hand when you need them, their fold-flat design keep them neatly housed in a soft travel case – ready as required.


Enjoy true wireless performance with a rechargeable power source providing total independence for up to 8 hours – or plug in for external power and recharging.


Whether you’re plugging in for recharging or for listening direct, the choice is always yours.

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Also have a wired pair which are also very good. Bluetooth connection is excellent & has never failed to pair, battery lifealso adequate. Remember though, these are not noise cancelling so you will still getbackground noise. Good value – good product – would recommend.

Hii was recommended these by a colleague who uses them in the gym and in the office. Despite not coming with any set up instructions like any bluetooth device once paired you are all set. Just remember to recharge regularly depending on use.

Very good vibrant sound with or without the wire, solid build quality, portable. In bluetooth the hiss is noticable, but if u listen music loud then it wont be a bother. There is another issue i should mention, when u connect to the laptop and u do not play any sound at all the headphones will go into some kid of sleep mode and the sound gets very distorted and delayed but it is a windows issue. Because of the ear cups size they leak sound alot. If the great sound quality is what u are looking for then i could not recommend them more, a good product in this price range.

Have paired this successfully with win7 and xp computers. On xp however, the bluetooth stack is not that responsive so there is a regular pauses in the play back – this is not an issue with the headphones as they work just fine with win 7. On xp i usethe supplied cable, but you have to remember to take the headphones off when you stand up. I do not use the headset functionality to answer phone calls and i suspect that i would find the buttons at the back of my right ear difficult to operate. I have also happily paired with a samsung android phone which works well streaming radio and so on. Nice when working in the garden. As my ears are not that good these days, i cannot comment on the sound quality, but they are certainly superior to the ear phones as the akg carries more bass.

I bought these because i loved the sound quality of my wired k451s but wanted to go wireless. Heard all sorts of terrible things about bt headphones – drop-outs, hissing, loss of sound quality. Maybe i got lucky, but i have used my y45bts every day for two months – easy pairing, no drop-outs and the sound quality is just brilliant; really well balanced. I do most of my listening via my iphone so i’m clearly no audiophile, but the sound is really warm and engaging with decent bass if that’s your thing. Sound performance gets better the more you wear them too. I’ve tried bose soundlink and qcs paired with my iphone too and i struggle to tell the difference; actually the akgs probably edge it, (but i may be partisan). Volume goes as loud as you need it, without distortion. I do use the carrying pouch but sling them in and out of my bag every day.

These are my first excursion into bluetooth headphones. I don’t like ear buds of any sort and some of the bluetooth headphones seem massive on the ear. I chose these because of their relatively small size when on your head, the ability to fold flat and fit into a small carry pouch and also the benefit of a supplied headphone lead along with the micro usb charger. These closed back phones are well made, light and comfortable on the head with a good range of extension on both legs. However they can feel a little tight after extended use. They also look well with none of the bling popular on makers earpieces, just a muted akg to let people know their pedigree. The right earpiece has volume controls, on off button, small blue led which shows connection status and a very small microphone, which i haven’t used. The volume controls provide a decent range but if you hit the max it lets you know with a shrill and unpleasant single beep. The left ear cup has the micro usb charger port. The phones fold flat and fit into a neat mid grey circular zip case which will fit into a large jacket pocket or bag without feeling bulkyconnection************connection is quick and stable.

They connect effortlessly to the tv and have made a huge difference to a family member who is going deaf.

Ordered tuesday delivered thursday. Don’t think i’ll ever take them off. Worn for an hour and very comfortable. Perfect headphones in my opinion.

  • Good build, great sound, battery life could be better
  • Not for hands free.
  • Very good sound.

AKG Y45BT Wireless Bluetooth NFC Rechargeable Mini Stereo On-Ear Headphones with Detachable Audio Cable and Volume Control/Microphone – Black

Best sounding bt headphones i have ever used. Great sound with clear treble and a pleasing bass response that is solid but not overpowering. Battery life is superb too, a well designed headset that doesn’t disappoint. This headset brings your music to life in a way that more expensive sets sometimes don’t.

Great sound and comfortable to wear, battery while on bluetooth lasts well too.

Really good earphones for the money. The earpiece is a little small, but apart from that.

I have had these a while now, so plenty of time to build up a real picture of them in use. Positives: great, compact folding design. I love the style, weight, feel and colour. They’ve got a good battery life, and are simple to operate. Have never had any problems across a range of devices for the bluetooth connection either. They feel well engineered (apart from the ear pad problem described below). Negatives: i don’t find them too comfortable. They are quite tight, and i can’t really wear them for a longer length of time. Sound not great, but acceptable. The microphone for voice calls is variable, most people can’t hear what i’m saying. Otherwise would be great for calls. One of the bigger issues though seems to be a design flaw in the construction of the ear pads. They have a circular, sharp edged piece of plastic in them. So after a little use, it cuts through the fake leather and a splits them in half.

Great on-ear bluetooth headphones, not too heavy to wear for long periods and very nicely made.

My husband loved them and uses them almost every day.

Had them for over 6 months now, two colleagues at work tried them and ordered a set each the next day. The mic isn’t great due to positioning, people i call report a lot of background noise, i imagine it isn’t an issue if you use it in a home office or something. I love the bypass cable, the quality on direct is beautiful. Though they aren’t noise cancelling, the quality of the cushion is such that the seal combined with even low volume music deals with a crowded train. On my 1hr 45min train journey to london regularly, packed commuter train, either with films or music – they are wonderful. I did find they got better over time though, a friend with a pure corded set of akgs recommended ‘burning them in’ using a mix of music types, leaving the. Running overnight for a few weeks. I found just using them for a few hours a day made a difference.

I bought these recently as my three year old (or more) akg k452s just suddenly stopped working in one ear. Unfortunately it wasn’t fixable by a change of cable this time so i decided to try out some new ones. I pitched these up against the y50 and y50bt phones and must say the sound on these is very similar to the k452s. Up against the y50/bts these have a slightly less expansive sound stage but the basic mix of the levels is very similar. The y50/bts sound better than the y45bts. However, what made me decide to buy these are two things. Firstly i wanted small cans, ideally no larger than the k452s, which are pretty much the exact same size as the y45bts. The second thing that swayed me towards these is that the power button on the y50s comes right up against the headphone on the other side when they are folded up, which will most likely result in turning them on by accident in my bag etc. I could have plumped for the wired y50s which do not have a power button but it all came down to size for me. Comfort-wise the y45bts are not as comfortable as either the k452s or the y50s.

Excellent sound quality and features, pairs up quickly with phone. Only reason not 5 stars is they slip off your head when you put your head down, when tying shoelaces for example.

The k450 headphones i had previously were much better than this model overall i would say. If buying these headphones to also make hands free calls then i would give these a miss. The new placement of the microphone on the external earpiece means that the person on the other end will not her anything you are saying. Battery life for bluetooth is very good however and convenient folding size for packing away in your bag when not in use. Will be looking to switch to another model.

Had a nightmare with uk mail making the delivery but nottingham hifi did their upmost to sort out the problem and the headphones were well worth the wait. Sound quality is excellent and headphones seem to be well put together and pairing to bluetooth devices is really straightforward.

Not to big and brilliant sound quality.

(previously had inexpensive in-ear wired or on-ear bluetooth)overall i think these are great value and like them too much to shave a star for the battery life. Sounds like the audio is everywhere rather than concentrated, good balance of sound and not too much bass. Comfortable for several hours despite my glasses (always a slight issue with on/over ear headphones). Comes with an audio cable so you can compare quality – more depth if you listen for it but the bluetooth sound itself is great.

I use these for cycling, they are great for that. Very portable, and sound a million times better than iem’s they never work in my ears. Anyway these have nice bass and are as loud as i can take never have them up full.

Mention of hiss issues in reviews. It really is barely noticeable. These are a no brainer for the price.

Seem to have to manually connect each time i swap devices. I’m sure bluetooth devices nowadays should just be connected to multiple devices and then detect and play audio from any device. Sound is good, comfortable and good build quality. Can live with having to manually connect each time. After almost two years the leather seam has started to split as others have experienced. Update:the seller was able to return these to the manufacturer to replace the ear cushion within the two year warranty however after only two months the new cushion has begun to split. If this is any indication of how a new pair will be then i cannot recommend these earphones. As i result i’ve had to drop my review from four stars to one because i cannot recommend them if that is their current quality and also other people have reported the exact same issue.

Purchased to replace an old pair of jvc headphones which had seen their day. As straight headphones using the wired jack the audio quality is excellent and in wireless bluetooth mode the sound is extremely good. Some reviews report a background hiss but i can only just detect it, not enough to affect my listening enjoyment, but everyones hearing is different. They don’t have noise reduction but even on low volumes, background noise is not easy to detect, i couldn’t hear what my son was saying when he was sat 2 meters away on volume level 2 of my macbook. Charging and pairing are straightforward but the flashing led speed took a short while to work out as i didn’t know if it was flashing slowly or quickly to start with. I’ve used them with my macbook and iphone without any issue. Also having a usb cable is a bonus. The only slight negative is as they were bought online they’re a bit larger on the ear than i was hoping for, though i expect that’s the result of having bluetooth capability built in. I was hoping to use them in my office but wanted something a bit more discreet. I don’t know how long the battery life is as i haven’t used them continuously for long enough to exhaust it.

Features and Spesification

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  • Inspirational AKG-quality sound
  • Bluetooth enabled connectivity for preferred devices
  • Lightweight, on-ear design and soft ear-pads for long-lasting comfort
  • Ear cup mounted controls for volume, remote and microphone
  • Detachable bypass cable for listening direct and USB for recharging when power required