AKG Y50 Portable Foldable On-Ear Headphones Earphones : Studio User – Connector broken after 2 months of light use

Got these yesterday 2 days early and i must say the sound quality from a blue tooth source is amazing. I would highly recommend these to anyone in the market looking for new head phones. Not sure on battery life yet and if you really do get 20 hours life, remains to be seen. Overall i’m very happy with this product.

Sound great and bluetooth works perfectly with iphone 7. I’ve had a pair for nearly 18 months but yesterday they wouldn’t charge after the battery ran down. I messaged amazon and i have a brand new pair on the way arriving tomorrow free of charge. So a little disappointed that they failed but thank you to amazon for such phenomenal customer service. That certainly deserves 5 stars.

The sound from these is excellent with great isolation and good bass. They pair easily with different phones and transmitters. They also work well for calls. They look great but i find they hurt my ears after a while – i prefer in-ears or over-ears to on-ears. And the placement of the on/off switch is really stupidly designed – i have to keep a piece of plastic between the ear cups when the phones are folded to stop them switching themselves on.

I replaced a piece of kit and of course there’s no jack for headphones. I tried a pair, aimed at the sport user: they didn’t fit very well (i palmed them off on the kids) and the sound was ok but not fantastic. As i own a set of wired akg headphones, used with my phone, and i love these i decided to look for a bluetooth pair of akg headphones to go with my tablet. I read a number of reviews, looking at a variety of brands and models but decided on the akg y50bt headhphones in silver. So far i’m really impressed with these headphones – i’m not a huge audiophile but love the sound, the bass is deep and i don’t feel i’m losing out on the higher notes either. They are not entirely noise cancelling but they do block out a lot of the office sounds around me (i sometimes wear them when i need to concentrate on a task and not be disturbed). I am getting to grips with the controls on the ear cup, occasionally i manage to switch them off rather than skip a track or adjust the volume, i expect this to change as i become more familiar with the headphones. Size wise, i didn’t think i had a particularly small head but even on the smallest setting they are not very tight, they’re not loose enough to fall off. Pairing them is easy – i’ve linked them to several devices. I’ve noticed that on a couple of devices you get an icon in the top menu bar that shows the headphones are connected and the battery level.

Compared to my old akg headphone k-450 (which survived 7 years of regular usage) new one is bigger. Bigger drive gives better bass and quite detailed soundstage. Not quite hi end experience – but for the fraction if the cost (reasonable mid range price) and portability option should be considered as one of the best foldable headphone on the market (this been noted by some audiophile magazines and i do believe those reviews been honest). Detachable cable is not locked in as in k450 (should be good for survivability of the cable). On the negative side – the headphones comes with neoprene carrying poach, the old k450 had carrying custom case (which is much safe way to carry headphones around).

I use flat response speakers and flat response headphones but wanted some standard headphones to write musix with. To accent the music and blast out a bit when the newborns asleep. Listened to these as a friend of mine had a pair and the sound quality and bass is brilliant for these headphones. Bluetooth quick and easy to setup, my only problem was i have a studio setup, so you can’t use bluetooth with cubase and some other daws. So i plugged in via the connector direct into my audio interface and this works fine. I had probably only used it five times within 2 months (not writing alot of music cuz of having a new born) and the connector was moving slightly and no sound when using it. I was very disappointed to say the least as the sound quality is great. I tested a couple other cables and various workarounds but nothing has worked. So i’d recommend different headphones for studio use, but if you’re just using bluetooth i think they’re great. Now just need to find a longer lasting pair for the studio.

The akg y50’s are a set of closed on-ear headphones featuring very compact yet sturdy design, and offering a sound signature that is hard to match at this price point. Although the y50’s seem almost perfect i do have a few nitpicks about it, that keep it from being that ‘5 star perfect product’. First of all, the ear cups, although extremely plush and comfortable, are made of a l latex-like material, which traps heat extremely well, meaning that long sessions with these attached to your head can cause some discomfort due itching from the trapped heat. Don’t get me wrong the ear-pad cushions are some of the most comfortable i’ve ever had the pleasure of letting rest upon my ears, just not for hours at a time. My next gripe is something that’s easily fixable with a tiny eq tweak though a dac or the eq on your device. At times the high notes can be sparkly and be slighly unpleasant, sound such as ‘s’ and ‘ch’ can sound a little sharp on the ears, however as aforementioned that can be easily fixed as it’s extremely minor. On-to the advantages; the price to performance of these headphones. For a £50 pair of headphones they provide:a very sturdy yet compact build. A great sound signature for such a modest price; extremely tight and responsive bass that isn’t muddy in the slightest and very impressive mids all round. An akg carrying bag for the headphones made of a polyester type cloth.

Managed to pair them to my phone and laptop first time. Connecting to my samsung smart tv took a little longer but i got there in the end, you’ll need bluetooth in your tele and you can’t use the headphones with tv soundconnect, and the surround feature simultaneously. Once paired the headphones sound great.They’re not noise cancelling so you do hear some ambient sound, that is unless you pump up the volume. I just asked my partner, who’s sitting next to me watching the tele, whether she could hear anything coming from the headphones (i’m listening to pink floyd) and she couldn’t. I’ve noticed some drop out if i’m too far (10m) away from the paired device which may be an issue for some users. Other than that i very happy with my purchase.

  • Satisfied customer, loving my new AKG’s
  • Superb Sound Quality Bluetooth Headphones with aptX
  • Very good but I had two with the same fault

AKG Y50 Portable Foldable On-Ear Headphones Earphones with Detachable Cable and In-line Volume Remote/Microphone – Black

Style Name:Y50  |  Colour Name:Black
Product Description, AKG Y50 Portable Foldable On-Ear Headphones Earphones with Detachable Cable and In-line Volume Remote/Microphone – Black.

Box Contains, 1 pair of AKG Y 50 On-ear headphones1 detachable cable w. universal one-button remote/mic3.5 – 6.3mm adapterSoft travel pouch

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I bought these as i find my in-ear wireless headphones very uncomfortable after just a short time. I wanted over-ear cans as i often wear sunglasses and didn’t want the frames being pushed into my temples. I’ve found them to be very comfortable even with my fat head (size 7 5/8). The headband has just enough padding and the earphone pads are soft. There is very little sound leakage even at higher volumes and although not having anc, i find that they exclude a lot of external noise. The controls are a bit fiddly, but it’s just a matter of getting familiar with them. My only criticism is that when folded for travel the left ear cap can easily push on the power button which is on the right ear cap and start running down the battery. Bluetooth connectivity is very good and i’ve used them up to 15 metres from my phone with no problem. I find the sound quality excellent on bluetooth or wired with no hiss or crackle, great sound clarity and very good bass. Build quality seems good, with solid construction.

I was using a pair of k550 or k701 with an external dac/amp for my travelling. But was concidering a simpler lighter alternative with less cabling. Since all my headphones are akg and i am really satisfied, i wasn’t even looking for another brand, and was proven right once again. They can’t reach k701 levels obviously, however these are the best portable i have ever listen, and i tested a lot from sony, philips, beats, jvc and audio technica. Lows are full, without distortion and highs don’t cause discomfort. Ease of use is also great, however i would prefer a bluetooth connection pin. I work in a company with more than 2. 500 employees and it’s very easy for anyone to connect without authorization. Battery life looks good, they work for hours without the need of recharge.

Purchased last week and inseparable since then. The product has a premium feel and the sound quality is superb. Wireless sound quality is awesome and with wire the sound quality is good but that is fine as its wireless :). I was confused between audio technica ath-ar3 and bose on ear wireless but i am glad i chose them. I have a wired bose on-ear and i found the akg to be much better in terms of depth and base. Really happy with these and would recommend these.

Very good but have now had two pairs which both developed the same fault which was they wouldn’t turn on. Rating is slightly difficult therefore as in this state they just become the normal y50s used with the included lead. The first pair i used occasionally for about 18 months before the fault started. First the headphones just wouldn’t turn on, so i thought just needed charging maybe but then they wouldn’t even charge. Amazon sent a no quibble replacement immediately but then strangely these developed the same fault within two days. Amazon excellent again but there’s no point trying again so i had a refund. However, when they worked, they were excellent – probably 5/5. They looked great, fairly comfortable for out and about on-off type of use (but probably not for sustained listening like at home or in an office). Convenient to use, medium level of noise isolation (about same as sennheiser momentum 2 around ear which i also own but not up to a proper noise cancelling set like the qc35s so i wouldn’t say they are the best choice if you are thinking travel or commuting) and sound was very good – similar to momentum 2, slightly brighter but not unduly so and suitable for what you are likely to use them for which is out and about, sitting in cafes etc. Slightly odd that if you slip them around your neck the ear cups show forward rather than the ‘akg’ – not a big deal but if you were akg wouldn’t you.

I have two sets of akg headsets, the k452 and the y50 bt (in black). The k452s have good quality sound, are very comfortable and have been fine for listening to movies, music and conference calls on my pc, android tablets and smartphones. The y50 bts are a very similar experience with two keys differences. The bluetooth sound quality is fine and i have no complaints with sound quality, comfort or battery life. The sound stage on k452 is fine and everything sounds as though it is being played close to you (i. In a small room) whereas the y50s have a greater depth. All in all the y50 bts are better but i quite happily enjoy using either of them.

I wanted a set of cans to use with my sony m4 phone and nexus tablet. I was a little worried if these devices had enough punch to use with the y50s so took a punt and ordered the red ones having done a lot of research, and ended up choosing these over sennheiser and philips retro cans. They are so nicely made as well as being light and are really comfortable, a true quality productthey sound flipping awesome even from my mobile. Nice bass to them and clear vocals.

The sound produced is beautiful. I use them for over a year now, so i’ve made my opinion based in long term use and not in a use “out of the box” or how they look. As described already by others their strong point is vocals and acoustic music. The string guitar sounds great and the same happens with piano. Hip hop music with strong base sound and bits is satisfying but i believe other headphones can do it better. After a year of we have travelled a lot together. I used them in the house, in trains, in beaches, etc. After all that use there are no cracks or tearing at all in ear pads and i could easily say that my headphones looks like the day i got them out of box. Value for price is very very good but of course the sound produced is also a matter of taste. I select the specific model comparing live among several others in a big music store and what i saw that their sound compete more expensive units and was far better with others in the same price range. I would recommend and if i will not buy something significantly more expensive in the, not near future(in general you get what you pay), i would certainly buy them again.

I have broken so many earbuds pulling them out of my handbag i decided to go for something 8 times the price that i may treat with a little more respect. So far so good 🙂 good enough sound for me. Not noise cancelling which i didnt want as i use them to walk to work and its nice to know i have an outside chance i may hear something. Probably not in bose league which is the other i was looking at (but i cant compare).

  • Satisfied customer, loving my new AKG’s
  • Superb Sound Quality Bluetooth Headphones with aptX
  • Very good but I had two with the same fault

AKG Y50 Portable Foldable On-Ear Headphones Earphones with Detachable Cable and In-line Volume Remote/Microphone – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Signature AKG-quality sound with enriched bass performance
  • On-ear headphone with closed ear-cup design for reduced ambient noise
  • Comfortable fit with rugged and lightweight design
  • Detachable 1.2 m cable with in-line and one button remote/microphone for complete hands-free accessibility
  • 3D-axis folding mechanism and pouch for easy storage and safe transportation